A major water rescue yesterday 16 miles south of Key West.

There were 16 passengers on the boat. Eight have been rescued so far. Of the 8, 2 were deceased. Ten persons are still missing.

People in the water were first sighted by the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Resolute. Helicopters aided in the rescue also.

The search for the remaining 10 continues.

The vessel left Cuba sunday. Capsized wednesday evening.

No further information available at this time.

Sidewalk cafes back in the news. There will be a public meeting to discuss the issue on June 8 before the Key West City Commission.

The most vocal complaint thus far is  that to proceed with sidewalk cafes will necessitate eliminating some spaces for cars. Parking already a major problem in downtown Key West.

I have visited Milan many times. There street cafes the best planned I have ever seen. The cafe concept takes up several blocks of one of the busiest retail Milan streets. All stores handling expensive top shelf items.

Milan removed all sidewalks. Thereby making the street level from one side to the other. Tables were not set exactly in front of any restaurant. Close to, however. The tables ran down the center of the street. Each was canopied covered.

No vehicular traffic was allowed. Walking the sole method of moving about.

To devise a plan similar to Milan would require a certain section of Duval to be redone as in Milan. Tables set in the center of the walkway/road. Cover with canopies. What remains on each side is more than sufficient for persons walking and shopping.

This plan will not work with a band aid approach. The present sidewalks and curbs have to go. To set up Duval leaving the sidewalks and curbs remaining would be a band aid approach and ultimately result in failure.

I trust not the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District. The work they do is noble. The manner sometimes scary.

The Mosquito Control Board has been promoting off and on for several years a relatively new concept by the British firm Oxitec. Male mosquitoes somehow receive whatever. When the male meets with the female mosquito, conception not possible. Something occurs which prevents birth

A news release first came to my attention in some Key West publication this morning. Key West was to be sprayed from 6:30 am to 8:30 am. The time has now passed and today’s operation completed.

The news article was so brief it did not mention whether the spray would be pursuant to the Oxitec plan or merely a regular anti-mosquito spraying.

The new plan is actually to be tested in the lower Keys. We are being utilized as guinea pigs. Some people are happy. Others, unhappy.

Yesterday’s blog was titled: “Brains and Money Behind New Election Laws in Republican States.”

I received one comment almost immediately following its publication. The public’s reaction interesting. One especially so: “For the first time I will not be flying my American flag on Memorial Day. I cannot bare to look at it after the scenes of January 6. I hope that someday I will again. Bless all who served for us.”

The U.S. Bishops Conference Communion issue for politicians who are pro choice has encouraged many articles on the subject.

The U.S. Bishops actually are bucking the trend of Bishops and peoples of other countries.

Most European countries have legalized abortion. It is no longer an issue inside the Catholic Church or on the streets.

The pro choice movement is growing in strength in Latin America.

An interesting question arises: How can bishops prohibiting pro choice politicians from receiving Communion in the U.S. and not in Europe and Latin America make sense?

Volkswagen was founded this day in 1937. It was a state owned company. The brain child of Adolph Hitler. He wanted the German people to have an affordable vehicle. Affordable meant under 1,000 Reich marks. Equivalent to $140 American money at the time.

Hitler’s purpose was to satisfy transportation needs and to give the German people joy.

Some quick observations.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the U.S. It has been so from the time Trump was first elected. Many American Jews are concerned.

Rightfully so.

Marjorie Taylor Greene. She views herself as America’s new poster lady. She believes that she and Matt Gaetz are “taking charge” of the Party during the GOP’s “civil war.”

Word is Greene has her eye on a 2024 Presidential run.

Republicans have come up with many false claims concerning January 6. The newest is that the insurrectionists were actors hired by the Democrats.

MSNBC has guest commentators on every show. One who is somewhat of a regular and whose name escapes me at the moment said yesterday she fears the U.S. is on the verge of a civil war.

The Key West Cemetery is unique. Especially the verbiage on some of the stones. The best…..”I Told You I Was Sick.”

There is very little shade at the Cemetery. Hot is hot!

Fifty thatch palm trees are to be planted. The work has begun.

The January 6 Commission vote may take place later today. The result will say many things and impact the political future of the U.S.

Were you aware? There was a female Paul Revere. Her name Sybil Ludington. Sixteen years old at the time. She rode 40 miles on horseback to warn local troops in Putnam County, New York, of an imminent British attack in 1777.

I never left the house wednesday or thursday nights this week. In fact, the last time I have been out in the evening is 2 wednesdays ago. Twelve days of continued home confinement during the early evening hours.

I blame in on coronavirus. The 412 days of self-confinement changed my life style. Got to kick it! Not healthy!

I am not unhappy I am remaining in. In fact, I enjoy it. However I know what is good and bad for me. Staying in is not. I will try to force myself to go out tonight.

Note that there have been many articles written re the condition I am undergoing. Each blames it on the pandemic.

I finish with COVID-19. I was doing a series of blood work and asked my doctor if I could have my antibodies checked. He said ok.  Received the results in a phone call from his office this morning. His nurse was excited. I was excited. I have 20,000 antibodies. A wow! I suspect I could go swimming in a vat of coronavirus and not get infected.

I am not a doctor. All I am saying and sharing is my antibody number came back at 20,000.

As many do, I have been reading over the past year that persons may have zero antibodies following completion of the vaccine program. The virus hits the person’s body. The antibodies may be hiding somewhere in the body that does not show on a blood test.

One situation was where the antibodies were in the person’s bone marrow. If coronavirus attacked the body, the body supposedly would know enough to ship the antibodies out of the bone marrow  to wherever it is supposed to go.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Jews in America helped get Trump elected in 2016. Gave enormous money to his campaign, thinking him an a**et to Israel, despite antisemitism violence during his campaign. They then became even more supportive during his reign, for similar reason and got behind hi again in 2020.

    There is still no public criticism of Trump by Jews, reap what you sow and don’t blame anyone else for the problems you cause.

    And don’t bother with the “never again” rhetoric.

  2. Republicans have come up with many false claims concerning January 6. The newest is that the insurrectionists were actors hired by the Democrats.

    Well here is a true claim — The GOP, with Moscow Mitch at the helm, just did their usual to thwart a commission being formed to investigate the Jan 6th insurrection. Trump over Party, Party over Nation. America is broken.

    • Republicans held over 30 (THIRTY) congressional hearings on Benghazi alone, and over a dozen (12) similar congressional hearings on the Clinton email farce. Yet refuse to hold even one Senate hearing on a violent attempt to overthrow the government at the United states capitol?

      Why are Republicans allowed to hold office?


  3. The January 6 Commission vote may take place later today. The result will say many things and impact the political future of the U.S.

    Another failure by the majority of the GOP and some Dems – and with the Memorial Day weekend at hand. Appalling.

    Now is the time for the DOJ to step up their investigation of Trump sympathizers in Congress, not just the rabid invaders who fell on their swords for Trump.

  4. Trump is NOT the problem, it is the people who vote and support him. They are the problem. The most unamerican of people, people who do not care about freedom and prosperity of ALL Americans, are the ones we need to be most worried about.

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