Biden has a lot on his hands with Afghanistan. Tough decisions to be made. Harry Truman had a sign on his desk…..The Buck Stops Here.

Biden has the same sign on his desk, though not actually. Afghanistan is his headache!

Blame is not an issue at this point. The issue simply stated is how do we get Americans and certain Afghans and their families out? By August 31!

No choice involved. One way or another, Biden has to get them out.

A hero or heel in the making.

Choices appear limited. Flying the big planes in and out alone not going to do it.

I heard on the internet yesterday that Biden was looking to use airline planes to assist. Today, nothing heard.

The idea sounded good to me.

Another approach is to dump something like 40,000 U.S. military back in near and around the airport and anywhere else needed.. Enough to overpower the Talibans and get every one out that should be out.

Finally, get our boys and girls out swiftly afterwards.

Biden immediately froze Afghanistan/Taliban bonds, accounts, etc. that were sitting in U.S. banks. The word is the Talibans need the money. A perhaps excellent negotiating tool.

I wrote several weeks ago that Trump’s popularity was a diminishing one. I still believe it. By the time 2024 rolls around, Trump will not even be able to run for dog catcher.

Trump spoke at a rally in Alabama a day or two ago.

One of Trump’s traits while President wws he would say something one day, change his position the next.

Ain’t no question he was against vaccine use. For a number of years.

Trump was booed at the Alabama rally after encouraging the crowd to get COVID-19 vaccinated.

Ah, how the worm turns!

Today some booing. Tomorrow, a lot of booing. The crowds will begin to thin out and get smaller and smaller.

Most of Trump’s followers today will turn on him tomorrow.

Alabama’s vaccine rates presently lag behind the rest of the country. Coronavirus on a rampage. No room at the inn. No hospital beds available anywhere in Alabama.

Good job, Donald. You started all this crap!

Henri a Frenchman at heart. Were he in Paris, he would be hitting all the clubs, etc. Out over the ocean, Henri is readying himself to bring damage and death to New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Block Island at the very least.

It has been a long time since a hurricane or significant storm has gone where Henri is headed. Gloria hit Long Island in 1908. Bob New England in 1991. Sandy New Jersey in 2012.

Long Island and Connecticut can expect landfall this afternoon. And then forward like Christian soldiers. Weather definitely will be dangerous. Winds, storm surges, and major flooding.

Montauk Point at the eastern tip of Long Island beginning to suffer at the moment. A huge resort at the tip. I stayed there many years ago when first built as the guest of the owner.

Block Island is designated to be hit. Block Island a part of Rhode Island. A magnificent small island. Little known. A flavor of its own. Quiet and peaceful. Very much a family place. Only accessible by ferry boat, power and sail boats.

I rented houses on a high cliff overlooking the ocean two consecutive summers. First time for a week. The next a whole month.

I discovered Block Island earlier by sailing into it with a friend and spending a couple of nights each time sleeping on the boat, etc.

Interestingly, there is a possibility Henri will deviate a bit and hit Central New York. The Syracuse/Utica area. Utica my home town.

The concert in Central Park yesterday was cancelled while the show was going on. Henri made it to New York City before the concert had concluded. If I remember correctly, the storm hit while Barry Manilow was in mid song.

Central Park emptied out quickly.

Key West airport has become the butt of criticism the past few years.  Too many planes landing a one time. Passengers made to sit on planes for an hour or more before  deplaning. Planes sitting an hour or more on the runway waiting to take off.

Luggage retrieval another problem. Planes have been scheduled so as to generally land 4 at a time. Can you imagine how long it takes to get your luggage? How long you have to stand waiting for your luggage to be deplaned?

There is a picture on the front page of the Citizen this morning of the departure lounge. Standing room only. Butt to butt. Some masked, some not.

Local authorities claim the fault lies with labor shortages locally and nationally.

Plans are in place for an $80 million expansion. It cannot come soon enough.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I find it amusing that most Republicans are jumping at the chance to criticize Biden for his handling of the Afghanistan crisis, having forgotten how Trump handled HIS first crisis – Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico.

    At least Biden is doing something, other than throwing paper towels at them.

    Hey wingnuts, let he who has NOT sinned cast the first stone, lest he be judged the hypocrite.

    • Don’t forget that Biden caused this crisis by removing the military before the civilians. Puerto Rico was a hurricane numbnuts.

      • Have you missed the point that Biden is acting to help those in need, when Trump did not when faced with an equally horrendous situation.


        Are you ones of those with sin, who is willing to cast a stone when it suits just YOU politically?

          • Simply not true and just YOUR fantasy on how YOU want to explain things, because of your hatred for anything Biden. The truth is it is the Taliban who is causing this cluster, without which it would NOT be happening. They are taking advantage of the conditions they negotiated with Trump in February of 2020. No one is forcing THEM to do what they are doing.

            Furthermore the Military is the entity that decided how the with drawl was to take place, Not President Biden. They have admitted that THEY were NOT expecting the Taliban to do what they are doing. Which again has NOTHING to do with Joe Biden.

            The American people know this and they know that Joe Biden would take a hit from you wacko’s no matter what happens.

