The self named Grim Reaper is not going to get reaped. Mitch McConnell will win in Kentucky for the zillionth time. He has been the U.S. Senator for decades.

Too bad. The American spirit he reflected when first elected has dissipated. He has become a Washingtonian. Bought by Washington standards. The best delivery boy lobbyists could want.

His Democratic opponent is Amy McGrath. An impressive woman. She has no chance. McConnell’s seat bought and paid for years ago.

The most recent poll indicates a big McConnell win. He is ahead 55-33 percent. A 22 point lead.

Two recent quotes re McConnell.

“Show me a politician who becomes a millionaire while in office and I will show you a crook.”

“It’s about time Kentucky lay the Grim Reaper to rest.”

The last quote is not going to happen.

Trump must always be the “winner.” Not happening in Portland. He is not quelling the protesters. He cannot consider the results so far as encouraging.

One hundred more U.S. Marshalls were sent in thursday. Homeland Security is considering sending in an additional 50 U.S. Custom and Border Protection agents.

Trump’s thugs have been battling and beating up the demonstrators since early July. The result thus as far similar to U.S. “wins” in  Vietnam and Afghanistan. Victory evasive. Each war never ending.

Trump’s ill conceived solution is to send in more Trump agents.

In mid-July there were 114 agents in Portland. The number as of last thursday unknown. The White House keeping details secret as if this was a “real war.”

Getting a handle on the coronavirus battle difficult. The U.S. way behind because Trump refused to be a leader and enforce basic medical rules. Thousands have been afflicted and have died because of his ignorance and reluctance.

Major League Baseball shows how hard it is to “return to work” in a safe and secure fashion.

The shortened season began 3-4 days ago. Disaster has already struck.

Sunday, the Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies played. Professional baseball invoked all safeguards. Did not work. Fourteen players have tested positive since sunday.

Someone left a duffel bag in a public place on Grassy Key. A couple found it saturday. The bag contained $884,000 of cocaine.

The cocaine was turned over to authorities. No other facts are available at this time.

Mini-lobster season wednesday and thursday. A disaster about to happen. Normally 50,000 vessels and 80,000 lobster harvesters are on the water diving and partying. A big time! I know. I have done it enough times!

Most of the fishermen come from outside the Keys. Many from Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. The 2 worse infected counties in the U.S.

The Governor has been reluctant to cancel the event. Some entities and municipalities are doing so.

The key to success in limiting boats and people: Ban use of the boat ramps as a result of which the boats cannot get into the water.

Monroe County has banned ramp use in the Key Largo area. Islamorada banned use of their ramps.

Both bannings permit resident use. No problem because they live in the Keys and will not be bringing the virus with them.

The City of Key West finally moved its ass. Most of the ramps will be closed to non-residents. A joke as you will see.

A significant large ramp will be open. Not 100 percent. However sufficiently to be a danger.

What I am about to share shows how local governmental officials fear Key West business people.

The Garrison Bight City Marina Boat Ramp will be open to locals and GUESTS OF CITY OF KEY WEST HOTELS and CITY OF KEY WEST VACATION RENTALS.

Like opening the door to the enemy. Not a very bright way to fight a virus pandemic.

My heart bleeds for William and Matilda Hackley’s baby. The baby cannot handle Matilda’s milk. Three goats have failed also. Plus one woman who apparently had recently given birth and breast fed the baby on one occasion.

William’s entry for this day 1855: “The baby has been ailing for three days her passages being very green and the Doctor gave her some mercuriated chalk. She was quite heavy all day and I was up with her from 12:30 am to 3 at which time I went for a walk on the beach, the baby was by this time better. Matilda’s milk is not good and that disagrees with the child.”

I am beginning to be concerned whether the baby will survive.

One of the greatest film stars of all time died sunday in Paris. Olivia de Haviland. She was 104. God bless her!

She starred in such films as Gone with the Wind, Robin Hood, To Each His Own, and The Heiress. She won two Academy Awards.

Sweet and lovely on and off the screen.

May she rest in peace.

My night tonight! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Oh, the things I have to talk about!

Join me for a fast moving half hour of raving and ranting. Show begins 9 my time.

Enjoy your day!























  1. Of course Trump won’t disclose how many more of his secret police have been sent to Portland, or how many total there are here, because it’s a secret (and itself probably illegal). I have also noticed that there seems to be a lot of effort going into trying to rebrand the whole operation as not “secret” police, even though everything about it seems to be a secret, including how many of them have brought Covid 19 here to Portland.

      • I totally agree. It isn’t right and it is never going to work. The military is one kind of thing, policing is another altogether different thing. Big mistake.

      • I’m with you, no wars with Americans fighting for Social Justice. It will only cause more problems, not less. The enemy is not these people, it is the people creating social injustice.

      • It is hard for me to see how Trump’s army/police is going to give up and leave Portland, even if there are no more protests. Trump will never let that happen, he’d lose face. After all he’s still hyping hydroxychloroquine, even though it has been discredited. Sh*t, he’s still hyping “No collusion with the Russians and that he never knew Stormy Daniels.

