The saying the truth will make you free has a lot of merit.

I was disturbed that Trump would be nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. Not only is he unworthy of the prize itself, he also is not worthy of a nomination.

Turns out the nomination is not such a big deal. Anyone can be nominated. In fact, at the moment there are 317 other candidates for the Peace Prize.

In order to nominate, one must be a leader of some noteworthiness, a politician, or someone with professional status. For example, I as an attorney would be qualified to nominate someone, as would Key West Mayor Johnson, and screwball Governor DeSantis.

Trump was nominated by a far right elected political figure from northern Norway. The second time he has nominated Trump. He did so also in 2018, though we never head about it.

There are standards that must be met for the nomination to be considered an acceptable one. In 2018, Trump failed to meet those qualifications and that is why we heard nothing about it back then.

Trump is doing his usual bellowing. Making it appear his nomination is a big deal. Not so if he is 1 of 318.

Trump is not necessarily respected outside his solid core of supporters. Proof is his and Melania’s appearance at the Supreme Court to pay tribute to Justice Ginsburg.

They were booed. The boos probably for Trump. Cries of “Honor Her Wish” and “Vote Him Out” could be heard.

Trump deserves public embarrassment. If this were two centuries ago, he probably would have been stoned.

Note that the President and Melania wore face masks.

Trump announced he is going to send out in the next few weeks a stimulus to seniors. Seniors being defined as the 33,000 on Medicare.

The stimulus a card with a value of $200. With a condition attached. It can only be used to purchase prescription drugs.

What a bargain! Give the rich pharmaceutical houses an opportunity to get even richer. Most elderly can use the $200 pittance for some other need. It should be their judgment how to spend it.

Assuming Trump turns the election result into the chaos he is suggesting, a way has to be found to accelerate any court review process. The American people cannot be expected to wait 1-3 years to find out who their President is. During which time Donald will still be sitting in the Oval Office.

Chief Justice Roberts does run the federal court system. Over the years, he has proven to be a fair jurist not afraid to step over the line and join the liberal wing of the court.

He should schedule to election court fights as follows.

All election suits for any federal office must be brought in a federal court within 10 days of November 3. That court must reach decision within 20 days of filing. Appeals to any judgment must be filed within 10 days. Appeals to the Circuit Court would be eliminated.  All appeals would be directly to the Supreme Court. All appeals to the Supreme Court must be filed within 10 days. The Supreme Court must render its decision within 20 days. The decision of the Supreme Court would be final.

Such would guarantee all issues would be resolved before January 20.

My suggestion not far out. It is reasonable and practical. In the best interests of the nation and its people.

Everyone from judges to attorneys to court staff must work their asses off to accomplish these ends. It is their time to stand tall.

The Vietnamese are an enterprising people.

Vietnam police have arrested a number of its citizens for cleaning up some 320,000 condoms and arranging for their resale.

Reusing a condom, no matter how well washed and sanitized, is considered an “extreme health risk.”

Those arrested would wash, reshape, and then pack the condoms in plastic bags for resale.

No information was available as to where the condoms were sold nor if any had been sold in the U.S.

The pedophile scandal that rocked the Catholic Church surprised me as it did many others. It also shook the foundation of my beliefs in man’s Church on earth.

I have been further bothered by the Catholic Church’s involvement in far right values in recent years. To me, it represents another grave error.

Now comes a third revelation. A key Vatican Cardinal has been caught up in a real estate scandal. Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Beccia. A most powerful Vatican figure.

Whatever he did must have been bad on the extreme side. Instead of being sent to a monastery to spend the rest of his years praying for forgiveness, he has been forced to resign his status as a cardinal. In so doing, he was also required to give “up rights associated with being a cardinal.” Such verbiage indicating the “seriousness” of whatever he did.

For a century, a significant number of Americans lived in the suburbs and on farms. Then a movement occurred whereby they left their previous residences to live in cities. Especially so in recent years.

The tide has turned once again. A movement has begun whereby people are leaving the cities to live in the suburbs. The reason therefore are the protests, demonstrations, and unrest occurring in American cities with more frequency.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a number of heroes. Those who have stood and fought the virus. Those who have made a difference.

One is New York’s Governor Cuomo.

He announced yesterday that New York is setting up a vaccine checking laboratory. Cuomo said he does not trust the federal government to be truthful regarding vaccines. He recognizes health has become politicized.

He also announced he was establishing 2 clinical task forces.

One to advise re clinical safety of future vaccines. Such task force would be composed of leading scientists, doctors and health experts. The other to best decide distribution and implementation of the vaccine.

Cuomo’s goal is for New York to have the smartest and safest vaccination program possible.

