A news report this morning suggests Elton John might be the opening concert at the newly remodeled Carrier Dome at Syracuse University.

There was another first. October 22, 1980. The Carrier Dome brand new. Frank Sinatra!

I had purchased a box at the new Carrier Dome. It was perfect for the concert. It was just off to the side of the stage.

The box seated 16. I invited my closet friends.

It was a night!

Last night an embarrassment for the U.S. There was a procedural vote to determine whether a debate should take place re the proposed election bill. The Republicans filibustered. The vote was negative. The Republicans who generally permit nothing were consistent.

Continued results as last night indicate clearly the U.S. is sliding into authoritarianism. I fear within 10 years a despot will be running this country.

Unless Democrats  stop being nice and start KICKING ASS. In every respect. Beginning with an end to the filibuster.

Congratulation to Joe Manchin for the bipartisanship reflected last night in the election vote.

Manchin belongs in the hills of West Virginia. He is better suited to making moonshine than deciding what is good or bad for the American people.

That is the blog for today. Another test. I have to be at the hospital at 7:30 for a nuclear stress test.

Enjoy your day!

8 comments on “FRANK SINATRA…..CARRIER DOME 10/22/80

  1. If the elections rules are fine as they are like Mitch says, then why are the GOP state legislators rewriting them all?

    • That’s just one more example of Republicans talking out of both sides of their mouth, saying what ever they want on any subject without any interest or care about complete contradictions as to what they have said or done previously.

      Some call this hypocrisy. But this has been going on for far to long for that to be considered anymore. What it really is is dishonesty and lies with intent to mislead and manipulate. Dishonest Americans trying to lead this country has to be stopped.

  2. It won’t take 10 years for this country to be in trouble, its in trouble right now. And, not because of the Republicans.

    Anyone not knowing who Frank Sinatra was, OMG.

    • Anyone who thinks it is somehow wrong not to know who Frank Sinatra was, is probably just as out of touch with America today as any person who actually doesn’t know who Frank Sinatra was.

  3. After Trump reascends to his throne in the White House in August, you can bet that he will pardon all of the Capitol rioters.

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