Truman Capote comes to mind today. It was on this day in 1984 the great writer died.

In 1968, Capote visited Key West for the first time. He registered at David Wolkowsky’s new Pier House Motel. Less than a year old at the time.

David did not reside in his newly constructed motel. Instead he had a luxurious 45 foot 2 bedroom double wide trailer parked 10 feet from the motel’s water front.

Capote and David were drinking in David’s trailer the day he arrived. They had not met before.

Capote had a suite in the motel. He liked David’s trailer better. Capote told David he wanted to stay in the trailer. David said no way. It is where I live.

The two intelligent sharp men. Capote brought the issue up several times during the rest of the day. Finally, David succumbed. He move out of the trailer into Capote’s suite. Capote into David’s trailer. David was out of his “home” for six months.

Capote was in Key West to write “Answered Prayers.” He completed the work while here. He gave David a rough draft of the book. David treasured it.

Years later, David was living in the penthouse on top the Kress building. The Kress building the long time home of Fast Buck Freddie’s. Someone robbed the Penthouse. One of the items stolen was the Answered Prayers draft.

David was upset. Especially since on the floor below his penthouse, the Sheriff’s Department had offices. He thought he was secure.

Capote was robbed in Key West, also. The first night he was residing in David’s trailer. Stolen were all his credit cards, his address book, and about $2,000 in cash.

The police never apprehended the “robber.” They concluded Capote had been cleaned out by some street boy he invited back for a “private session.”

During Capote’s first visit, he was having dinner with several friends in a local restaurant. Three couples were seated several tables away. Constantly starring at Capote. He told his friends watch. Soon some one from the table would come over asking for an autograph.

Correct he was. A few minutes later a woman walked over and asked him to sign her menu which he graciously did.

The lady returned to her table. For some reason, her husband appeared upset.

He walk over to Capote’s table and asked, “Are you Truman Capote?” Capote said, “I was this morning!” The man unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He said, holding it in the palm of his hand, “Can you put your signature on this?” Capote looked down on the cock, and up again, and said, “I don’t know about my signature, but I can initial it.”

Tennessee Williams was living in Key West at the time. He and Capote were great friends for 40 years.

Terri White sang last night at Viva’s. I could not make it. However several mutual friends contacted me this morning to say her show was absolutely outstanding.

Terri is amazing. She was discharged from the hospital 2 days earlier after a week long stay at the hospital.

Think back to 1978 and Jim Jones. An American cult leader. He had established a Peoples Temple at Jonestown on the island of Guyana. His commune group consisted of 918 persons, 304 of which were children.

Jones was having problems. What, I am not sure. He decided it was time for he and his members to commit suicide. The event had been planned some time. Flavor Aid had been accumulated. Grape flavored. To which cyanide had been added.

All cult members consumed, including the children who were assisted by their parents. Jones was one of the last to die. He committed suicide by a self inflicted shot to the head.

A. U.S. Congressman had traveled to Jonestown a day or two before. Representative Leo Ryan. He brought a delegation with him. He wanted to see what was going on at Jonestown. Ryan referred to his appearance as a “fact finding mission.” Part of a Congressman’s “oversight” responsibility.

I think he was simply nosy. He was shot and killed while trying to get on the plane to get away from what was going on.

Which brings me to Republican Congressman Peter Meijer and Democratic Congressman Seth Moulton.

Without advising any of their superiors or getting permission, both took a “sneak” trip to Kubla Airbase this weekend. Their purpose to perform Congressional “oversight” duties.

I view their action as totally lacking in responsibility. Theirs was a secret quickie trip to see first hand what was going on. From my perspective, they added to our military’s responsibilities while at the air base and took up room on their return flight of seats/room those escaping the Taliban could have used.

My label for the two: Publicity seekers!

What bothers me additionally is that media reporters this morning seem to be equally divided like it was a good idea for them to go or they overstepped their responsibilities in going.

At the very least, suppose the two had become as Congressman Leo Ryan? Shot on the tarmac while trying to get on a plane. The cries of failing to protect them would have been overwhelming.

The Taliban lacks governing experience. Their drawing the red line and refusing to extend the August 31 date evidence thereof.

Their goal is not to help the Americans or anyone else. I view their function solely to “embarrass” the U.S.

