Insanity prevails at every level of the American population.

A comment in the Citizens’ Voice section of this morning’s Citizen a perfect example: “Well, it’s official folks. The Keys have turned into a far right conspiracy theory, lunatic asylum. At the school board meeting, parents were ranting about communism and how Jesus will keep COVID away. I couldn’t believe it.”

A comment by a recent recent tourist: “Came here on vacation, left as part of the COVID Nation.”

Another commented re Fantasy Fest: “Fantasy Fest zoners should wear masks and nothing else. Would be a blast – couldn’t tell who anybody was and could all be masked and frivolous safely.”

Fantasy Fest is the last 10 days of October. Some days, as many as 60,000 people.

I have always wondered where they sleep. Not enough rooms in Key West. Too many to sleep on the beaches. Not enough rooms for many miles up the Keys.

Sleeping accommodations not my issue this morning. An interesting observation to share, however.

It was announced yesterday that the parade and street fair portions of Fantasy Fest were cancelled because of the coronavirus danger. Such takes care of the last 2 nights of Fantasy Fest. What about the first 8?

Key West rocks all 10 days. Most events private rather than publicly sponsored. Every prominent bar has a “special evening.” A couple of BDSM parties and other similar events. Each jam packed.

Some of the parties bring in 1,000 people. No social distancing. I assume a few masks. Not many. I have no idea how many vaccinated. Probably most have not.

Without the parade and street fair, the event still a virus spreader. The City should find a way to totally eliminate Fantasy Fest for the entire 10 days. Merchants will scream. Bar owners have a heart attack.

How else can we ensure safety, however?

Two-three weeks following Fantasy Fest, many Key Westers will get sick. The 60,000 who return home will spread the virus among their families and neighbors in other states.

At the moment Florida is the #1 state re the virus. A distinction Florida could do without. Our tiny hospital will not be able to handle those who get sick during Fantasy Fest, whether from normal injuries and illnesses or coronavirus itself.

My comment re this issue is a voice in the wilderness.

My thought. It begins with “Our asshole Governor DeSantis…..”

DeSantis a few weeks ago issued an executive Order. The Order prohibited any school board from mandating the wearing of masks. DeSantis said he would stop salary payments to any board members who disregarded his Order.

The kids are back in school. Child virus numbers were up all over the state previous to school openings. Will now creep up even more. Child infections will be the highest ever.

Four school boards have defied the Governor: Alachua, Brevard, Broward, and Leon Counties.

Next came court involvement and decisions last week and yesterday. Each court decided the same. DeSantis the loser in all court decisions. Sounds like the Trump lawsuit decisions. School districts can require school children to wear masks, school board members must be paid.

The Governor’s office issued a statement. The Governor would continue to prohibit school districts from acting and refuse paying them if they did. The statement made no reference to any of the court decisions.

DeSantis is Trump in disguise. Birds of a feather.

COVID continues to overwhelm space and staff to care for coronavirus patients. Five states have less than 10 percent ICU beds left: Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida, and Arkansas.

Ida definitely was not as sweet as apple cider. The fifth worse hurricane in the history of the U.S. A Category 4 which left much destruction. One million without power in New Orleans alone where it has been estimated it will take 5-6 weeks to return to normal power.

Fortunately, only 2 dead so far.

I periodically watched persons being removed via transport trucks from flooded areas. It was Katrina all over again. Only blacks on those trucks.

Ironically, Ida hit on the same day as Katrina did 16 years ago.

The Syracuse football season begins saturday. Against Ohio. Not sure who is favored.

Syracuse’s starting quarterback will be Tony DeVito. He started off and on the last 2 seasons. Hope he found whatever he has been looking for so he can deliver on being an exceptional quarterback this season.

Syracuse will go with a 2 quarterback system this year. Mississippi State transfer Garrett Schrader is back up to DeVito. It is intended for both to play in Syracuse’s opening game saturday.

It has been many a year since Syracuse had a quality team. This year? Hope springs eternal!

Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Jon me at 9 my time for a terrific blog talk radio show. I rant and rave for one half hour.

Enjoy your day!


  1. “Well, it’s official folks. The Keys have turned into a far right conspiracy theory, lunatic asylum.”

    Lou, I’ve been trying to tell you this for years. Look back at just some of Patrick’s ravings on this blog 5 or 10 years now. The wacko’s own Key West!

