Oh, Trump’s tax returns.

So far reflect he has been a loser his whole life. He has lost millions, if not billions of dollars. I give him credit, however. “Credit” a key word.

Overall, Trump screwed people and banks. The bank portion the most interesting.

Trump did it with the Atlantic City casinos. He will do it again if he reaches a point where he cannot meet the $300-400 million in bank obligations that come due in the next 3-4 years.

This time it will be European Banks. Like Deutsch and HSBC. When the American banks refused to loan any more money to  Trump, he turned to Europe. Actually Putin and other despotic leaders. The government controls the banks in such countries.

Never complain when a bank loses money. They steal enough on their own. They cause pain to many persons every year. Think back to 2008. The banks caused the recession with their mortgage games. The people paid. Millions lost their homes in foreclosure.

You have to admire Trump in one respect. He screwed the banks big time, yet lived royally. In a huge gold apartment on Fifth Venue. His own private jet.

Pays no taxes! Impressive with all the money running through his business enterprises. A mere $750 in 2016 when he took office. Seven hundred fifty dollars again in 2017. In 10 of the 15 years preceding his rise to the Presidency, he paid no taxes.

His write offs will do him in. Where he took too much for a deduction or failed to be honest re the deductions claimed. Reflecting he failed to be honest in the preparation of his returns.

Trump will do jail time at some point. Unless…..My suggestion is he resign before January 20 so Pence  can become President. Pence can then pardon Trump for all his sins.

I want to write a bit about an honest man. Yes, there were and still are some in this world.

Ted Williams.

On this day in 1941, he was close to batting .400. No one had since Bill Terry in 1930.

It was the last day of the season. A doubleheader. Williams had to have a real good day to reach .400. He had 6 hits in 8 at bats that day. Ended up with a .401 batting average.

He did what he had to do.

It was another September 28. This time in 1960. It was Williams’ final game. He was retiring.

He went out in a blaze of glory. At his last time at bat, he hit a home run. Number 521 for him.

He retired with a .344 batting average.

There is still more to the Ted Williams story. He took 2 years out of baseball in both World War II and the Korean War. He left baseball to fight for his country. Returned each time to play more ball.

Williams was a Marine combat aviator.

Interesting is Trump avoided military service by claiming he had bone spurs in his heel.

More yet.

Williams was a fisherman. Loved the Keys. Bought a home on the water in Islamorada in 1960. Fished just about every day for 19 years.

Word is he sold his home when he had to wait for traffic to pass before crossing U.S. 1. Too many people for him.

Two stories. Two men. Both American. One a good guy, the other a bad man.

Enjoy your day!

39 comments on “OH, TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS

  1. Even Pence can’t save Trump. Pence can pardon him for federal crimes, but not for state crimes. Trump would still have to deal with New York, and presumably other, states for tax evasion.

  2. If you have problems with Trump’s taxes, blame Congress, not Trump. Congress writes the tax laws not Trump so it’s on them. Also, if you have problems with his use of the law to lower his taxes, to avoid hypocrisy please do not even take so much as the standard deduction when filing your taxes. And I don’t like Trump and hate being put in the position of defending him.

    • Boy Jeff, are YOU screwed up with your logic and cheating issues. Trump does NOT get to decide what is good tax laws and what is not. YES he cheated beyond what the average welfare mom ever does.

    • Jeff is right. Most of us will never need a tax attorney, but someone with worldwide holdings, debts, and employees will require many of them. I’ll bet Trump’s attorneys are well paid and very good at reducing his taxable income.

      The Media is raving about how little Trump pays, as if that’s a bad thing. Members of Congress will be the first to agree that there are loopholes in the tax code, and many legal ways to shelter income. They do it themselves. If someone takes full advantage of those things, then that’s fine with them and with me.

      Some of you have said or implied that Trump is cheating on his taxes. If you have personal knowledge or evidence of that, then file a complaint with the IRS. Otherwise, his taxes are none of your business or mine.

      • Nonsense, this isn’t about TAX LOOP HOLES this is about outright lying, about cheating, about false information.

        The tax code is VERY clear. It doesn’t matter if you use an account, a tax attorney, a dog catcher or do it yourself, YOU are still responsible. No “the cat ate my homework” will be allowed.

        Jeff is just another denier trying t0o make excuses for Trump. He’s drying to find a way, yet again, to deflect any guilt away from Trump.

        Maybe “Jeff” is posting from Jail himself and just doesn’t want to know that Trump is in there with him, 4 cells down, stinking up the place

      • Jeff – what the hell are YOU talking about. The media is talking about how Trump lied and cheated so that he wouldn’t have to pay taxes, which is called tax evasion, tax fraud, which is dishonest and wrong to most people. It is also illegal and punishable with prison sentences.

