I have visited Puerto Rico several times. The first time 1968. A magnificent and beautiful place. My next time 20 years later, following which I returned often. Generally for business.

The 20 year spread from 1968 to 1988 was one of growing devastation. Everything dirty. Scared to walk even the busy streets evenings for fear of being mugged.

The downward trend continues to this day.

Puerto Rico took a double whammy when Hurricane Maria hit 3 years ago. An already beat upon island was defecated upon. First by Maria, then Trump.

Puerto Rico needed help big time. Trump played games and in the end sent next to nothing to an island requiring gigantic assistance.

I suspect Trump intentionally poorly treated Puerto Rico  and forgot the island till recent days for 2 reasons.

The island’s people are persons of color. Trump is a prejudiced man.

The other is that at some time many years ago, Trump spent some time in Puerto Rico on a business deal. The deal failed. Trump left the island holding the bag.

It is thought he has always had a dislike for the island and its people because of that business failure It was the people’s fault and not his.

Trump announced this past week he was sending big dollars to help the island recover from Maria and help reestablish its businesses.

Trump made it sound like he was being magnanimous in wanting to help Puerto Rico at this time.

The island can always use money. It could have been better used 3 years ago.

Why the generosity 3 years later?

Certainly not from Donald’s good heart.

There is an election coming. Many Puerto Ricans left the island following Maria and today live in Florida. They are eligible to vote. Trump needs Florida to win the election. It is thought who ever the candidate who wins Florida wins the Presidency.

Trump was not being generous nor thoughtful in announcing funds were coming at this time. He was merely sucking up to the Puerto Ricans now living in Florida.

Buying their votes in effect!

I can see a scenario where Trump wins and the funds never arrive. Such his modus operandi.

There are new coronavirus cases everyday in Monroe County. In Key West also, with a few exceptions.

It was reported Monroe County had 11 new cases yesterday. Four involved Key West residents. Key West total cases to date 827.

In Key West, the youngest victim was a 6 year old boy. So much for the virus not affecting the young. At the other end of the spectrum, an 88 year old woman.

Key West was in great shape when the barricades went up on Route 1. They came down June 1. Since then the numbers have been accelerating for what is considered a small community. Additionally, one that has been a ghost town for several months. Very few visitors arriving because of the virus.

I blame Governor DeSantis, Key West Commission members, and Key West’s business community for most of the 827 cases. All in a hurry to get the economy going again!

Staying with DeSantis for the moment, he announced yesterday he was reopening Florida’s businesses. He thought it time to do so. At a time when Floridan’s numbers are among the highest in the nation.

Seven hundred die each day in Florida.

DeSantis is Trump’s lap dog. Does everything Trump says should be done. As a result Trump says DeSantis is America’s best governor.

Now he also says the only state with a decent ballot voting system is Florida. He needs the Florida votes. Especially the elderly’s.

There is one business flourishing in Key West. The homeless shelter.

The shelter has gone from a 12 month operation to a 24 hour one. The increased shelter availability has had some positive results.

A 32 percent decrease in indigent care, less intoxication, and higher levels of shelter clients wanting to go out and find work. The reason being they now have a place to come back to.

Increased time means increased costs to run the operation. The Shelter’s budget has risen from $483,000 to $706,000.

The City Commission believes the expansion time wise was required and has resulted in a positive investment. Commissioner Kaufman thinks the increase is very reasonable given the fact the shelter has gone from a 12 to 24 hour operation.

My poor Syracuse! Already has lost its first 2 football games. Today, Syracuse plays Georgia Tech at the Carrier Dome.

It will be the first Syracuse game of the season in the newly remodeled structure. The score box in the center of the Dome is considered one of the largest and finest in the U.S. Social media this past week described it as a “wow!”

Now we need a “wow” team!

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “AID COMES 3 YEARS LATE

  1. What ever numbers available in Florida concerning the Covid Virus can safely be doubled and still probably not be any where near the real numbers. Florida, more than any other state has been screwing around with falsifying and :look over here” when it comes to the numbers. Still, what is reported is horrible. One day we will all be asking each other how this could happen here.

  2. My apologies to Lou for overly commenting in yesterday’s blog. Some readers wanted to comment on the Presidential transition process during an election year. I responded more than I needed to. I’ll try to hold my tongue today and in the future. This is not my blog.

  3. Lawyer’s ask for and ok a Warrant. The judge sets the terms of the warrant including the level of force. Why are just the cops hung out to dry?

  4. I think Lou’s number of 700 daily COVID deaths in Florida is off by quite a lot. The peak number of deaths averaged 179 in early August. The current daily average is 107. I get his point though. It may be too early to remove all restrictions.

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