Harry Truman was chatting with friends on one of his post Presidency Key West trips. The discussion turned to fathers and whose was a success, ordinary, etc.

Truman’s Dad was not spectacular. A farmer and livestock dealer. Those partaking in the conversation into the less than successful category made it sound like Truman’s father John Anderson Truman was a part of that group.

Truman spoke up, “My father was not a failure. After all, he was the father of a President of the United States.”

A lot of money floating in in Keys’ off shore waters.

It has happened again. A small brick of a white powdery substance was found by lawn care workers monday on the 1500 block of Florida State Road 4A. It was floating in seaweed.

There is a followup to the cockfighting story I reported yesterday.

Luis Blanco had 310 roosters. All caged.

State Attorney Dennis Ward said he would seek the “stiffest penalty possible.” Jail time.

Luis Blanco was not the only member of his family involved in the cockfighting business. In the past 10 years, members of his family were arrested for organizing and hosting cock fights on the same property on Rockland Key where Luis was arrested.

A family business. Reminds me of moonshiners.

Cockfighting is pervasive in South Florida. Sheriff Ramsey refers to it as “a big lucrative industry .”

The drop in crime in Florida is impressive. Crime has dropped for the 50th record year.

Authorities say the drop has nothing to do with the pandemic.

Monroe County Sheriff Ramsey stated crime in Monroe County is down 50.2 percent in the last 5 years.

Life was different in William Hackley’s time back in 1856. On this day in 1856, Hackley wrote in his journal: “Drew up a bill of sale from Faina to A. Arron for a negro boy named Emanuel aged 4 years for $400.”

The filibuster is treated as a sacred cow. Not to be changed or eliminated. The skies would fall down on Congress were it done.

All bullshit.

The filibuster has been amended 161 times. Nothing sacred about something which has already been changed 161 times.

The high cost of groceries is a topic which often arises. By the people who push the carts and purchase the food.

If you think food is expensive now, watch for what is coming! All indications are the cost of groceries will be higher post pandemic.

This day in 1934 is historically referred to as “The Night of the Long Knives.”

Adolph Hitler feared some close to him had designs on his job. So he had them all killed. A “blood purge” of political and military rivals.

Donald Trump could be another Hitler in a similar regard. January 6 clear evidence. The insurrection, hang Pence, and kill Pelosi.

Yes, we live in strange times. Many forget history repeats itself. Another autocrat could appear on the scene. Not necessarily Trump, though it could be.

An editorial in the National Catholic Reporter yesterday addressed the Bishops’ Conference, Bishops themselves, the Catholic laity, the Catholic Church, and who in reality the Catholic Church belongs to.

The editorial indicated that the Bishops may lead, but the Church is not theirs. The editorial strongly advised against placing faith in the Bishops’ Conference.

The editorial without reservation described the Church as “a mess” and that which it proposed regarding politicians who support free choice being denied Communion part of “an ill advised scheme.”

Letters and e-mails received by the National Catholic Reporter were generally opposed to the Bishops’ position. Many described the Catholic Church as “an institution that has lost its way.”

The most important editorial comment was the “Church belongs to God” and the people. Not the Bishops.

Repeated because of its importance something that has been forgotten over the years: The Church belongs to God and the people.

Another doctor visit day. An appointment with heart Doctor McIvor to get the  results of the nuclear stress test taken 2 weeks ago.

Enjoy your day!



  1. A guy outside the latest Trump rally said to a CNN reporter “Trump will be back soon and then you guys are going to get it”.

    • Hey it’s Florida, and in Florida the “authorities” are all Republicans. To Florida Republicans, the pandemic NEVER was any kind of problem. After all, it was a hoax, inconvenient maybe, but really just a hoax.

  2. Dems want to solve the problem. GOP wants to find out who caused the problem and punish them, unless it turns out to be a Republican.

  3. Hey Louis, can you tell us more about how “the blacks” wanna be white? I’m interested in how your blatantly racist remakes can be clarified. Or if they even can

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