            The American people also know that your insistence that Joe Biden is completely stupid and the more you try and make any case the worse YOU look.

            But thank you anyway for your stupidity and also thanks for not trying to blame this too on “antifa” for once, although that would have been good for a laugh too.

            • That was a long response to say nothing. I’ll repeat. The correct method to withdraw from an adverse country is to first remove all US citizens, then remove all equipment and arms, then the military. Not the reverse as Biden chose. It is his issue. Biden owns the cluster. Not Trump or any other weak excuse.

              • Repeat all you want, but your scenario is all about YOUR personal opinion, a rather dubious and arrogant one at that – one that seems to be more politically motivated than anything based in reality.

                • I have not post a comment in ages, but believe the blame falls directly on those people who voted for Biden. They own all the chaos and issues!

                  • Stop the fear mongering about Biden screwing up the Afghan pull out. Maybe we should ask those Republicans who back in July voted AGAINST speeding up visas for Afghans trying to flee the Taliban, how they can slow down the process of helping with the evacuation and then try and blame Biden for screwing things up.

              • Yes, Biden tried to do exactly what you say is the correct way to have done this. But he was rejected by congressional REPUBLICANS. So, rather than let things get even worse he went ahead anyhow.

                It seems you conveniently left that part out and went ahead blaming Biden for everything, when it was in fact, REPUBLICANS that caused this crisis.

                Why are you being so aggressively dishonest about this?

                  • Really, who said ANYTHING about “withdrawing troops”?

                    Do your homework – hint? Not being reported on wacko blogs, you’ll need to look at main stream outlets, which include congressional records.

          • It appears that he was concerned with the word Numbnuts. Properly, it should be hyphenated as in he is a Numb-Nuts.

            • Yeah, that’s really helpful !

              Fear a “Grammar Nazi” they lurk only to pretend superiority by which to control a conversation they themselves feel they are losing.

  2. Biden’s principal mistake was trusting Trump’s Generals, still in place, with regards as to the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. But what then could Biden do, one has to go with what he had and not what he would have wanted. As he himself said, “…there was no good time left, to get out of Afghanistan and it was getting worse.”

    If you recall, Trump himself had made ending the war in Afghanistan a campaign promise in 2016, but then never did it. Never even tried. He didn’t have the balls. It was just ANOTHER failed promise on his part. At least Biden is getting it done.

  3. Lou, if Trump is now recommending his followers now get vaccinated, then they will follow his word and get vaccinated! Simple as that.

    In addition, look for Trump to then claim that he alone is responsible for getting most Americans vaccinated.

    Furthermore, look for people like Don Surber and other dimwit right wing wacko bloggists to heap praise onto herr Trump for again saving the world.

  4. At least Biden didn’t have to give the order to get out of Afghanistan because Erdoğan, the president of Turkey ordered him to do, like Erdoğan did with Trump in Syria. That ONLY led to the slaughter of thousands of Kurds we had promised to protect.

    No evac airplanes sent for them, was there?

    And NO outcry from Republicans back then ether!

    How quick we forget and how hypocritical can Republicans be for so quickly blaming Biden without thinking this through. It only emphasis how bad Trump really was!

  5. It’s day 207 of the Big Guy being in office. Let’s just have a look see. The Taliban just took over the presidential palace in Kabul, our southern border is in full blown crisis mode, inflation is at a 13 year high, gas prices are skyrocketing, Coronaviris is skyrocketing regardless of vax, but no mean tweets.
    Guess y’all are happy.

    • Your post is so laughingly not worth responding to on any level.

      And by the way, the “Big Guy” is no longer in office. He was voted out last November.

        • But the Hunter Biden laptop from hell is a fake story about something that doesn’t actually exist, or ever happen.

          You can’t create a “thing” on a lie and then expect to be taken seriously an anything else you say, now can you?

            • a list of righwing echo chamber blog posts is not ANY kind of proof this nonsense exists or that there ever was a “laptopgate” thing going on – get real.

              PRODUCE THE LAPTOP !

                • Yes, an OPINION piece in the OPINION section of what is widely referred to as “far-right” conservative newspaper, owned and published by Rupert Murdoch, the same organization which owns and operates FOX NEWS.

                  Is that what you want to pazz off as supporting the existence of some sort of bad azz laptop computer belonging to Hunter Biden that no one can ever produce, that you say contains emails, that no one has ever seen, that refer to his father as the “Big Guy” that no one otherwise calls him?

                  And YOU want to be taken seriously?

                  What is the matter with you?

                  • Why don’t you check out the front page of the NY Times, you dumbA$$. Maybe read Steve Erlanger’s report. Can’t believe Lou still lets you be his moderator. You’re one piece of work.

                    • How many Americans have died in Afghanistan since Biden began the withdrawal?

                      How many Americans have died in DeSantoss’ Florida alone, from Covid in that same period of time?

                      How many Americans have been evacuated from Afghanistan since the withdrawal?

                      Seems like Biden is doing a pretty good job of it, after all, now doesn’t it?

                      BTW, I read Erlanger’s piece in the Times. He didn’t mention one word about Hunter Biden’s Laptop !

                      Who’s the real dumbA$$ here?

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