Whack as a sex term. Like in masturbation and virtual sex. An activity available to both sexes.

Canada’s disease control center is known as the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. Similar to the U.S.’s CDC.

The Centre’s website has an entire section dedicated to sex education during the virus pandemic.

In addition to masturbation and virtual sex, the Centre suggests a third activity. Glory holes. Identified as a “safe technique” to minimize virus spreading during sex.

Imagine, a saturday night date at an adult book store. Two booths used. One for the male, the other for the female. Fun all night! With non stopping porn flicks for watching in each booth while playing.

Canadians not too happy with the sexual recommendations. Consider the suggestions wild: “You put Canada on the world stage, front and center, with your ‘nut-ball’ agenda (no pun intended).”

Tripped upon three interesting comments yesterday. Food for thought ones which I share with you.

“When the rich rob the poor, it’s called BUSINESS. When the the poor fight back, it’s called VIOLENCE.”

“I can’t be anything to anyone if I am nothing to myself.”

“The tree that would grow to Heaven must send its roots to Hell.”

The protest/government confrontations have only just begun. Violence has begun knocking on the door. It was inevitable. You hit hit me, throw tear gas at me, sweep me off the street into dark cars, etc. and retaliation is to be expected.

First with the protesters shooting back. Then actual shooting between Trump’s special military and the protesters. War!

Trump makes me laugh. For 4 years he has been telling us that if someone hits him, he hits back. Well, his people have been hitting the protesters. Time for retaliation at hand. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Physical problems in two cities in recent days.

Austin saturdy night one of the places

A protester was “carrying a rifle” down a street and blocking traffic. A driver of a car claims the protester approached his car with the rifle aimed.

The driver was armed also. He shot the protester.

The other place Aurora.

Protesters marching on a highway. A car was intentionally driven through the protesters.

Protesters ran after the car. “Pops” were heard. Protesters shooting at the car. The car and its driver not hit. However, one of the protesters was.

The Jews and Germans who continue seeking out World War II persons who caused significant injury and deaths to Jews are to be commended. It has been 75 years since the war ended.

Bruno Dey was convicted this past week of being an accessory in the murder of 5,230 Jews. Dey was 17 at the time. He was an SS guard at the Nazi concentration camp Stutthof.

He is now 93 years old.

Dey was found guilty.

He is a bit lucky.

First, he lived 75 years without being caught and punished.

Second, because he was 17 at the time, he was tried as a minor. He has yet to be sentenced. His sentence will not be anywhere what it would have been had he been an adult. He may be out of jail before he dies.

Coronavirus keeps marching ahead. Never faltering. Reminds me of Onward Christian Soldiers. Though the righteousness of each diametrically opposed.

Florida keeps moving. Spiraling ever upward.

Sunday’s media reports saturday’s numbers of new cases 9,344. A significant number of new cases from the day before.

Deaths through saturday 5,972.

Thank you President Trump and Governor DeSantis. Thank you also the Floridians that have been too stupi/smart to follow the basic rules which limit the virus’ spread.

Floridians seem to listen to no one. They must think they are special and that God is on there side. They’re not going to get sick! Only to learn too late they, their families, and friends are susceptible to the virus.

Enjoy your day!




31 comments on “THE WORLD IS A WHACK PLACE

  1. Trump may have inadvertently reached one of his stated campaign promises, without even trying.

    Immigrants are no longer coming to America for the purpose of getting a better life. Most now feel that America is not better anymore.

  2. So Trump starts an unnecessary war in Portland with secret police. After two weeks of increasing confrontations, he finds he’s not winning this war, it is just getting evermore out of hand, so now he decides he needs to move in more soldiers.

    I guess he doesn’t realize how bad it looks for him to have American cities occupied by American military. Like Venezuela, Hong Kong, Baghdad, Kabul and other sh*t holes.

    Let’s not forget this is happening, pretty much a first for America, under Donald Trump’s watch.