The Taliban’s time in power will not be long. ISIS or some other ancestral breed will overcome them. Such is the way in their world.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I don’t see the connection between Jim Jones and Afghanistan.

    I do however see a similarity between Jim Jones followers willing committing suicide for him in the same way Republicans are willing to die a Covid suicide for Trump.

    The only difference between the two was Jim Jones was not a crook.

      • You said you don’t know why Leo Ryan went to Jonestown but you know he shouldn’t have gone? My understanding is he went to investigate family complaints of what was happening to their loved ones in Jonestown. Clearly their concerns were valid. They wanted the congressman to help with their family members who were being held against their will. He paid the ultimate price for trying to help them, perhaps naively not realizing what a dangerous threat Jim Jones was, to him as well the residents of Jonestown. What do you think he should have done besides go investigate?

  2. Inside sources say Biden’s cognitive abilities “have declined so severely in the past three weeks, he’s now unable to change his own diapers.”

    • Ask Drumpf. There’s documentation that he has no control over his functions due to years of Adderall addiction coupled with his syphillitic brain.

  3. I think the reference to Trump’s diapers comes from a quote from a former aide who revealed that Trump regularly wore “Depends” underpants after an embarrasing “wet spot” incident during a press briefing early in his presidency.

    There was never any mention, that I saw, as to weather he needed any help changing from a soiled and soggy pair into something fresher.

  4. Now, you may be able to blame Trump for Biden’s senility. He’s been occupying libtard brains, driving y’all crazy. Rent free.

    • Your post makes no sense, except to maybe reveal your own obsession with Biden and some sort of senility smear.

      Making those accusations just doesn’t make it true.

      …and trolling on Lou’s blog generally has an effect I doubt you intend.

    • Whatever. A new Quinnipiac poll was just released and it’s great news for our President (eat it trolls)

      it shows a 100% approval rating, for our President, amongst the Taliban

      They agree fully with the Biden forfeiture of hundreds of billions in military equipment, including brand new Blackhawk helicopters, and his abandonment of tens of thousands of American citizens and the Afghans that served them.

      They now have the greatest military force of any terrorists.. ever!

      Hence the 100% approval rating

      Eat it trolls!

  5. President Biden said that he will stick to the August 31 deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan. He said, “The sooner we finish the better.” Well, that depends on what “the finish” is, in my opinion. There are still thousands of people—including Americans, Christians, women and children, and the thousands who worked for and with Americans over the last 20 years—whose lives are in danger. They are not just in Kabul, they are scattered across the country, and they are desperate to escape this onslaught of evil. The Bible instructs us to pray for our leaders—Pray for President Biden and those who are advising him to have wisdom. His decisions impact so many lives.

    • AP reported this morning that over 90,000 people have already been evacuated and that number will be at least 100,000 before the end of the week. And that’s not counting those who Eric Prince (head of private resources in Afghanistan) removed at $6,500 each.

      Not bad and make a mockery of the criticism leveled by those who just want to create a crisis.

      By the middle of next week we’ll finally be done with 20 years of failure in that place.

  6. Verbal diarrhea from a dissolutional fool, who with the more he writes is only proving to an otherwise informed audience, that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. So sad, pathetic really.

    But more please, it is somehow weirdly entertaining, with it’s counter productive self distructioness. A perfective case of better to have said little and be thought a fool, then to blabber on and on and prove it with out any doubt.

    Like always Sandy, you shouldn’t post when you are drunk, it is so like watching a horrible car crash.

  7. OK, so, the 6 to 3 (Republican) Supreme court sides with trump on this, not by debating the issue in any way, but by simply refusing to a lower court’s decision.

    History will judge this court’s decisions on the issue of at least two of it’s members being appointed to the court under questionable circumstances.

    So, gloat all you want, real Americans (and history) know better.

  8. The correct method to withdraw from an adverse country is to first remove all US citizens, then remove all equipment and arms, then the military. Not the reverse as Biden chose. It is his issue. Biden owns the cluster. Not Trump or any other weak excuse.

  9. Just a troll, a dishonest one at that, answering his own post and even using other peoples names.

    Wonder who would do anything like that?

    • They are not really hidden, that laptop is at weird Tera Reade’s house, along with Jill Biden’s diaphragm.

      That gal is into some strange stuph

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