Read the famed movie actress Sophia Loren is 86. Since I am 9 days short of being 86, thought I would write about certain aspects of her life     .

Sophia is returning to the cinema after an 11 year absence. Excited.

The film a Netflix drama “The Life Ahead.” Sophia plays a Holocaust survivor who now befriends children of deceased sex workers with whom she once was a street walker also. She befriends 12 year old Mono, a Senegalese orphan.

The film is directed by Sophia’s son Edoardo Ponti.

Apparently this is Sophia Loren time for me. This past week I watched her interviewed on TV. The interview had to be at least 15 years ago. Her son Edoardo interviewed her.

Sophia’s love life was a part of the interview. She was in love with two men at the same time. Cary Grant and Carlo Ponti. She fell in love with Grant while making a movie with him.

Who to marry? Weighty. She opted for Ponti. Remained good friends with Grant, however.

Additional writings I reviewed prior to writing this portion of her life names Carlo as Edoardo’s father.

In the TV interview, it was intimated, suggested, Grant was Edoardo’s father. Sophia and Edoardo laughingly danced around the issue.

In a recent interview, Sophia said in spite of being 86 she felt 20.

I can understand. Mentally, I have remained 35. Sharp. My body however isn’t 35. It seems to be falling apart. The number of doctor visits and hospital tests attest to the fact.

No problem. Happy to be here, doing what I do. The cane no longer bothers me.

Sophia has her physical problems. In one of the articles I read, there was a picture of Sophia being pushed around in a wheel chair.

Such is life!

Florida Governor DeSantis is inept. Mentally deficient. Trump smarter.

DeSantis is sneaky also.

He recently signed a bill into law that bans “vaccine passports.” He made a big deal of it. No way was he going to impose the vaccine passport requirement on the people of Florida.

He failed to advise that another portion of the new law allowed the State to “use any means necessary to vaccinate” citizens. If the virus gets out of hand, the State can “force…..vaccinations” and such power is “immediately enforceable.”

Sort of hypocritical.

DeSantis “wants his cake and eat it too.” Which means he “can’t have it both ways.” A person cannot have the best of both worlds.

The Houston Hospital situation is interesting. The hospital told its employees they had to be vaccinated n order to continue employment. If not vaccinated, no job. They could not continue employment with the hospital.

Some 150 plus employees have sued in federal court  to have the hospital’s decision declared illegal.

Now comes the City of San Francisco. Thirty seven thousand employees. San Francisco has passed a “somewhat” similar determination.

A quirky decision.

The San Francisco ordinate or what ever it is called, requires workers to be vaccinated within 10 days of “final approval by the FDA” of a vaccine.

Thus far no vaccine has been “finally” approved. All vaccines permitted to be used are for “emergency” purposes.

Donald returned in a public appearance last night. Trump did a “rally” in Wellington, Ohio.

Trump ranted about items of which he disapproved.

One was the Biden administration embracing the critical race theory. He mocked “woke generals.”

Woke is defined as an alert to injustice in  a society, especially in the area of racism.

The military under Biden teaches now its members the history of racism in the U.S. Trump does not want it continued. Makes sense. Trump is a racist. No way should people be made aware of the evils of racism.

Trump told his admirers that the military will revolt if the teaching continues. He claims privates will refuse to follow orders of a general.

Trump slammed Biden repeatedly during his 90 minute speech. Throwing in lengthy asides that the 2020 election had been stolen.

A final theory espoused by Trump was that Biden was “squandering the hard earned respect the U.S. had earned on the world stage.” He claimed Biden and his people “were bowing to our enemies and embarrassing our country on the world stage.”

Dinner out tonight with Fran and Tom Dixon at Hot Tin Roof. A fun  evening guaranteed!

Enjoy your Sunday!

5 comments on “SOPHIA LOREN…..86 / LOUIS…..SOON TO BE 86

  1. Governor DeSantis is spending his time banning vaccine pas*ports, while apartment buildings around him are crumbling and killing people.

    Ron, get you eye on the ball and start taking care of the important things. Start handing out paper towels.

  2. Hey Lou, I think that Sophia Loren movie has been out awhile. We sat that on Netflix last November.

    She’s not quite what you might remember.

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