        The best we can possibly hope for is that some of this will die down and nobody gets hurt or dies. Better yet, that Trump, FOX News and his delusional followers stop making up lies and distortions about what’s really going on in Portland to suit their political objectives

      • It is now coming out that many of the protesters in the Minneapolis demonstrations and riots were actually ‘false flag’ known supremacists, because they were arrested and later identified from their criminal records and from participation in other flair-ups, including Charlotte. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true in Seattle and especially in Portland, too. FOX News never even bothers to ask or identify anybody, their agenda is always to label all demonstrators and protesters as un-American leftists.

        What do you bet that the Federal Police disappear from Portland just after election day.

  2. So how is that “war on drugs” going for you? What a useless expensive joke. All users around here can get all they can afford. Legalize all drugs now, end the violence and nonsense. Handle like alcohol.

    • If our government (which nowadays is basically just Trump) would put as much effort into the issue of drug use and other actual problems, as it does with Trump’$ follies, perhaps we can improve things. However it’s not so likely to happen with so many mouthpieces, like Rush Limbaugh, as addicts, I don’t see the will to do anything from Washington.

      Same with guns.

      Drugs, guns and pandemics, like interstate highways, are the province of a federal government. Why aren’t they doing that, instead of meddling where they don’t belong.

  3. Here’s a bit of history meant for Lou because he is something of a historian himself. I offer it in a historical context only, and not as a comment on the situation in Portland.

    Some of the federal police opposing the demonstrators in Portland are from the Federal Protective Service. The FPS is one of those federal agencies that most of us have never heard of. It’s origins date back to 1790 when President George Washington was acquiring buildings to become the location for the seat of the federal government. Six “night watchmen” were hired to protect the designated buildings the government was planning to use. FPS traces its origins to those six night watchmen. In 2002 the agency was transferred to the newly formed DHS.

    Most of us have encountered FPS officers without knowing who they were. If you had entered the Library of Congress, for example, the security person at the door or in the lobby would have been FPS, still guarding government buildings since 1790.

  4. The federal government has the duty and responsibility to protect federal property/buildings from terrorist damage.
    What is happening is domestic terrorism/anarchy.

    • Where is the domestic terrorism/anarchy in say Albuquerque or Chicago and other places with say Democratic mayors? Where is the need for federal protection not on federal property in Portland even?

      Maybe it is the Federal government that is the terrorists, such as in Washington DC across from the White House.

      What if this was really under control and only another photo op by a president misusing his powers for personal reasons, like an election stunt and the protesters were protesting just that.

      What if America was basically a dictator state with the president controlling everything himself, without any say from any part of the government he didn’t control and that protestors in Portland and in other places were protesting just that and you are to stupid to see that?

      What if YOU are the problem and are either to blind or maybe to stupid to recognize what is going on? And wrongly blame the messengers.

      Maybe you need to rethink what is going on and not be so quick with your judgement.

    • Almost all of the ‘problem’ attacks of the Federal Court House in Portland have take place SINCE Trumps Gestapo troops troops have showed up, suggesting their provocations and activities not actually on Federal property are the inciteful causes and proof they have failed in their stated primary goal of protecting that particular Federal property. Although to be honest, nearly 100% of any damage to the Federal property has been on the property outside the building and not to or in the building itself.

      It is true that prior to these Federal Police showing up, there was considerable defacing of the exterior of the building with a lot of litter and other garbage and trash, as well as significant graffiti, just about every inch of the available exterior. Certinally this could be considered defacing that building, but my personal observation is/was that this reminded me of the Berlin Wall, in Germany, a symbol of freedom and protest, only after it became covered with graffiti and I though of Ronald Regan standing outside it yelling “Mr. Trump, take down this wall.”

      There were stories about how there was actually a small fire inside the building when an “incendiary device” (firecracker?) went through the front door on July 3rd. However there was no credible reporting on this, that I could find, usually just 2nd hand, un sourced, references from far away places (Tampa, etc), apart from the huge uproar from FOX News and it’s many affiliates and Trump’s minions. Their outrage was substantial and itself incendiary with very misleading descriptions and references, even some dubious eye witness references, that would leave the irresponsible, naive or corrupt observer convinced the building was destroyed or at lease severely damaged. Not so.

      Folks, this has been severely overblown and inaccurate, for the sole purpose of political gain and election theatrics. Sure the building looks terrible, up close and now, since the Federalies have shown up, that whole area like the protest zone it really became, but it is not what you have been led to believe but the FOX News/White House propaganda machine. It’s going to take some effort to get cleaned up and operational again, but it’s not like the Alfred P. Murrah, Federal Building in Oklamona City that ANY federal army failed to protect, then or since, when that nut job and ‘Boogaloo’ type Timothy McVey blue up.

      The problem in Portland cannot be without it’s due criticism, but is no where near the disaster that was the bombing in Oklahoma City. It is a lot more like the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin or the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914. This incident is NOT worth ending democracy for.

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