  3. Just think of all the folks in Florida who look up to Williams was allowed an excused absence from the NBA’s quarantine camp in Orlando’s Disney World resort to attend his father’s funeral. Despite being allowed to leave the NBA’s “bubble,” Williams was supposed to attend the funeral but still maintain his coronavirus quarantine rules as best as possible during the visit back home. up to this star. Follow his good example.

    • Just thinking if anyone anywhere thinks Sandy Feet has any idea what he’s talking about, or for that matter anything he talks about even matters? He has spewed horrible hatred for so long, who on earth would listen to ANYTHING he ever posts.

  4. There’s a movement afoot here in Chicago organizing a “Wall of Mom’s” for when the Trump Federal Police Troops show up. This sh*t’s going national!

  5. I have now completely changed my position on the presence of federal officers in US cities to protect federal buildings and property. Fourteen officers were injured in Portland last night. Three may be permanently blinded by lasers. Police declared riots in both Portland and Seattle last night. In Seattle 21 police officers sustained injuries after being struck by bricks, rocks mortars and other explosives. A demonstrator was shot to death in Austin, although not by police. Armed militia in Louisville are marching in defiance of the police.

    Enough already. If the protesters in Portland are willing to employ deadly force against other Americans in order to destroy a federal courthouse, then let
    them have it. The same goes for the other cities whose elected officials cannot or will not oppose the violence brought by so-called protesters. Open the streets to the mobs, unlock the doors to federal buildings, don’t stand in the way of the vandalism, profane graffiti, destruction of private property and arson. Bring in city trucks and bulldozers to clean up the mess.

    Let them have it all, without further injuries and deaths. Let them rejoice in their success. This has become the new method for bringing about change. Welcome to the new normal.

    • I’m glad your changing your mind, but it doesn’t sound like it’s anything different from what you’ve said before. Same old dribble. I feel sorry for these heavily armed, tactically trained, expertly led, fully supplied, so called professional soldiers, getting their arses kicked by local private, citizens in a war they picked and provoked against a crowd of amateur students and local mothers and moms, who have no training and no leadership and no back up and only weapons supplied by the NRA for use specifically in these kinds of textbook Second amendment situations.

      Get a life “No One” and stop sounding like YOU’VE been wronged by the ‘system.’

      • Would you be surprised to learn that many, if not most, of the federal officers deployed in Portland are US military veterans? They served their combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and were readily hired as federal officers by the US Marshals, Border Patrol, ICE, DEA, BATF and others. They had already experienced combat (real combat) and required little training in their new roles. They aren’t stormtroopers or gestapo or secret police.They may live on your street with spouses, children pets, crabgrsss and mortgages. Most are trained to use modern military weapons that could stop any Portland sized riot in seconds. And i’m sure they are frustrated by the limits placed on them as they hold their line against, rocks, bricks. Incendiaries, lasers and steel ball bearings from slingshots, all hurled by inexperienced street thugs who would be terrified to find themselves in a real war zone.

        The Portland “protesters” can mock these federal officers at their peril. That is why I am saying they should be withdrawn. If Trump decides to unleash them, a hellish rain of violence will descend upon the rioters. Withdraw the federal officers now. Let the rioters win if that’s what it takes to save them from the feds finishing what the mobs started eight weeks ago.

        • You make a good argument for why we lost the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s also maybe an insight as to why the border is still, after all of Trump’s talk, so porous.

          Touting our military and especially their achievements may not be the smart thing to do, nowadays, it doesn’t seen to have been very effective, not considering technological weapons (like drones). The vets in my neighborhood, many with PTSD, the others screwed up in other ways, all seem to hate the military.

          And trying to make it sound like these rag tag protesters (actually real patriots rebelling against a tyrannical and repressive government – 2nd amendment issues?) is farcical and ignorant. on the face of it alone.

          And this “hellish rain of violence will descend on them,” is the same nonsensical promise that was given “if they show up” before they “showed up.”

          This is THE American Military, YOU wish to murder American citizens. Maybe these secret Police don’t really want to do that to their brothers and sisters. Only YOU and your sick friends REALLY want to do that to people YOU disagree with.

