Big day in the life 0f Amy Coney Barrett yesterday.

Big day for America, also. Though not a good one.

With her nomination to the Supreme Court, Trump has set the Court on a path unhealthy for America. She will lead the Court in destroying the basic freedoms that have taken years to attain.

She is the personification of a far right ultra conservative. Her judicial philosophy is based on rigidity rather than flexibility. Her approach to the Constitution is to read it precisely as written. From my perspective, wrong.

The Constitution was adopted in 1787. What was then is not necessarily now. There were no planes, cars, dishwashers, women voting, computers, the internet, nuclear weapons, birth control, tampons etc.

The Constitution should be read in conjunction with today’s life style. Not that of 250 years ago. The Court decided cases that way from the late 1930’s till recent years when the conservative block began taking control of the Court.

Barrett gives the Republican conservative block a 6-3 majority. It cannot lose. Since Supreme Court Justices are elected for life, a whole generation will pass before some degree of flexibility returns.

Note Barrett is only 48. She will sit for a good 30 years.

Barrett’s life style bothers me a bit. Not sure bothers is the correct word. However, it does make me uncomfortable.

She and her husband have had 5 children and adopted 2 more. Severn kids! A stay at home Mom would have her hands full with such a brood.

Barrett does not. She said yesterday she also drives the children here and there, and does everything other mothers do. Runs a house, besides.

All the while having been a full time law professor and in the past 3 years a sitting federal appellate judge.

Impressive. She’s unique. I appreciate today’s women can walk and chew gum at the same time. They are multi-faceted. Thank God because we men could not do it.

She is considered an intellect. Based on her accomplishments to date, it is obvious. Her intellect is not enough, however. Heart is required also.

Barrett is not Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A liberal. She had a major hand in opening the door for women in many ways over the years. Barrett will not. She will close the doors Ginsburg helped open and will make sure further such doors not open again.

It is generally agreed she will vote to repeal Obamacare. Roe v. Wade will be gone. What happens to the 23 million who rely on Obamacare today? How will their medical bills get paid? A woman’s right to choose will be limited to a back room and coat hanger.

A return to yesteryear.

Religion should not be a factor in how Barrett will vote. She is expected to separate her religious beliefs to what the law requires in a particular instance.

Kennedy made it clear such was the way it should be in 1960. The Republicans were saying he was Catholic and would listen to the Pope in making decisions. During the campaign, Kennedy hit the issue head on. Basically saying render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s.

It is not going to be Barrett’s way.

She and her husband are members of a religious group known as People of Praise. Relatively small. Began in South Bend, Indiana. Seventeen hundred members in 22 cities covering the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.

One of the group’s covenants is that the wife must obey the husband in everything.


What happened to the women’s rights that have been recognized in the past 50-60 years. Recall Virginia Slims cigarettes. Came out late in 1960 or early 1970’s. A woman’s cigarette. Specially designed for her. Advertised: You’ve come a long way baby!

No more advancement. The women’s movement will become a train running in reverse.

During her speech yesterday, Barrett made a comment something to the effect that every morning upon awakening, her husband asks what he could do for her today. Strange. Does anyone know of such an occurrence in other marriages. I assume the husband’s question is based on a belief of the People of Praise religious group.

Another strange thing about her “church”is that all members are assigned a personal adviser of their own sex. For Barrett, it would be a “woman leader.” Members become close to their “leaders” for many reasons. A requirement is the member and leader be in a constant ongoing relationship involving advice.

Will Barrett rely on her leader as to certain decisions she must make as a Justice?

Praise the People has been a slowly growing movement. I assume it will grow more rapidly now that a person of fame is a publicly known member.

For only 1700 members, the group has accomplished much. Praise the People has established 3 Trinity Schools. Private Christian schools. In South Bend, Indiana, Falls Church, Virginia, and Eagan, Minnesota.

In 2003, the group also established Praise Academy in Lakeside, Louisiana. A middle-high school. Built in the “poorest neighborhood.”

People of Praise members are encouraged everywhere to move into the poorest neighborhoods.

It is reported Barrett failed to disclose her religious affiliation in 2017 when she appeared before the Senate Committee as part of the acceptance process for election by the Senate to the federal Circuit Court.

Although Barrett appears sweet and tender and may very well be so, her mental machinery is not. It is prepared to return the U.S. to the country’s thinking as far back as 1787. Respectively, she is a Donald Trump in disguise as to the damage she will do.

Though I wished this to solely be an Amy Coney Barrett blog today, it cannot. I MUST speak of Syracuse’s victory over Georgia Tech yesterday. Syracuse won 37-20.

Simply stated, it was the finest game Syracuse has played in years. It performed as expected when it was expected. Another way of saying, Syracuse did what it had to do when it had to be done.

I will not bore you with the details. Again, it was not just the victory. It was the way they performed. As close to perfection as a team might.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Overturning RVW will be a “feel good” decision for the Right and will not end abortion, just like making drugs illegal stops nobody from using them if they want to.

    • Yea another “denier” speaks out again.

      “Trump will be a decent president and follow the law”

      “Trump is not a Nazi or a Fascist”

      “Trump will work with congress”

      “Trump’s OK, you’ll see”

      “Carona Virus is a Hoax”

      “Climate Change isn’t real”

      “I never knew her, never even met her”

      “I never knew Jeffery Epstein”

      Tell me again why we should believe what you post?

    • As of 2019, public support for legal abortion remains as high as it has been in two decades of polling. Currently, 61% say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 38% say it should be illegal in all or most cases.

      Funny how the percentage against is about the same as Trumps base.

  2. Trump is now demanding Biden take a drug test before the debates. I think Biden should call his bluff and agree to take a drug test providing Trump agrees to release his tax returns.

  3. The major institutions of the USA have all been basically gutted in the last 4 years thanks to Donald Trump and spineless Republicans. When a national government no longer reflects the will of the majority things get bad. We are seeing that now on the streets and that I fear is only the beginning. Why I wonder? Can we all not agree to compromise and do what is best for all of us on matters such as health care and freedom. Why must some religion always intrude as they are typically old superstitions laced with crazy verses from millennia ago and full of utter hypocrisy. To me the only logical religion is sun worship as factually, the only thing keeping earth alive is that star. And it is a nuclear furnace in space and requires no worship.

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