One of Cuomo’s successes has to do with testing. New York reported yesterday 92,953 tests were done. Nine hundred fifty five or 1.02 percent were positive. The low number of positives an indication as to how successful the New York program is. Anything under 5.0 percent is considered “outstanding.”

Another doctor visit yesterday. From my perspective, all problems being reviewed are minor. One could be a real problem, however. Problem may not be the best wording. There is a situation unquestionably. The issue is what to do.

Since I was downtown, I decided to drive Duval once again. My findings a bit different from the other day.

The drive was at 2 pm. The number of people walking Duval was about one third greater than earlier in the week. Even the number of those wearing face masks was different. Ten percent. I would assume most or all tourists.

More people, less mask wearing.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Two comments:

    1) Nomination for a Nobel prize isn’t that big a deal. Both Hitler and Stalin were nominated.

    2) The 23rd Amendment specifies that the presidential term ends on January 20th. If a new president hasn’t been elected, that doesn’t mean that the current president gets to stay. Presumably, because there isn’t a vice president either at that point, the presidency would fall to the Speaker of the House.

    • It’s not that simple, Andy. Yes, the President’s (and VP) term ends on Jan 20th. He cannot continue. So the question becomes (1) was there an election? And (2) did the Electoral College vote on a successor? If the answer to either question is No, then the House elects the President and the Senate elects the VP. Pelosi cannot be elected because she was not a candidate for the Presidency. And if the General election was not held at all, Pelosi and the entire House are out of a job on Jan 3rd. No House of Representatives, no vote for President. The Senate then elects the President.

      • JG, maybe you are right and maybe you are wrong. It all depends of Trump and what HE wants to do. If he doesn’t listen to you or the law, something he has done repeatedly since the Electoral College appointed him after having been defeated by the popular vote (and by a substantial amount) and just stays in office for what ever reason HE concocts, as he has done repeatedly since…, then who is going to replace him and who is going to remove him? I am afraid your (and others) pontifications, are nothing really nothing but hot air, as has everything you (and others) have predicted on just about everything he has done since having been appointed, etc….

      • Who decides if there WAS an election, and WHO decides if the Electoral College voted on a successor? Then who enforces that decision?

        Who azzume power on January 20th if either of the previous issues were not resolved, for any reason.

        What if Trump declares that he and only he is president because only the votes on election day count and that issue is not resolved by Jan 290and he declares the actual votes on election day are whatever )null and void perhaps) and has EVERYTHING else tied up in court?

      • C’mon guys. The founding fathers considered the possibility that a successor may not have been elected to replace the incumbent President. The 20th Amendment says “the terms of the president and vice president shall end at noon on January 20th”.Nothing could be more specific. But what if no successors have been elected? Does the president continue to serve as an interim officeholder? The answer is no because his term will definitely end at noon on January 20. If not reelected, the president becomes a private citizen on that day. So who then becomes President. As I already said above, a new President would be elected from within the House and the Senate according to procedures contained in the Constitution.

        So for everyone who now says “yeah, but what if Trump refuses to leave peacefully on Jan 20th. We are now in uncharted territory, but I think scholars would agree that:
        (1) any bills or proclamations signed by Trump would be illegal and invalid
        (2) the military chain of command would be broken. Trump no longer Commander in Chief
        (3) any appointments to govt offices or judgeships would be invalid
        (4) treaties or other agreements with foreign govts would be invalid.
        (5) govt transportation (AF One) and protection (Secret Servive) would be denied him

        And finally, what if he gets around all of the above and stays in office anyway? The answer to that is:
        We no longer have a Constitution
        We no longer have a government
        We are Venezuela

        • So, you are finally considering reality, now you need to acknowledge it as a real possibility with this freak, even though he’s pretty much got that in play already.

          This is not left or right politics. This is a dictator bully in plain site, who has gotten even intelligent people, including you JG, who have been throwing cover and making excuses for him for almost four years now. Wake up and pretend to be Paul Revere, instead of a phony intellectual provocateur, like Charles Krauthammer, if it is not already to late.

    • One final note. Please do not take my comments to mean that we can expect a smooth election process this year. The opposite is more likely. I believe there will be numerous disruptions to the election process, including claims of voter fraud, lawsuits related to ballot mailing and counting, and especially attacks on the Electoral College. It’s going to be ugly. But I believe the country and the Constitution will survive.

      • But, JG – so far the constitution has NOT survived. Your “lazy Republican’ (Libertarian) slow walking, ho-hum, everything will be ok kind of smooth it over Neville Chamberlain sweet talking will only give YOU cover (“I said it might happen”), wiggle room when it it REALLY too late. My GOD man have you no back bone?

