Two “rising stars” in the Republican Party are Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz. The nuts are taking over. If successful, they will be more crazy and depraved than Trump.

Greene and Gaetz appeared together at a rally in Dalton, Georgia, last night. Two interesting comments came out of the debate.

The first not spoken by Greene herself. Rather, one of her supporters. When asked by a reporter about the number of people who appeared to dislike Greene, the woman being interviewed responded, “A lot of people didn’t like Jesus Christ.”

The Greene supporter equating Greene to Jesus?

Gaetz was talking about the anxieties and concerns in the U.S. today. He told his fans to carry out “armed rebellion” against the government if necessary.

The times we live in!

The Catholic Church seems to have unending involvement with matters anti-Christ. Will it ever end?

During the Spanish Inquisition and even before, the Church involved itself in sick actions that God would not condone in any way. As dumb is dumb, bad is bad.

In my life time, the abortion issue the first to cause me concern. The 1950’s and 1960’s a time when young ladies were driven to despair because God purportedly forbade it.

The 1950’s were a time I was in high school, college and law school. I always wondered how an unmarried young lady could have sex saturday night and receive Communion the next morning.

Some place, some how, ant-abortion had become ingrained in them. If pregnant, Catholic Charities and other social groups had a way out. The pregnancy to be continued, of course. Away from home facilities provided where a young lady could complete the pregnancy, deliver in most instances a healthy baby which immediately was adopted or placed for adoption. Most times, the new mother did not get to see or hold her baby.

If the young lady was part of a married couple, things to me were even worse. Many Catholic wives would not even consider abortion if they became pregnant. The Church told them it was forbidden. A mortal sin.

So a couple would continue to enjoy sex and make babies. It was not uncommon for a young couple to have 6 or 7 children in the 7-8 years following marriage.

The sadness of it all was most of the young couples could not afford a large family. Their lives would be hard. Even worse, their young ones would grow up in poverty followed by an adult life in or bordering on poverty. Going to college was not something the poor did in those days.

Abortion would have rectified the problem. However, the Church said it was a no no.

Then came pedophilia. Blew my mind! Never, no way would a priest do such things.

Pedophilia came into public view around 1980.

I could not buy it. I knew priests my whole life. I was about 45 when the notoriety hit. Why were people making such things up?

I was at a basketball game my son was playing when I ran into a lawyer younger than me. Probably in the practice 10 yeas. We were professional friends, not personal ones. We each had respect for the other professorially..

He was attorney in 5 cases against priests, etc, the cases all involving pedophilia. I chastised him for getting involved in such obviously untrue cases. His comment was simple: “Louis, wait and you shall see.”

Then came the avalanche and no one could deny priest involvement in pedophilia.

These matters rocked my Catholic up bringing and education.

Another new problem has come to light in Canada. Two hundred fifteen bodies of young children found in a mass grave at a former Catholic institution.

Back in the first half of the 19th century, Canada became concerned that its indigenous population was not assimilating. The Indians preferred living their own lives.

Young Indians were removed from their families. Many never to be seen by their families again.

A “residential school system” was developed. The Indian children were sent to residential schools to be brought up thinking and acting like the white Canadian population. Kamloop Indian School was opened in British Columbia. The School was operated from the late 1800’s to the late 1970’s. At one point in the 1960’s, the Canadian government took over the institution. Recently, the bodies of 215 children were discovered in a mass grave on school grounds. As young as 3 years old.

Removal and studies are being done. Detailed information should be available down the road.

The discovery has been described as an “horrific chapter in Canadian history.”

Bodies had been discovered at other residential schools in earlier years. In 2018, Prime Minister Trudeau wrote Pope Francis requesting an apology. Francis “rejected” the appeal.

In 2019, Trudeau said what had occurred at certain of the residential facilities “amounted to genocide.” Other comments have labeled the killings as “cultural homicides.”

Survivors are now 60 plus years old. They describe the abuses as “physical and sexual.” Additionally, the children did not receive adequate medical care. Some died prematurely from deaths tuberculosis caused.

A former student said staff members would just “start beating you…..hurl you against the wall, throw you on the floor, kick and punch you.”

Another Catholic tragedy.

Enjoy your day!







  2. I grew up in the 60’s. I had sex with lot’s of different girls back then, nearly all Catholic girls. First in high school while upstate not far from you Lou, then later in college in Boston, a town nearly all Catholic. If you wanted to get laid back then, it was Catholic girls who were most likely your partners, willing partners.

        • first of all what’s your point. secondly i am not catholic anymore but still have the scars from the c. church. i am 79 years and still remember the guilt i felt thru every pregnancy ,the guilt of having sex. all married etc.

      • Sleezy? that’s your pathetic interpretation. The point about my experiences with Catholic girls was that they weren’t listening to the repressive and political teachings of the church, even then, any more then they are nowadays. Nothing new with respect to today.

        • i think you are pathetic sleeping around in high school. and you are wrong most catholic girls did not sleep around. i think you are a pig bragging about your conquests with young girls

          • I think YOU are an unrealistic prude and a dinosaur. Frankly I have no idea if MOST catholic girls slept around back then or not and never said that was so. I just said that my experience was almost always with catholic girls, both in high school and in collage, girls always my age.I should also not that these sexual encounters were ALWAYS consensual and often initiated by the girl.

            I should also maybe mention that I never slept with any Catholic Priests. Apparently I was one of the lucky ones

  3. I wanted to be an altar boy but my father said no. I learned early on that the word “why” was best left unsaid.

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