Marjorie Taylor Greene. The woman is pure lunacy. Never the less, that is what got her elected to Congress. Half the American population prefers the lunatic fringe to represent them. Trump is the perfect example.

There is a possibility Greene could end up Speaker of the House of Representatives should the Republicans take control in the 2020 elections.

Kevin McCarthy stands in line with his tongue hanging out in his quest to become Speaker. He will not make it. He kisses too many asses to get what he wants. His obvious desire to become Speaker is evident in his every move.

If Republicans continue to want the Trump mentality, Marjorie Taylor Greene is their person. She says what many Republicans want to hear. She is a lunatic. I do not think she is acting. We are looking at the real her.

She is part of the right wing conspiracy fringe. Her utterances substantiate the statement.

Her most recent is her comparing the mask mandate to the Holocaust. Then there is last year’s claim that the California wildfires were caused by a Jewish space laser. How about: “A bullet to the head the quick way to take out Pelosi.”

Today is day one in a series of medical tests and doctor visits. This morning with my primary care physician. This afternoon my heart doctor.

As one ages, the number of doctor visits increases. At 85, I am on a roll!

My blog today though interesting, is short. Time the problem. Doctors first. Tomorrow back to normal. I have in mind what I want to explore. The real power behind the Republican audits still being requested and which will continue to be requested. Forty seven states have begun or have announced plans to audit the Presidential election results.

Terri White later today. Five to 8. Marylin’s. She sings again with Larry Baeder. Go. The two are a fantastic duo.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Apparently the law, “No Wack-a-doodles allowed in congress” failed to get sufficient Republican votes to pa$$ in the Senate.

    Kokomo Man

    • Hold on hotshot, these are NOT “Wack-a-doodles.” these are AMERICANS.

      American Republicans!

      You’d better get used to it, you fought for this!

    • The Republicans have an endless supply of people like her, going back over the years. Think Sarah Palin and Phyllis Schlafly.

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