        We’re in trouble RIGHT now! Do something, admit it!

        • Interesting comment, Danny. I would argue.back that the Constitution HAS survived for 230 plus years. Sure, it has been battered and bruised over time. It has even been grossly violated (Japanese internment during WWII). Presidents have chipped away at it with all sorts of laws that affect civil rights, personal freedoms, immigration, and executive authority to name a few. Judgements from the courts, including the Supreme Court, have resulted in interpretations the were probably not intended by the founding fathers.

          Still, it stands as our legal framework. If it were to be re-written today, it would be a much different document. But I don’t see anyone willing to attempt a re-write. And there is no other document available to take its place.

          Confidence in the Constitution is not a weakness or a lack of backbone. I agree that the country is in trouble, or at least facing a crisis as the general election draws near. As for your plea to “do something”, you go first, buddy. I don’t know where to start.

          • I have gone first while you waffle and REFUSE to see that as it stands the constitution is RIGHT NOW pretty worthless. This president and his AJ have basically ignored it at their pleasure on just about any and every challenge they have chosen to use, all while you stand by and make continued platitudes.

            You sir have your head in the sand and that’s being polite.

            When it does get worse, you can always say you said it ‘could’ get worse, from the sidelines where you phony prophets gather to pontificate and muse, aloof from anything that might actually get your hands dirty and at peace THINKING you had “it” right!

  2. Talk is cheap

    #1) President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, mostly because he won the American Presidency, thereby ensuring peace to the world. He returned it because he felt he hadn’t earned it yet, that’s cla**. Trump wants it because Obama got it, that’s NOT cla**. He won’t ever get it, because America is now the laughing stock of the world, because of him.

    #2) The 23rd Amendment says that Trump has until January 20th to leave the presidency, unless he’s reelected. The constitution also says he’s answerable to congress, he refuses to appear and gets away with it every time he refuses. Nothing in the constitution says he can’t be indicted while in office, but…

    If you think he will leave by Jan 20th if he he chooses not, then you are in denial about this too.

    Your mea culpa comes do on January 21st, more likely we’ll hear your “no backbone” excuses, Andrew!

    • There is a recurring idea here that if Trump refuses to leave office, then he will continue to wield the powers of the office. That may be true for a South American dictator. But in the US the power of the Presidency resides in the office itself, not in the individual occupying the office. If a President’s term has expired he has lost all Presidential powers. He can pick up the phone and make whatever demands he wants. He will hear only silence.

    • He’s said that he wants to rewrite text books with how he feels things should be written. Basically rewriting history to how he wants people to know it. Kind of like how they do it in Texas. To do that effectively, he’ll have to ban (burn?) existing books.

      Sound familiar?

    • Trump and his dad Fred, were notoriously known Antisemites” Just recently Trump is reported to have uttered to his staff (on several occations “Jews are juts in it for themselvea.”

      That makes him still an antisemite.

  3. Breonna and Donald both suffered from poorly drawn Warrants. In Donald’s case HRC, a lawyer, paid for a false report on Trump. FBI lawyers, the used the report which they knew was not true, to get a judge , a lawyer, to sign off on a warrant to spy on Trump and company. A lawyer was involved in each step along the way. The lawyers signed on the warrant for to enter the home of Breonna on the idea that a drug dealer was at her home. That information was false. Again lawyer’s for the A.D. and a judge, a lawyer,
    failed to protect the rights of a citizen. The cops did not make the choice for the warrant. Lawyers in both cases failed to protect our rights. Why are not the Judges and AG not held to their standards. It is not the cops it is the lawyers who should be protecting our rights. Why are their hands clean? Are not most politician’s laywers.

    • Totally BS post from a known troll who has openly admitted (even on this blog) of only posting to create chaos and starting fights. He is NO fan of the truth and dishonest to his core. He also cries like a baby when called an azzhole. Some people think he’s one of those disinformation bots.

      Oh, he has a bad habit of posting incomprehensible nonsence

    • Actually Taylor was killed because, once again, cops shot and murdered somebody, legalized drugs or not. One political party wants you to believe these dead people shot by police were deserving and that the people who are protesting these cop killings are wrong. No, they are not. Talk is not enough any more, we’ve tried that. Now is the time to vote !

      • The police just Carrie out the wishes of the DA and Judge who signs the warrant. The legal OK comes from the Lawyer’s.
        The lawyers OK the use of force.

  4. Sandy is an annoying troll, who is constantly posting misleading and dishonest information as well as hate based rants and incomprehensible screeds, no one can understand. Sometimes these are embarras*ingly vulgar, always to just start an argument or disrupt. He frequently attacks Lou, as well.

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