          You are one of those all too many so called Americans that root for those who protest repressive governments (who by definition are those governments that turn their own military on their own citizens) elsewhere in the world, unless that is happening here at home in AMERICA. Shame on you.

          • Well, that was a very nice diatribe against the American military, which I have heard many times before. I believe the first time was in the Haight-Ashbury district early in the Vietnam war. And, inevitably, it ends with a personal attack in which I am accused of somehow wishing that our military will murder American citizens. If there was a train of rational thought in what you said, I couldn’t follow it.

            Actually, my comment was not about the active duty military at all. I believe we were discussing the federal officers defending federal property in Portland. Yes, many of them are vets, and I’m sure they wish they were authorized to operate like a military unit. Instead, they are part of a political quagmire, functioning only as police officers with mere batons as weapons. No use of firearms allowed. No support vehicles, no Bradley’s, not even a Humvee.

            So I say pull them out before people die. Let the protesters win. Doesn’t that put me in agreement with you? How I might regard the worthiness of the federal officers as compared to the demonstrators is my own opinion and should not concern you.

            On Saturday night an American flag was burned on a Portland street in front of the courthouse while the protesters cheered. That tells me all I need to know about them.

            • Trying to paint Trump’s secret army of Stormtroopers as the underdog, in this over the top azzault on legal protesters everywhere, is just plain despicable, dishonest and stupid. But more than anything it clearly shows how easy it is to enlist dim people, who cannot or will not think for themselves and cannot see how stupid that argument makes you look. Trump can’t say that himself, nor can his advisers or generals. So he gets his minions to do it for him and they’re too stupid not to do it.

              And before you start crying, no, stupid is the appropriate term in this instance. Look it up in the dictionary, I think you’ll see the shoe fits.

              If you don’t like being called stupid, stop doing stupid things.

              And stop clutching your pearls, snowflake !

              • Huh. This discussion started with what is happening in Portland. Now it is entirely About what you think of me. Once again I see that we have a problem with train of thought. Maybe another time we can discuss an issue completely without veering off into a personal attack.

                Have a nice day.

                • You’re arguing with the moderator of Lou’s site. She will continue to attack you with name calling until you stop posting.

                  Ignore her.

            • So you say: “How I might regard the worthiness of the federal officers as compared to the demonstrators is my own opinion and should not concern you.”

              I say: please explain why you think you can come on Lou’s blog, say what you want and then proclaim (quote above) that you are above any criticism and that none of us can comment? What kind of arrogance is that? Why would anyone take you seriously about anything if you feel that everything and anything you say is final? Get your own blog.

              • I have opinions.
                Everyone who posts on Lou’s blog has opinions.
                Readers are allowed to post their opinions on blogs, as you just did.
                I can’t prevent you from posting on a blog, not would I want to.
                That’s how blogs work.
                What am I missing?

                • You are ‘missing’ where you said “How I might regard the worthiness of the federal officers as compared to the demonstrators is my own opinion and should not concern you.”

                  No one is saying that you don’t have opinions
                  or that Everyone who posts on Lou’s blog doesn’t have opinions.
                  and yes, Readers are allowed to post their opinions on blogs, as you had.
                  and no you can’t prevent me from posting on a blog, but you specifically said I can’t be concerned with any opinions you have.
                  That’s NOT how blogs work.

                  What are you missing? The fact that you said that none of your opinions are my concerns, essential lying saying that I cannot criticize or comment on them. Why do I have to explain my post to you? Are you dense or just too arrogant to know what you say.

                  Maybe if you get your own blog, we’ll all come there where you can set the rules. Otherwise I for one will answer your manipulative garbage as I see fit.

                • No one has been saying that you can not have your own opinions, nor that you can not post your own opinions on Lous blog, so you should not be accusing anyone of doing so or having done so.

                  You should not be telling people they can’t criticize your opinions.

                  But you can not have your ‘own’ facts without being personally called out and your posts today seem to have a lot of your own facts.

        • OMG – Slingshots????

