Jim Boeheim calls them as he sees them. Straight from the shoulder. The good, bad or indifferent can be depended upon.

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim will have a good offensive team if he says so. Even with months to go before the season begins.

The Coach did not mention how good his team would be defensively, however. Which means he does not know.

I believe any problems a Boeheim defense has is attributable to his fabled “zone defense” having been around too long. A killer for many seasons. Its age is showing.

He has used the zone defense so many years that opposing coaches are aware of its slight of foot moves. Makes it difficult on many occasions to present a formidable defense.

Boeheim does frequently make his teams rise to the occasion defensively. Hopefully, the season coming. A solid marriage between the offense and defense would make for a hell of a season.

Jon Rahm distinguished himself by his play in the U.S. Open. Especially with the long birdie putts he made on holes 17 and 18. He deserved to win.

Professional golf winning prize money is in ascendancy.  Especially the money for the top 2 players in the Open. Rahm’s first place finish awarded him $2,250,000. Louis Oosthuizen’s second place finish had him taking home $1,350,000.

An excellent pay day!

The most recent The Week Magazine had an interesting article re millennials titled: “Millennials: The Generation That Can’t Catch Up.”

The article noted millennials have begun entering their 40s. Without much to show for it!

Millennials are those born 1981-1999. They are “doing worse than the generations that came before them.”

Home ownership an example. Millennials are at 61 percent, whereas baby boomers 66 percent.

The reasons obvious.

Millennials have fallen behind in terms of income and wealth. The 2008 financial crisis partially the blame. Millennials were just starting their careers. Jobs were significantly fewer. Good paying jobs even less.

The financial situation being faced caused many to put off having children, buying a house, getting married, investing in a car.


The Western Conservative Summit was held this weekend. A Presidential straw poll was taken as to who should be the Republican candidate in 2024.

Florida’s Governor DeSantis came in first. A disgrace. The worst Governor Florida has ever had. He has been dressed up this past year to look like a star rising on the horizon.

A close second was Donald Trump. First time Trump has come in second in one of the polls. Generally, the situation is reversed. Trump first, DeSantis second. DeSantis has already let it be known that in the even the candidate is Trump, he would be happy to be #2 on the ticket.

Weekend mass shootings have become common place in the U.S. There were 10 this weekend. Seven were killed, more than 40 injured.

When will it stop?

The U.S. Bishops’ Conference concluded this weekend.

The President of the group is Los Angeles Archbishop Joe Gomex. Reports have it the Archbishop had difficulty controlling the Conference. He has been President for 20 years. Many believe Gomez has reached the point where he lacks the ability to lead.

The National Catholic Reporter’s political columnist Michael Sean Winters had much to write about the Conference. He described it “outrageous.” Bishops were openly questioning each other’s motives.

The #1 issue was “Eucharistic Communion.” Winters’ personal observations were the Conference was in “shambles…..lacking in leadership.”

The issue still is and will continue to be “Eucharistic Communion,” with the assault being primarily directed at President Biden.

Someone in a recent Comment asked where was Diane Millikan? She had not been heard from in quite a while.

Diane is alive and well. I have heard from her more than once in the past 6 months. She has written to me on my personal e-mail.

I suspect Diane’s “disappearance” is she no longer rents space in Key West and her uncertainty whether she will ever return.

The last e-mail I received from Diane was right after the blog where I mentioned Sahara sands. Diane was in Haiti recently. While there, a strong wind blew over. When it passed, her car was covered in sand. A native told her the sands were “sands from Africa.”

I am not sure how many if any are aware Diane is a world traveler. Always on the move.

The heat/humidity is heavy in Key West. As it is in many part of the U.S. June is not Key West’s heavy humidity season. Such is with us in August and September.

June heavy humidity another climate change quirk?

Enjoy your day!




  1. Wasn’t Diane Millikan that crackpot far right wing wack job that you were so blind about, all talk and no results? She was more like Marjorie Taylor Green than J. K. Rowling. I could never understand how you could have been so enamored with such a lightweight wanna be. The people here in Michigan had her number.

  2. It would be fun to watch a TV debate between any GOP presidential candidate hopefuls that turn up, including Trump.

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