  2. i’ll try again. if the above and i are talking about the same patrick one of us is wroung. and it’s not me. my patrick brought me back from depression with his antics on the local commericals. i had to meet him . i did. he is the most beautiful and caring man i’ve ever known.if you’re talking about PATTY CAKES> STOP. what the hell is the matter with you

  3. SACRAMENTO, CA—Larry Elder’s campaign for governor of California was thrown into turmoil today after Gavin Newsom’s anti-recall campaign produced never-before-seen yearbook photos showing Larry Elder wearing blackface.

        • You would think it’s hilarious, wouldn’t you. Most racists like that kind of humor. Real people find it offensive.

          Grow up!

          • Only hysterical loners like you see a racist behind every tree. There was nothing racist about that joke. It’s an irreverant reflection of the times we now live in. I wouldn’t be surprised if that joke was taken from a headline of The Onion.

            • You insensitive jerk. That is not funny, cleaver maybe but not funny. It is totally racist dude, in every kind of dog whistle way imagionable. The fact that you think it is hilarious proves it!

              Slone should pull that kind of thing, he’d have every right to do that

                • No one is pretending to be Sloan and no one is more paranoid or warped comedically than you. Quit trying to ‘play’ everybody, after all nobody really cares what you think, anyhow.

                  That joke was NOT taken from the Onion, but if it had been, it would be no less racist. As you know very well, that “statement” was taken from The Babylon Bee, a well known wacko far right website that likes to label itself as “satirical,” but is awkwardly mean like something James O’Keefe would think is cool and is well known for it’s racist rants. You repeating it on Lou’s blog is just you trying to plant another bomb just to get a negative response so that you can then act all indignant and outraged while all the time spreading your hate and constant garbage.

                  Take your hate someplace else.

                  • No one really cares what you think Sloan. For the most part, you are just a liberal nutjob who posts on here in response to the majority conservative responses. No one put you in charge. Lou only needs you to keep the site running, not police it.

                    If anyone cared what you thought, you wouldn’t be on here every few hours, calling people names and telling them how they should take their comments elsewhere…with no effect on comments. No one takes you seriously. You’re p!ssing into the wind.

                    • YOU should not be the one casting stones!

                      Please take your hate somewhere else and stop bothering the rest of us.

                    • Jesus, what kind of jerk are you, coming onto someone elses website, making stupid statements then aggressively attacking anybody who disagrees with you? Man up a**hole and take what you get. And stop crying like a little girl.

  4. my personal experince with FANTISY FEST. In 1997 i worked with my brother (helping him) at a hotel with 32 rooms, a cafe that served breakfast and lunch and an expansive pool brother was gay and i was straight but we never talked about it much. we’re all people. anyway he cooked and i waited tables.this was a clothing opitional place. sooo, first table i bent down to place his order on the table. then my hands started skaking. BAD. well it took a few days, i mean really i had seen that before.
    okay, now comes fantisy fest. my brother gets a twit in his bonnet and won’t come to work. the only people i’ve ever cooked for were my 5 kids and husband. okay, i was in it by my self. there were 2 to 3 people in every room that wanted breakfast. BUT YOU KNOW IT”S A BLURR. i did do it lou. marcia beninati saratoga springs,ny

  5. KABUL—Now that Allah has seen fit to ble$$ the Taliban with bountiful weapons and equipment from the U.S. Military, terrorists around Afghanistan have built an already thriving chain of U.S. Army Surplus stores.

    “We need weapons to kill and subjugate the Afghan people under Sharia Law, but there’s just too much gear here!” said local Taliban leader Bob Muhammed. “There’s, like, billions of dollars and 20 years worth of weaponry around here, and now I can build a thriving busine$$ out of selling my wares to other terrorist folk who happen to pa$$ through! Allah be praised!”

  6. Thank God our generals ordered all military personal to make sure all those weapons left behind were in PERFECT working order and ready to go. And that operating instructions were left where “Bob Muhammmed” would be able to get them. In fact Bob said he sent a letter to Biden thanking him for being so stupid as to leave EVERYTHING in perfect working order and “ready to go” as he put it. He also wondered why Americans were so stupid as to concentrate on removing Americans and Afghan traitors with what little time they had, instead of removing military equipment that Afghans could now freely use or sell to other terrorists, as if they was “poppy” products.


  7. I’m thinking that if we couldn’t win with all those weapons, why worry about the Taliban doing much harm with them.

    And as far as them selling them to someone else, hell those someone eleses can buy them directly from the manufacturers, even American manufacturers, without having to deal with the Taliban.

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