          Are you actually trying to make the argument that Trumps police, are exmilitary in complete personal armor, with full helmets and shields etc., etc., are at some sort of disadvantage because protestors are using slingshots. GET REAL, you got to be some sort of provocateur or just a dupe.

          Do you not see the folly of your statements, ever hear of David and Goliath? THINK before you post your stuff and stop wasting our time.

          • This is not your kiddy slingshot. They are specially made to be used as weapons. Deer hunters use them. A large steel ball bearing fired from one of these heavy duty slingshots strikes with the impact of a rifle bullet. Find an opportunity to observe one sometime. I guarantee you will be impressed.

            • Oh, come on…

              No Deer I’ve ever seen is wearing bullet proof vests.

              Besides the issue isn’t specifically about the slingshots, that was only an example. The issue is that it is arsine to try and make it about how Trump’s goons are the underdogs and that the protesters are the problem.

              Why do you ALWAYS try and deflect and spin the issue with typical tangential political tactics, often lies, than argue the point. You must have been a Political Science major.

              You are wasting our time

              • In my First post in yesterday’s blog at 7:50 p.m. I stated that the federal officers in Portland should be pulled out to avoid further injuries or deaths. Yes, I was cynical about it, but my basic statement remains. In my opinion:


                That is my opinion. Find fault with it if my opinion is so important to you.

                • I agree with you, if that matters at all and for the reasons you give, however that was not the post you made, or at least not the entire post. The way your entire post was written, I felt the part you list here and now was gratitous, at best.

                  The Portland mess has gotten out of hand since Trump’s army went in and from all the best information I have seen suggests tjey went in for all the same reasons his army did the march on St. Johns church in Washington, DC – a reelection stunt. Then and later in Portland, the army that went is was highly secret and in just about every way.

                  We don’t need either, especially with the real problems the George Floyd has created. Portland was NOT the big deal FOX and Trump was making of it, although like all protests, was hardly a sing a long. Trumps goons made it violent in a worse way. Get those goons out and the protest will subside into something reasonable and just. All’s Trump wants is a photo op he can call his moment of glory, I fear will cost lives.

  6. On June 9, 2020, Dr. Charles Lieber, the former chair of Harvard’s department of chemistry and chemical biology, “was indicted by a federal grand jury … on charges that he lied to U.S. officials about his ties to a Chinese-run program aimed at furthering the communist superpower’s scientific and technological development.”

    NO the RED CHINES do not interfere with colleges.
    Ask Joe Biden son to help us out. He sits on the national bank of chine board!!!

    • BTW, Joe Biden’s son does not sit on the board of the National Bank of Chine (or China) !!!

      You need to update your list of false information.

  7. Joe had 8 years along with Oboma to help. What did they do to stop the fentanyl from RED china–nothing !
    Eight killed on Sunday in NY.
    A BLACK Trump supporter was killed by an Antifa member
    A Black Trump supporter was stabbed by an other Antifa member.
    No a Word in the left news papers!
    No word on the 10 month old child kill in Chicago.
    NOT A WORD as to who shot this child.

  8. In 2015 and 2016, Republican candidate Donald Trump, now the impeached president of the United State, colluded with the Russian Government to help him cheat his way through the elections and become President of the United States. This fact goes unmentioned in any of sandy’s ‘news’ posts

    Unlike Trump, Dr. Charles Lieber, has not been tried or convicted of his alleged crimes.’sandy’ on the other hand, wishes to smear his name on the national stage by posting unfairly on Lou’s Blog, missing another opportunity to use this space to mock and condemn Lou and wish him some horrible death. death. BTW sandy, Dr. Leiber was actually arrested and arraigned on 28 Jan 2020. Please try and at least get your facts straight.

    Sandy is not a nice person.

  9. Michael Steele’s (former RNC chairman) advice for Protestors, on how to neutralize Trump’s private army, is SO spot on and logical and non lethal to the Gestapo either, bless their fragile and inept little hearts.

    • Well, you can always go someplace else, where you won’t be wasting so much of your time and where your witty and insightful comments might be better appreciated. Freedom to do so is still available, at least for a little while longer.

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