Republicans  are smart people. Perhaps smarter than Democrats.

Devious also.

The Democrats found the game plan to win in Republican states in 2020. The Republicans saw and understood what had happened. They needed a new game plan to continue winning the Republican states. Otherwise in due course, each would go Democratic in subsequent years.

The Republicans did not sit on their butts. By January, a new plan had been devised and placed in action.

Brains and money were required. The Republicans came up with both. No question about the money. The affluent Republicans could be relied upon. As to the brains, the ultimate success with their plan would determine the degree of success.

Two organizations are primarily responsible. Both Republican to their roots. The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America, hereinafter referred to as Heritage Action.

First, the Heritage Foundation.

The Heritage Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. A key ingredient to being such is that the organization is not required to disclose its donors and donations. Additionally as a tax exempt entity, contributions are tax deductible.

Smart! Non disclosure and tax deductible to the contributor.

The Heritage Foundation was founded in 1973. It received its greatest initial boost from Ronald Reagan. He thought the group and the thought process behind it terrific. Reagan claimed the Heritage Foundation was a “vital force” in the success of his Presidency.

Funding is the name of the game. The Heritage Foundation was initially funded by Joseph Coors, the beer magnate.

Other 1973 contributors were heavy hitters financially, also. Chase Manhattan Bank, Dow Chemical, General Motors, Pfizer and Mobil Oil.

The organization has come along way financially since 1973. Its total reported revenues for 2011 were $72,170,983.

The Heritage Foundation  in essence is a think tank. It receives outstanding reviews as such. It is considered one of the world’s most respected think tanks.

Hans von Spakovsky heads the Election Law initiative. His role has been influential in making “alarmism” about voter fraud mainstream in the Republican Party. Despite no evidence of widespread voter fraud. His work, which claims voting fraud as rampant, has been discredited. Though discredited, he remains the bright light in Republican efforts.

Heritage Action is a sister organization of the conservative think tank group the Heritage Foundation. Heritage Action is a  conservative policy advocacy organization founded in 2010.

A tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization similar to the Heritage Foundation. It also is not required to disclose its donors and donations to the federal government. Donations are likewise tax deductible.

The organization’s 2012 tax return revealed 44 percent of its overall contributions came from donations of  $5,000 or less.

Though not required to disclose contributor names, the Heritage Action did disclose in 2013 that the Koch Brothers had donated $500,000.

Heritage Action is considered a “powerhouse in a new generation of conservative groups… the most influential lobby group among Congressional Republicans.”

Heritage Action, through its political arms, plans to spend $24 million across 8 states to influence the change in elections laws to benefit Republicans. Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Described as a “trigger effort” is the plan to work closely with other groups to “produce model legislation for state legislatures to adopt.”

The game plan is to usher in an array of new reforms to party leaders and outside groups, working also to coordinate their efforts.

Presently, 68 bills are pending in state legislatures to “reform” election laws. Twenty three have similar language or are firmly rooted in principles laid out by Heritage Action.

Republican party leaders are instructed to export successful statutory language from one state to another. Included are “best practices” principles for completing new legislation. Impetus coming from outside groups such as the Heritage Foundation.

The game plan once again is to re-engineer voting systems in states where Republicans hold control.

The plan is well organized. Involved also is the Republican National Committee. The RNC has created an “election integrity” committee. The committee consists of 24 RNC members. They are likewise tasked with developing legislative proposals for voting systems. The members have been deeply involved in the “stop the steal” effort to overturn Trump’s election loss.

The NRC’ committee’s primary function is to help with “widespread coordination.” The committee is chaired by Florida Republican Party Chairman Joe Gruters. He thus far has had 2 significant responsibilities. The first, the use of a #stopthesteal hashtag. The second, the implementation of ways to encourage people to attend the January 6 rally that ended in an insurrection at the Capitol.

The Democrats were successful in getting the vote out to elect Biden. They cannot rest on their laurels, however. The next step is to elect local candidates. Especially those running for state legislatures. Additionally, to fund the court fights about to occur regarding what the Republicans are attempting to do.

Again the Democrats did exceptionally well with regard to Biden’s election. The result of being proactive. However Democrats are rarely proactive. They are generally reactive. Republicans are not. The present attempts at turning over state election laws a perfect example. The Democrats must learn to be proactive. To think ahead to what the opposition will do next. They must always be one step ahead in their thinking. In politics, one victory alone cannot be relied on.

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  1. Lou, I’m not so sure I agree with you about how “Democrats did exceptionally well with regard to Biden’s election.” I think most of the credit re Biden getting elected has to go to Donald Trump and the MSM decent honest and accurate reporting of his actions the previous 4 years and his probabilities when serving 4 more.

    The American people are not ALL stupid and enough of them realized how bad things would be if he served another 4 years, giving Biden an historic landslide victory.

    • Boy, I agree with that. I think Democrats should not try and look all smart and good, better they SHOUT how bad the Republicans would be if they got in power again! That is what Republicans have been doing to beat Democrats, ever since New Gingrich was in power. It has ALWAYS worked for him, until George Bush fuk’d upped, so bad OBama snucked in.

      Smart is better than good. Good is what you do if you get in!

  2. It’s ironic to me that Joseph Coors, the beer magnate, funded so many Republicans, back when just about no Republican on earth drank beer, especially such a low brow piss beer like Coors.

  3. I never understood why money was important to political campaigning. All you have to do is follow the news and look around in your own life and do a little critical thinking. The rest is easy. Of course I figure that the pros have ways of skimming off some of all that cash flying around for their own enrichment.

  4. For the first time I will not be flying my American Flag on Memorial Day. I cannot bare to look at it after the scenes of Jan 6. I hope that some day I will again. Bless all who served for us.

  5. Trump has desecrated our Flag. I remember him embracing it and now that image sickens me. I see some thug forcing himself on a respectable lady.

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