The individual who is one of he dirtiest men in the world has once again attacked a person to be revered and respected. Trump has attacked in effect the good name of Ginsburg before she is not even in the ground.

Justice Ginsburg dictated a comment to her lawyer granddaughter a few days before she died re the naming of a person to replace her on the Supreme Court: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new President is installed.”

Trump claims the words not Justice Ginsburg’s. Rather words Democratic politicians have made up.

Is nothing left that is sacred and untouchable by Trump? Life consists of more than money and lying.

The TikTok deal a perfect example of Trump’s warped thinking.

The Chinese company who owns TikTok wants to sell 20 percent of its business to Oracle and Walmart. The two will be TikTok’s American operation. Eighty percent will remain in Japan and wherever else the Chinese company operates.

Trump has insisted from day 1 that the U.S. should somehow benefit from the deal. The U.S. government’s approval to the deal a necessary item before the deal can be concluded.

Such in my opinion is illegal on its face.

Trump decided he wanted $5 billion set aside in a U.S. fund to educate the American people as to the true history of our country. Recall, Trump’s most recent genius point is he wants to “rewrite history” so it coincides with what he believes history to have been.

Looks illegal to me on its face, also.

If I recall correctly, yesterday I heard on the news that Trump has also demanded that the U.S. 20 percent of the company operate the whole 100 percent of the Chinese company.

He insults the Chinese company and the American people with the absurdity of the request.

It seems that Trump is in a hurry to get a new Justice of his choosing on the Supreme Court. Trump is anxious to put a person on the Court who will keep him in the Presidency following the election. He needs a favorable court to accept the “rigged election” and “phony ballots” arguments he keeps making.

The U.S. debt rose 59 percent in the second quarter of this year. The CARES Act first big stimulus package the reason.

The indebtedness justified. People needed to eat. The government finds it easy to provide the stimulus dollars . It prints more money.

It will take 50 years or longer to reduce the debt to zero.

It had to be done.

Are you aware close to 9 million people did not receive their $1,200 stimulus checks? The government is supposedly in the process of identifying them and making payment.

The $1,200 represented “survival” to probably 99 percent who did not receive it. How could the government screw up? Why is it taking so long to remedy the situation?

Although California is a leader in confirmed coronavirus cases, the City of San Francisco itself is not what could be expected based on the State’s number. San Francisco has experienced 10,000 confirmed cases and only 99 deaths.

One reason is San Francisco’s Mayor is one tough lady.

She recently announced some new rules. Religious services outside  limited to 50 persons and inside 25. Catholics disagreed. They marched in protest sunday. Leading them was San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone. His last name correct.

The Archbishop said the rule affecting churches “mocks God.” Considered the rules draconian and were being used to close churches. Also labeled the rules “unrealistic and suffocating.”

I am amazed each time I read about a for real “leader” protesting coronavirus rules. They have been initiated to protect the community as a whole and not one church or religion. Only temporary, they will be gone in a relatively short period.

The DOW dropped yesterday 500 plus points. Was down 800 points mid day. The loss continues the down market which is now going into its fourth week.

Market experts say the drop is the result of continued instability. Coronavirus continues to be the greatest fear. The market is further concerned about Justice Ginsburg’s replacement.

A jittery market is not good. Nor is four weeks of a down market good. Things are bad enough. The last thing the U.S. needs now is a market crash.

Banks are whores!

Always have been. Never will change. Even Jesus found them repugnant. Recall he threw them out of the temple where they were money changing, etc.

Never forget that 2008 occurred because of the banks screwing around with mortgages. Not one bank official paid. Millions however lost their homes in the foreclosures that followed.

The most recent wrong action by a bank(s) involves money laundering. Criminally linked transactions.

Named at the moment as being investigated are Deutsche, JP Morgan Chase, and HSBC. Giants in the banking world.

It is claimed the banks moved huge sums of money for criminals around the world. To the tune of some $2 trillion. The banks were handling monies for drug dealers, terrorists, and human trafficking.

Amazing how purportedly some of the most upstanding members in a community have dirty hands.

Today is National Registration Day. Register if you have not. Encourage your friends to register also if they have failed to do so. Keep in mind that this year’s elections are perhaps the most important in U.S. history. Our country itself is at stake.

Enjoy your day!




  1. If Trump is reelected, or maybe even if he is nor reelected, watch for him yo insist that the debt in America was not his fault, it was all because of pandemic spending. That of course is just not true. The debt has of course been elevate by the pandemic, but it was already hugely elevated by him from before the pandemic and since his predecessor, Barack Obama. Trump’s economy was financed by the debt he created, like some businessmen often do, just to make things look good. Trump, a businessman, ran up the debt to make the economy LOOK good, to get reelected so that he could personally fleece America for four more years.

  2. Is nothing left that is sacred and untouchable by Trump?

    Lou, there was nothing sacred to begin with. The beginning of the end for Trump is in 42 days(plus the time to count the mail in votes)

    • What on earth is Trump, the president of the United States, doing meddling in the sale of business interests, essentially just a franchise agreement, of companies, foreign or not?

      Are we so screwed up that the PRESIDENT has, or is even allowed to get involved in ANY way?

      What’s next, if you want to buy a Honda, you have to not only get the President’s approval, but allow him to broker which dealership you can go to?

      For all you Trump denialists, this shows how much a dictator he really is and how much of a third world we have become

      MAGA my azz

  3. The Archbishop said the rule affecting churches “mocks God.”

    I wonder if God was mocked all those years the Church covered up and enabled child molesting clergy?

  4. Trump announced at his RALLY in Fayetteville NC that “If I loose to him, I don’t know what I’ll do. I will never speak to you again, You’ll never see me again”

    Joe Biden Tweeted in response: “I’m Joe Biden and I approve of this message.”

    • Do NOT do this – mail your ‘mail in’ ballots as early as you can. Taking your “mail in” ballots to the polling place will likely result on them being disqualified.

      This is a RUSSIAN bot (probably with the help of Roger Stone) plan to get as many votes not allowed as possible.

      MOST voting places around the country will NOT have curbside drop off available on voting DAY. GET your mail in vote in the mail as early as you can. It must be postmarked before the end of that day, not just dropped off.

      Be wary of FAKE drop off boxes, this is Trump and his supporters we are dealing with.

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