Famed New York Times writer Nicholas Kristoff wrote a soul searching Opinion piece 6/23/21. Titled: The Biggest Threat to America Is America Itself.

Why would America be a threat to itself? Isn’t America the greatest nation on earth?

Kristoff believes America is not what it used to be. It has been sliding downward in many areas. Some of the reasons as Kristoff sees them. Each a sliding mediocrity.

The Greeks have higher high school graduation rates. Children live longer. Fifteen year olds in Russia, Poland, Latvia and many other countries are better at math. Twenty percent of American 15 year olds can’t read at levels expected of a 10 year old.

Kristoff believes the “greatest threat to the United States is less a surging China and a rogue Russia than our under performance at home.

The U.S. says “we’re Number 1.” Not true. In a recent study, the U.S. was ranked Number 28 in health, safety and well being.

The U.S. is not as good as it thinks with regard to women. Sliding backwards here also. The U.S. was one of only 3 countries out of 163 that has gone backward in well being over the last decade.

The U.S. has dropped economically as well over the past 10 years.

Kristoff wrote: “So it’s great that we again have a President respected by the world. But we are not ‘back!’ We must face the reality that our greatest vulnerability is not what other countries do to us but what we have done to ourselves. The United States cannot achieve it’s potential when so many Americans are falling short of theirs.”

Louie Gohmert is a Republican Congressman from Texas.


He describes January 6 as “mostly peaceful.”

I wonder what desk he was hiding under?

A comment in yesterday’s blog: “If election rules are fine as they are like Mitch says, than why are the GOP state legislatures rewriting them all?”

Elton John confirmed yesterday he will be doing “a big concert at Syracuse’s Carrier Dome on 9/10/22. The show is part of his final U.S. shows ever. Will still perform. However, not on the road again.

John refers to his final road show as his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road.”

Did the nuclear stress test yesterday morning. Took about 4 hours. I was totally exhausted the rest of the day. Cancelled an evening out with Fran and Tom Dixon. Rescheduled for tonight.

I am thoroughly beat at the moment. Worse than yesterday. When the blog is finished, I will be on the phone with Fran.

I have had a multitude of stress tests over the years. First on the tread mill. I was young then. Years ago was graduated to the nuclear stress test. Easier. You lie down and the doctor orders the nurse to shoot whatever the nuclear stuff is into your body. Within 10 seconds, your heart beats like hell. Just as if you were at the 12 or 13 minute mark on the tread mill.

The test went well. Dr. McIvor came in for the nuclear injection part. Always a doctor present for that moment. In case the patient blows up?

Three nurses. The boss nurse was Jo. She ran the room well. She moved me around well. I knew everything that was going to happen  before we were in a next phase.

I’m going to bed.

Just spoke with the doctor’s office. I am not supposed to be tired. Then why am I tired?

Enjoy your day!


  1. I agree with you Lou and with Nicholas Kristoff, the Biggest Threat to America Is America Itself.

    We Americans want to believe we’re so hot and will NOT listen to ANYTHING that might suggest we’re not.

    Republicans are so worried about defunding the police, but had NO PROBLEM defunding education. Republicans spend so much effort denigrating higher education and any educated elites, undermine student loans and even cheer on a president who cheated to get into collage.

    Americans need to stop, step back and quit hiding behind the lie that we are soooooo great!

  2. Rudy Giuliani’s law license has been suspended.

    Finally, some sort of normalcy to this crazy corrupt country we call America,

    • “Fred,” you are nothing but an annoying troll, only trying to start a fight. Face it, nobody cares how you feel about Lou, or anything else you care to regurgitate.

      Please crawl back into your cowards hole and suffer your pity in pathetic loneliness.

  3. Some high school grads around here can’t fill out a job application.
    Gohmert’s own 2 bros and 1 sis want him expelled from Congress since the January 6 Trump Capitol riot.
    Elton John gave an amazing performance in one of the best concerts I ever went to. I felt exhausted just from watching him.

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