In a time of war, dirty politics, threats of rebellion, discrimination, etc, there is good. Angelica’s story portrays that good. Love personifying the final result.

When Angelica’s condition came to my attention in October 2020, I wrote a blog seeking assistance for her. Followed it up with 2 or 3 reminders. Made it part of one of my Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou shows.

Other social media sites did likewise.

Angelica had a problem. Besides professional help, she added her own assistance. she contacted many social media sites hoping they would share her search.

Angelica needed a kidney.

This blog is a combination of 3 separate social media messages. My initial blog and 2 by Angelica on Facebook.

God held Angelica in His hand and took care of her.

Following is Angelica’s story.



Her name is Angelica Harris. Age 35. She needs a life saving donor kidney.

Angelica was born in the Philippines. Met a U.S. service man stationed there in 2012. They fell in love and in 2014 married.

Her husband eventually was stationed in Key West. They moved to Key West April 19, 2020.

She worked at a Key West resort a short time till the Pandemic hit. She was furloughed, then laid off.

Along the way she became a U.S. citizen and completed her Masters in Business Administration.

She and her husband continue to reside in Key West.

Angelica was having difficulty getting pregnant. She and her husband went to Miami to see a reproductive specialist. Lab work was done.

Her creatine level was 3.14. Normal range 0.50-1.10 mg/dl. She was retested. Her creatine levels remained high.

In April, Angelica was referred to a nephrologist. More tests done. The results scary. Her kidneys were only functioning at 16 percent. She was told she had less then 5 years before she would have to go on dialysis.

Angelica diagnosis stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

A preemptive kidney transplant was recommended.

Her stress level building during this time.

In July, Angelica completed her kidney pre-transplant evaluation.

In August, she was approved for a kidney transplant at Cleveland Clinic Florida. At that time she was listed on the United Network for Organ Sharing waiting list. Angelica was told at the time locating a kidney donor to meet her requirements could take up to 5 years.

The next month was September. Angelica was blessed. She had matched with a living donor in California. The donor went through all donation processes and interviews.

The donor was denied because of a urinary tract infection history.

Hope springs eternal. Angelica has faith. However, she is not waiting for another donor to pop up on the list. In addition to the posting, she is also out there seeking a donor on her own.

Social media the vehicle. Facebook and Instagram. Her Facebook site is Kidney for Angelica. Instagram (@kidneyforangelica).

The Key West Weekly on 10/22/20 wrote an article about Angelica and her search. I discovered it yesterday on a month old copy which I came upon by chance. I e-mailed Angelica and asked permission to write her story. She agreed. I will also be talking about her tonight on Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Angelica’s mission in seeking a donor kidney is threefold. She wants to live a long and healthy life, she wishes to avoid dialysis, and she wants to become a mother.

May God grant all of her three wishes.



Ashley found out about my story through The Keys Weekly Newspaper in October 2020. She registered at Cleveland Clinic Florida and went through a long process of lab work and interviews for months. Cleveland Clinic Florida confirmed that I have a living kidney donor in April 2021. Ashley and I had our kidney transplant at Cleveland Clinic Florida on May 17th at 9:00 AM EST. The procedure went for a total of 5 hours. I am now at home in Key West and will be traveling to Weston twice a week for lab work and follow-ups. Ashley lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Praise to God for blessing me with an amazing living kidney donor like Ashley!

Thank you so much for the love and support!!



I could not transfer the photo attachment short of bringing the whole thing over. What follows is part and parcel of Angelica’s story. It reflects love. A love that will last a lifetime.



Enjoy your Sunday!











  1. Thank you very much, for the love and support, Lou! I pray for God to always guide you ans protect you! Lots of love!

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