What will be occurring today in Congress is comparable to the Olympics. Let the games begin!

Congressional battles to this point have been a warm up. Time now for the main events.

The last such games involved the pandemic financial packages. Biden had it right. Turned out to be a winner for the American people.

Big time legislation on the table again.

Two main events at the moment. Today the serious part. Other than the financial packages, anything before merely a warm up.

The election reform bill on tap first. The beginning of a multi-day event.

The Republicans expected to win today’s skirmish. Those supporting election reform will fall far short. Sort of a test vote. One called by Schumer to embarrass the Republicans. A procedural vote on the issue.

The second event is Manchin. A nobody in the Senate for 10 years. Now enjoying his 15 minutes in the sun. The man either stupid or misguided. Fighting for bipartisanship.

A joke! He will never succeed. The Republicans will defeat him big time. They are dancing with him at the moment. Killing time till there will not be sufficient time left to deal with issues where his yes vote was needed.

Manchin is incapable of seeing how he is being used. He will end up a laughing stock.

These two events would be exciting were it not that the country desperately needs what Manchin is preventing from happening.

The U.S. has become a sick nation. Screwed up.

Yahoo News reported on a recent Monmouth University poll concerning the number of people who still believe Biden stole the election. One third. One third being the same number that believed in November Biden had won by voter fraud.

Was it Lincoln who said a house divided cannot stand?

Today, a significant one in American history. On this day in 1944, President Roosevelt signed the GI Bill. Its technical name the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944.

The substance of the bill unprecedented. What came to Roosevelt for his signature was legislation designed to compensate returning members of the armed forces – G.I.s – for their efforts in World War II.

It provided assistance in 3 areas: Unemployment compensation, low interest home and business loans, and funding for education. The education portion the most important.

The GI Bill drove economic expansion that lasted 30 years.

It is impossible for such a bill to come before a President today. Can you see Republicans supporting it? All that money, opened ended, etc.

In 1944, Congressmen were respectful of each other. They were legislators! Today’s group on the Republican side are no better than hyenas. Dispute, disrupt, destroy their cry.

Woe are we!

Tonight sit in your favorite chair, lean back, and enjoy 30 minutes of Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Whether you agree with me or not. The show hard hitting.

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Good friends Tom and Fran are due to arrive today for a one week stay. From Buffalo. Wonderful people! I will not be able to be with them tonight because of the show. Tomorrow night yes!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. All of the noise that the Republicans make about anything is meant to draw our attention away from Trump’s role in the January 6 rebellion.

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