        Everybody can see that, what’s YOUR problem?

        If you want to talk about who’s complaining about Americans not paying enough taxes, perhaps you might want to look at Donald Trump himself, who in 2012 on ‘FOX & Friends’ specifically complained about Mitt Romney, the then-Republican nominee for president, who had just released tax returns showing he paid an effective 14.1% tax rate. He (Trump) said of that, “It’s even more than that, as I understand it, and it’s not fair.”

        Shouldn’t you be asking why most rich people are not paying their far share of the tax load, place the burden of doing that on the people who have to struggle to do so? Why is it that the people who benefit MOST from tax benefits are the ones who pay the least of their income to help make this country great, and the ones who can least afford it pay the most. Why is it that we have YOU defending THEM? And before you want to point out that Donald did pay his fair share – $0, because he didn’t make any money, let me point out that, that is the point, his returns seem to sho that he manipulated his returns to show he made $0 and THAT is what this is all about.

        What’s with you Jeff, where are you coming from with this Bull Sh*t? Who are you and who are YOU working for?

        • Your quote: “The media is talking about how Trump lied and cheated so that he wouldn’t have to pay taxes….”
          Really? What media is that? Not even The New York Times in their breaking story dared to claim that Trump had cheated on his taxes. Perhaps because they understand the consequences committing criminal defamation and libel in their publication.

          Does anyone else find it curious that this “story” breaks just 37 days before the general election? Or how about this – the story ran in the Times on Sunday. Several hours later (Sunday night) the Biden campaign ran a professionally produced video ad about the story, along with campaign merchandise saying “I paid more taxes than Trump”. Pretty fast work for a Sunday afternoon.

          Bring out your specific charges against Trump. What section(s) of the code did he violate? How many violations? By how much did he overstate his exemption? How much did he understate his income? What did he hide or lie about.

          Or you can save yourself the research and just go with “he lies” and “he cheats”.

          • You are complaining tht the timing is too political for you? Even though the taxes were only just now released by a court order, having been delayed until now by Trump himself? Comeuppance maybe? More like ‘careful what you ask for!

            And then why is this something you are so appalled about, when just last week Ron Johnson’s Judiciary Committee report on Biden in the Ukraine fizzled when his investigation revealed nothing there with Biden, yet actual proof of White House criminal activity instead, with Perry having to resign.

            Seems to me you are full of crap with your posts only trying to do damage control by changing the story.

            There is a name for you.

      • He, Trump, is the president of the United States, what he does, ESPECIALLY in so far as this personal finances, IS our business. If he cheating on his taxes, it reflects on lot’s of things, including his (and therefore our) venerability. Who the hell are you to say it is none of our business. Geese Jeff, are you for real?

        Trump himself had no problem accusing Barrack Obama, then the President of the United States of not being born in America, a significantly lesser crime than Tax Evasion by way of fraud, and the American people allowed the press to report that. Furthermore, many, many people made that their business. You can’t call Obama a criminal for that, but you can call Trump a criminal for Tax Fraud.

        Yes, “Lock HIM up”

    • Legal deductions? Yeah, right. The Donald lies and cheats about everything else, what makes you think he doesn’t lie and cheat about his taxes.

      If by this point you believe anything Trump says, I’ve got some high and dry land to sell you in South Florida. It’s called gator acres.

      According to reports, he deducted $70,000 one year for his hair styling and $95,464 to style Ivanka Trump’s hair. If that’s not criminal income tax evasion, then I don’t know what is.

      LOCK HIM UP!

      Haven’t you had enough?

        • Specifics? Virtually verything that comes out of The Donald’s mouth is a lie. (Over 20,000 verified lies and deceptions since taking office.) Cheating on taxes… $95,494 deduction for Ivanka’s hair stylist.

          And if that’s not enough for you, I’ve got parcels of land in Gator Acres for you to buy at a very good price. Approved by The Donald.

          Haven’t you had enough?

            • Haha haha haha! Oh my god, it’s Glinda, the good witch.


              Stick that in your condemnation of a United States President on the say so of a media hack job, you gullible fools. I love it!

              • None of us needs to make anything up about this President of the United states. It is all always in plain site, including these tax returns – they speak for themselves, regardless of how you and your ‘witch’ friends try and spin them otherwise.

                The NYT piece was neither an opinion piece, nor a hack job, they were TRUMP’s actual tax returns, not some summary made by a third party (like Bill Bar would have been if he got to them first). No media hack job, like if FOX was not reporting them.

                If there is a gullible fool in the room, it is you trying to dismiss or deny them, you and your fantasy witch.

