What I am about to share you will find difficult to believe. In the words of the famous philosopher Forrest Gump, “You can’t fix stupid!”

As the title indicates, it is unbelievable, insane, can’t be, and no one could be that stupid!

Mississippi’s COVID track record leaves much to be desired. It is one of the worst states for number of coronavirus infections.

Mississippians do not believe in vaccines to protect themselves.

They have come up with their own treatment. One thing certain, what they are recommending is as good as Trump’s shot or injection of bleach.

Mississippi is using livestock ivermectin. A deworming drug intended for livestock. An anti-parasite drug to treat COVID?

The drug’s success numbers are nil. However reports to Mississippi’s poison control center on the rise.

The drug is not recommended by the FDA for human use.

COVID impacts on human life in ways not realized until recently. Example, water supply.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer asked yesterday that the people of Orlando limit their use of water. Not a major inconvenience. He would simply like them to water their lawns and wash their cars only one time a week.

Not a major sacrifice.

Not being a doctor, I found the reason why confusing. I share it as I understand with you.

Hospitals are treating more COVID cases. Treating the cases involves liquid oxygen. Liquid oxygen is a by product of water. Whatever is done to the water to make a portion proper for coronavirus patients is done by the Orlando Utility Commission.

Key West hotels had a great season.

The second quarter of this year enjoyed the highest occupancy rate ever: 89.4 percent.

Wonderful! Marvelous!

One problem. Brought coronavirus with it. Visitors flooded the island. Key West infection numbers were a disgrace.

Respectfully, I congratulation the hotels and the Lodging Association. The hotels got the biggest buck ever for their rooms. The Lodging Association did the best ever for its members.

However both are responsible for the number of tourists who visited. Especially the Lodging Association. They advertised Key West everywhere. Out of town, out of state, nationally. They did their job. Performed without a conscious however.

No one can argue children represent our future. They should wear a mask and made to observe safe protocols.

The Key West Citizen runs some great cartoons in its “Wrong Key” section. One this morning had 2 old chaps sitting at a bar chatting.

First old guy: “Some knucklehead almost rear ended me because she was TEXTING WHILE DRIVING.”

Second old guy: “Distractions like that while driving can be very dangerous.”

First old guy responding: “Startled me so much I DROPPED MY BURGER and SPILLED MY SHAKE.”

The Texas Democratic rebels have finally capitulated.  Not sure the word “capitulation” proper. The revolt had run its course. There was no more which could reasonably be done.

The Democrat Assembly members are to be lauded for their action.

Friday the Republican Assembly Speaker graveled a quorum was present. The vote re the very restrictive voting bill will take place soon.

Some battles won, some lost. A point made here however. Another day will come when the Democrats will win.

In a particular regard, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is true to Trump form.

Recall Trump would say he was going to do something and that was the end of it. Whatever it was never got done.

On thursday, Greene was in Iowa with cohort Matt Gaetz. Knocking Biden and speaking well of Trump, of course. Greene said she was going to submit an Impeachment Article against Biden the next day (friday). Friday came and went. No impeachment article filed.

Henri is going his own way. The tropical storm/hurricane heading for waters that have not seen such stormy weather as Henri will bring in many years.

Henri was heading for the Keys. Took a hard right however while still far out in the ocean. Now heading on a path that is reported will be a tropical storm hitting New York City and then a hurricane as it passes over the eastern end of Long Island and all of Connecticut. A category 1 hurricane.

Expected to make landfall late  tonight or sunday morning.

However, Henri is fickle as all other storms. A “slight bump” east and the storm will hit Massachusetts.

Flooding and surges expected with Henri. Especially the beach areas. Mostly big wide  flat beaches. The water will run in with no opposition.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Lou, the problem is not just a few stupid people in Mississippi, but a lot of stupid people in America. We keep telling ourselves that we in America are the smartest and best educated people in the world.

    The facts however do not show that. The issue with “Ivermectin” is just one more example of that, as was Trump’s bleach thing and Monster Truck events.

    We have to stop thinking we are so smart here in America, at least in the southern states where even basic education is neither valued or funded. We need to actually start paying better attention to educating our people better.

    On the other hand, Covid seems to be reducing a whole lot of stupid people and maybe that’s a good thing, God’s way!

  2. I continue to place blame squarely on Trump. When a President does for self, and not for country, you will have the mess we see today. Trumps lack of selfless messaging on many topics resulted in heightened division along political lines.

  3. Phil Valentine, a well known Tennessee conservative radio talk show host who has repeatedly mocked the need for vaccines and masking has now died from Covid.

    Just one more example of Covid fixing stupid.

  4. The Lower Keys Medical Center on Stock Island just reported a yellow status and are looking for more nurses and ventilators outside the county today. No tourist warnings from TDC and nobtown leadership communicating this situation or taking action. I say we are on equal level of stupidity with the most stupid place on earth right here in town.

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