Over the years, the Republicans always held themselves out as the purveyor of good. They were chaste and would not even consider a sexual impropriety.

The Democrats of course were the wild and sexually unbalanced ones.

I will concede the Democrats had their share sexual deviates. Though in number and type of sexual imbalance, the Republicans were always a step ahead.

I have always respected Liz Cheney, though we are philosophically far apart.

Cheney’s strength of character has been obvious the past several months. She has stood up to Trump and his cohorts. Taking a beating. She has no fear, however. A person of character!

In the meantime, her party has gone off the wall sexually. First with Trump, of course. A Democrat with a similar record would have been destroyed. Not Trump, however. Truly a teflon man.

More recently Matt Gaetz. Paying for sex with a 17 year old. Solicitation of a minor for sex. What could be worse?

Back to Cheney.

The Republicans are out to destroy her. Definitely defeat her in a primary in 2022.

One of Cheney’s announced challengers is State Senator Anthony Bouchard. Proof of wrongdoing follows one forever. Especially if sex is involved. Bouchard recently admitted he impregnated a 14 year old girl when he was 18. He described the scenario : “It’s like the Romeo and Juliet story.”

He eventually married the girl one year later. When she was 15 and he 19. The marriage lasted 3 years. She remarried. Committed suicide when she was 20.

There has to be a person with a better track record to oppose Cheney. Perhaps the Wyoming Republicans believe Cheney can be beaten by anyone because of her opposition to Trump.

Congress is sharply divided. Has been for years.

The last time there was a serious division was in the 1850’s. Slavery the issue. How new states would come into the Union. Free or Slave. Ill will ran deep.

On this day in 1856, a Southern Congressman Preston Brooks savagely beat northern Senator Charles Sumner.

Appreciate the severity of the beating. It took Sumner 3 years to recuperate

Slavery the issue. Sumner an abolitionist. Brooks a supporter of slavery.

Sumner stood for 2 days filibustering in effect a bill involving slavery and Kansas.

Andrew Butler was a southern Senator. His position obviously diametrically opposed to Sumner’s. Butler was at the time elderly, sick, and absent from the proceedings. Butler had a cousin by the name of Brooks in the House of Representatives.

Brooks had a history of violence. His nature rendered a place for him in the history books.

Brooks was furious. Decided his cousin Senator Butler’s honor required defending.

Brooks required a cane to walk. The cane the result of a duel he had fought in the 1840’s.

Brooks walked into the Senate Chambers. Sumner was seated at his desk. Brooks perpetrated a “savage beating” upon Sumner with the cane. Sumner was unable to protect himself. He could not get out of his seat.

Brooks became an instantaneous hero in the South at the same time he was being vilified in the North.

You may say we have not taken to fist cuffs yet. I ask what was January 6. Far worse than what occurred in 1856.

A police/black person story. Involves desecration of a 2 year old’s ashes.

Dartavius Barnes a Black man. He was stopped for speeding and failing to stop at a stop sign. His car was searched. Some marijuana was found.

The police went through the glove compartment. There they found a container. The police claim they “tested” the contents and came up with a finding of meth or ecstasy.

The police showed Barnes the container. Some of is contents spilled. Barnes exclaimed when told the contents were drugs: “No, no, no, bro, that’s my daughter!”

The container was a urn carrying the ashes of his 2 year old daughter.

The police discussed the matter among themselves. Finally decided they believed Barnes. Told Barnes he would only receive an appearance ticket for the marijuana.

Police body cameras recorded the whole episode for 47 consecutive minutes. The facts are not in dispute.

Barnes has sued the police officers involved in federal court. The basis of the suit is the desecration of his daughter’s ashes: Opening the container and spilling some of her ashes on the ground.

In death, the desecration of her ashes. In life, neglect and starvation. The baby’s mother was living with some man. The baby died of starvation and neglect. The mother and boy friend have been sentenced to decades in jail for their crimes.

Never made it out last night. Staying in has to stop! My game plan is to go out tonight. Hope I make it!.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Fun fact,Cheney voted with Trump 92.9 percent of the time, while Stefanik voted with Trump just 77.7 percent of the time.

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