Cockfighting never totally goes away. There is always a fight somewhere around.

The “sport” is illegal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Illegal for spectators also, though only in 43 states and the District of Columbia.

Luis Blanco’s arrest yesterday prompted me to write about cockfighting as today’s lead topic. Luis is 54. A Key West resident. He also maintains a cockfighting operation on property owned by him on Rockland Key. A mere 5 miles north of Key West.

Though illegal, cockfighting can be found in the backwoods and mangroves. Blanco was breeding chickens to fight and holding fights at his Rockland Key property.

Cockfighting is referred to as a “blood sport” for obvious reasons. Whether winner or loser, the chickens bleed big time.

History tells us cockfighting is thought to be 6,000 years old. The first recorded mention of the sport is 1591 when Magellan discovered cockfighting in the Philippines.

The sport is popular among Latinos. Probably why there is always a cock breeding farm and game site in the Keys somewhere.

Blanco will probably do time. Cockfighting is frowned upon. His bail set at $50,000 suggests the seriousness of the charges.

Key West is part of Monroe County. Monroe County is home to all of the Keys.

It was reported thus past week that the highest property taxes in Florida are those in Monroe County.

It had to happen! Inevitable! A male who considers himself a female appeared in the female section of the Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

He was naked as were all the women. Some of the females were teenagers and children.

A woman customer saw him/her walking around naked with his “dick” slinging left and right. She shouted out, “He has a penis!”

The woman was upset.

The Spa refused to evict him. Spa management was aware he was a member of the LGBT community and considered him a woman also. The Spa felt it was duty bound to permit him use of the female section.

Surfside deaths now up to 11. One hundred fifty persons remain buried in the rubble. Search efforts continue. No one relenting in the search for survivors.

The $9 million repair work that might have prevented the collapse had a different number reported yesterday. The cost now estimated at $15 million.

Another interesting development. Thirty six hours before the building fell, a contractor was in the pool/lower area of the building. He was there with permission in order to prepare a bid for cosmetic restoration of the pool and the price of new equipment.

He observed cracks in the concrete, an exposed rebar, and a wet floor in the pool equipment room.

He took pictures. The photos telling. He gave the photos to the press. They were shown on the internet this morning.

I cannot agree with everything Blacks want. They forget certain things may require them to change rather than the white population.

Towson University recently conducted a symposium titled: “Antiracist Pedagogy Symposium.” Certain professors and students were of the opinion that what is considered proper grammar is racist. Racist because it perpetuated whiteness.

Those maintaining the view took the position that Blacks have their own way of talking and writing. The Black language referred to should be taught and used.

Blacks will probably see it differently. However, I have an opinion on the subject. To me what the blacks want is to be accepted into white society. They want to be white. The solution is simple. They should adopt “white methods.” It is the Blackswho  seek change, not the whites.

The arrogance, stupidity, stubbornness, etc. has to stop as it concerns being vaccinated against Covid-19. The proof is obvious. It has arrived.

Somewhere between 99 and 100 percent coronavirus deaths are now by those who were unvaccinated.

Speaks for itself! Stop being a “show off” and get vaccinated! Your life and the lives of others have value.

It also was reveled this past week that it appears there may be a “lasting immunity” for those who were vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna.

Unvaccinated…..Get vaccinated!

The Arizona audit is back in the news. New polling indicates independent voters oppose the controversial recounting of ballots by a wide margin. Overall taking into account the entire voting population, 1/2 oppose the recount effort.

Sean Noble is a top Arizona GOP operative. He says re the audit, “It’s a failure. It’s a joke.”

Another piece of news re the machines themselves being audited. Their has been concern the machines could not be used in any further elections. The present audit has misused, abused, moved, taken apart, etc. so accuracy cannot be depended upon.

Makes sense. The issue was raised about 2 months ago also. The problem was raised and explored. Same conclusion as to the sanctity of the machines. They could not be used again.

At the time, it was indicated the cost to replace the machines was $6 million.

Those who promoted the audit should be made to pay the$6 million. Not the taxpayers.

Tuesday again. Tonight at 9 my time, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me. Fun time/serious time. I rant and rave about what I feel good is happening and that which I consider bad.

A quick moving half hour.

Enjoy your day!



  1. How is it that Blanco will probably do time for his issues with c*ckfighting, yet those 26 women who have c*ckfighting issues with Trump can’t seem to get any justice?

  2. Blacks will probably see it differently. However, I have an opinion on the subject. To me what the blacks want is to be accepted into white society. They want to be white. The solution is simple. They should adopt “white methods.” It is the Blackswho seek change, not the whites.


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