It was August 30, 1146. European leaders wanted to outlaw war for all time. They banned a popular devastating weapon that easily killed many.

The cross-bow.

Hard to believe. Especially today when one nuclear weapon can kill 100,000  plus persons in less than a minute.

The leaders had a vision, saw the light. However banned the cross-bow with no conception of what was to come in future years.

Ida has come and gone as far as certain parts of Louisiana are concerned.  Leaving behind unimaginable destruction.

Yesterday Ida was a category 4 hurricane when it made landfall. Today, a tropical storm.

Ida moved swiftly. She has been labeled the 5th strongest landfall in U.S. history.

Ida is presently moving northeast towards Tennessee at 30-35 mph. A significant reduction compared to yesterday when she was moving across Louisiana at up to 150 mph.

Yesterday, left one million homes and businesses without power. Damage extensive. Fortunately, only one death discovered thus far. A 60 year old man killed when a tree fell on the roof of his home.

Mississippi’s loss of power today will add to the powerless numbers.

Internet videos showed horrible flooding. Cars were floating by as if boats.

Flooding will be the major problem beginning today. The National Hurricane Center warns of “dangerous” storm surges. Heavy rains will contribute to significant flooding inland. Twenty four hours of continuous rain anticipated.

Flooding caused by rain overflowing creeks and rivers will contribute to flooding as far north as New York State.

And so it goes.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Hurricane Ida is now completely over and New Orleans was hit real hard, why has president Biden not yet visited and put a plan in action to help those people with flooded basements and destroyed pleasure boats?

    Biden is a horrible president and should be impeached for being slow to act and for his disregard for suffering Cubans effected by this tragedy.

    Never, ever, have we seen a president as incontinent as this idiot!

    • You made a wrong turn, the FOX blog was the last right after the sewerage plant, straight up the “old dirt road”.

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