Tonight’s the night! The War of the Roses! A heavyweight championship fight.

The first Presidential debate. Trump and Biden. One and  a half hours. Begins at 9 EST.

I will miss the first half hour. Tuesday Night with Key West Lou.

The combatants have different styles. One a belligerent street fighter The other a gentleman. Forget not Gentleman Jim Corbett.

There was a similar fight 4 years ago. Man v. woman. Trump v. Hillary Clinton. Trump was not a gentleman.

Americans wanted a change after 20 years of the Bushes and Clintons. Understandable. Trump represented that change.

What a change! No one expected what has happened in the past 4 years. Hopefully another change is in the works. Another 4 years of Trump will mean the end of America. It will have become a totalitarian state.

The lifestyle of all will change. Food will continue to disappear from the table, there will be fewer jobs, people will be required to pay 100 percent of their medical bills, etc.

The moment of truth is upon us. The next 4 weeks will determine what our country will be. It will be determined by who is elected President. Hopefully, Joe Biden.

Amy Coney Barrett. A disaster that cannot be stopped.

Today’s Wall Street Journal said she is a Catholic. Tonight would mark 2 Catholics battling since Joe Biden was Catholic, also.

Barrett is not a Catholic. She may have been at one point. I do not know.

Today, she and her husband belong to a charismatic group. Considered a Christian parachurch. No affiliation with Rome. Though Pope Francis likes People of Praise as Barrett’s religious group is known.

I view charismatics as a cult group. One of my family had an experience with the group in 1978. I know full well the impact of charismaticism. A little far out. Weird from my perspective. Like the wife must do everything the husband tells her.

On this day in 1938, the Munich Agreement was concluded. What Neville Chamberlain referred to as “peace for our time.”

Four countries involved. Britain, France, Germany and Italy. Britain and France feared Hitler. They did not want another World War. They came to the meeting prepared to give away everything, including the kitchen sink, to avoid a war.

They did.

The 2 nations agreed that Hitler be allowed to annex Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland. Amusing. Czechoslovakia was not  present at the meeting and had never consented.

Historians tell us Hitler called the meeting to pacify Britain and France. He wanted nothing. They wanted to talk. They feared Hitler was preparing to invade somewhere and start another world war.

It became obvious that Britain and France wanted to give Hitler something so he would agree to a peace. A gift, a bribe.

One of the books I read had Hitler and one of his aides in an adjoining room alone at some point. Hitler told the aide in effect he did not know what was the matter with Britain and France. He wanted nothing. On the other hand if they wanted to give him the Sudetenland, he would take it.

Chamberlain returned home to London. As he got off the plane, he raised the agreement in his hand and shouted, “Peace for our time.”

Chamberlain was heralded as a returning hero. He could have been anointed King that day.

Within a year, Hitler marched into Poland and World War II began.

It is believed that one of the ingredients in a coronavirus vaccine will be squalene. It is a natural oil found in a shark’s liver.

To produce one vaccine per person, 250,000 sharks must be killed. If 2 shots are required, 500,00 sharks.

Some flu vaccines have been using squalene. Three hundred thousand sharks a year needed for the flu vaccine.

The world is going to run out of sharks!

The problem has been recognized. Scientists have been testing for a synthetic version which hopefully can be produced from fermented sugar cane.

Key West’s chickens are in danger. Botulism. A yearly outbreak. This year however worse than normal.

The Wildlife Center is asking that people not feed the chickens.

The botulism comes from a bacteria naturally occurring in the soil. When activated, it gets into muddy street water chickens drink from. As to man’s food, people normally break the food into small pieces and throw it on the ground for the chickens to eat. The food becomes contaminated.

Governor DeSantis has made another bright move. Yesterday, he lifted all bans on masks and other items. He also gave restaurants and bars carte blanche as to number of customers and any other restrictions which had involved them.

DeSantis and Trump are birds of a feather. I think Trump is a bit smarter than DeSantis. Doesn’t say much.

The Florida Department of Health has a local office. It has been manned by Bob Eadie for many years. He is bucking his boss the Governor. Eadie says too soon. He wants people in the Keys to continue wearing masks, be smart in crowds, social distance and wash their hands.

The bars and restaurants I suspect will be packed this weekend. Tourists will fly in. Floridians who can drive to Key West in less than a day will rush in also.

The visitors will leave at some point. The rest of us remain. They will also leave the coronavirus they brought with them.

What will the impact be on Key West in 2-4 weeks?

May Johnson continues her merry ways in 1896 Key West.

She seems to be out and about with Fritol lately. She must have dumped Charlie. And then there is poor Ernesto who is always out of town working. Ernesto is supposedly May’s love.

Ain’t no grass growing under May’s feet.

If anyone is not planning on listening to the debate tonight, listen to my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Those of you who prefer the debate, remember my show is archived immediately and is available for your listening pleasure all the time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



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  1. Pay no attention to this pest Lou, old friend or not.

    What is it about the mind of those on the ‘right’ that makes them think that their purpose in life is fulfilled by lurking on other peoples blog looking for even the most trivial of mistakes they can use against you or your readers, adding political garbage and thinking themselves superior for having done it. Everybody who reads this blog, knows exactly who posted this BS, and anybody who reads your blog just adds that one more jab at you in him for doing it. Why would someone invite that kind of negativity on himself?

  2. I just voted, turned in my mail ballot at Key West Election HQ kitty corner from the Parrot on Whitehead. Saved $1.20 postage too.

  3. The 2 part miniseries – The Comey Rule, on ShowTime is an absolutely chilling MUST see, especially after last nights public debates disaster.

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