                Thomas J., you have a bad habit of denying everything you don’t want to be true, regardless of the facts. Give it a day or two and Trump himself will probably undermine your arguments and thereby your blind defense of him and his dishonest deeds on this subject too, making you the fool once again.

                • About the NYT’s possession of those tax returns that you say are in plain sight. Are they? Has the NYT published the documents? Have you seen them? Has anyone outside the NYT seen them? You do realize that any such possession of tax documents would be a federal crime, right?

                  As for my bad habits, you have no clue. There are people close to me with habits that you would not believe. Maybe I picked up a few.

                  • Aren’t you the same guy that only a couple of weeks ago made up a fake story about being incarnated in a Federal penitentiary? Didn’t you also make up a fake story about having a son out of work, providing cover for Trump who was going to give everybody $200, a week just to get by, which of course never happened. Didn’t you try and argue with everybody about all of that having ben caught red handed lying? Why are you still giving Trump cover and expecting to be taken seriously? Are you Jeff? Are you Anonom..? Are you even real?

                    • I have 3 sons. Which one are you concerned about?
                      Yes, I revealed a couple of months ago that I am confined in a federal lockup. That is not relevant to any posts I might make here, and shouldn’t be used against me.
                      I am not a guy.

                    • I don’t think YOU get to decide what gets to be used against you.

                      I don’t think YOU get to decide what we believe as to your lies about your non existent son.

                      Nobody asked if you were a guy.

                      The point is, you have been lying about various things on this blog for some time now and have been caught in these lies many times, some of which you have gleefully bragged about. Why should we believe you know about anything, especially about anything to do with a habitual liar president, who you seem to worship.

                    • Accusations are easy. Saying you know things about a person when you don’t is easy. Hurling insults without basis is easy. Demeaning someone because of their circumstance is easy. Hiding behind Anon is easy.

                      Finding actual proof of fakery, lies, or being “caught red-handed” is hard, and impossible if not true.

                      I see you prefer the easy way.

        • Please refer to the New York Times article for specifics, they are all there. Not our Job to list all those pages on Lou’s blog.

      • How about $700,000 for consulting fees from his daughter Ivanka, during the time she was listed as an employee of his company? Sounds like double dipping to me, oops!

    • To Jeff Watson
      Reading compression is not a strong suit for most of those who post comments on Lou’s blog. For example, they failed to notice that you posted only once in today’s blog, bringing up perfectly valid facts despite your personal dislike of Donald Trump. The rest of the comments in support of Trump’s taking advantage of tax law to reduce his liability were made by me. And yet, they continued to trash you.This is just one example of the urgent need for liberals on this blog to add fuel to the anti-Trump bandwagon, even when they don’t know who they are talking to.

      Sorry if you were angered or inconvenienced.

      • You are factually wrong, I know that because I personally wrote a post supporting Trump as well, used the name Anony-etc, too. You must be a bigger agitator than me

      • Sure looks to me like all those anti NYT/Fank News/Trump didn’t do it/Tax Return denial posts, were from the same person in some sort of attempt to flood Lou;s blog with some kind of illogical ‘gotcha’ scheme. Please tell us what you mean and why that (you writing all those cover for Trump posts) matters. Despite Jeff (according to you) being the one that was always attacked. I don’t see his name being used as a reply (although that would seem logical). His, yours, or whoever commented is what matters. Could be Jeff is you and you posted ALL of those other posts, in a clever and deceptive way just to confuse everything. Who cares anyhow, they are all with terrible logic and false pretense, let alone conclusions. Stop trying to be so clever, you are not very good at trying to change the subject. Trumps tax returns are what matters and they are pretty revealing.

  3. Once again, Trump is shown to be a scumbag. This time it’s his finances and taxes… or lack of paying taxes.

    This can’t possibly surprise anyone.

    Well Duh

  4. There used to be a street in Islamorada named for the splendid splinter, “Ted Williams Way”, it ran by his house. Now they named it after someone else. Nothing is sacred anymore.

  5. This Trump thing with his taxes is kinda like Clinton’s thing with those emails, only this is more real and far more important.

    • I never knew that Lou would actually have any influence about an issue like that. I also have never read any opinions from him on this blog about that either.

  6. It is generally believed the IRS has scrutinized Trumps taxes for decades. They do have some outstanding issues with some credits he received and the battle continues on that front. With complicated tax filings there is a fine line between tax avoidance and evasion. Top Tax Attorneys are well paid to straddle the line. However, his taxes can reveal other problems for a public official who built his ladder to the Oval on being a success. There is a national security component to his loans as well, given they are floated outside of the norms. Revealing taxes for public officials SHOULD be required by law, currently they are not. Trump has done much damage to the honor system established in politics, it is time for Congress to close a wide azzortment(sic) of loopholes, related to both taxes and conduct in office.

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