Portland continues to be front page news. Every night without fail. Ken Cuccinelli is the person who carries out Trump’s plan of action for the city.

Cuccinelli is Acting Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security. Actually, he runs Homeland Security. He had problems with Senate approval of his appointment and a federal court decision as to what his title and power were. As a result, Cuccinelli’s status is Acting Deputy Secretary. Do not be fooled however, he is actually running Homeland Security.

Portland’s picture becomes worse with each succeeding day. Much has to do with Trump’s thinking. Cuccinelli however is a loyal soldier and dances to the Presidents tune. He is somewhat like Florida’s Governor DeSantis in that regard.

Cuccinelli’s background reflects a far right thinker. He is against same sex marriage, rejects scientific consensus on climate change, as Virginia’s Attorney General he investigated scientists who supported climate change for fraud, an immigration hardliner, anti-birthright citizenship, believes employees in the work place should speak English, and believes the only sex education to be taught should be abstinence.

Two examples that Cuccinelli’s thinking is on the twisted side.

One of the grounds upon which he justifies the federal Portland invasion are the shields and gas masks used by protesters. He describes them as “weapons.” Cuccinelli said, “Here is a shield and a couple of gas masks from a rioter arrested in Portland…..preparations for violence. Peaceful protesters? I don’t think so.”

Another, Democrat’s use of “Nazi” and “Stormtrooper” may be libelous.

I wrote as part of a blog a couple of weeks ago that the judiciary needed updating. Cases had to move faster, decisions rendered quickly, technicalities overlooked in the search for justice.

My thoughts based on one of the first rules taught in law school: Justice delayed is justice denied.

Oregon recently brought suit in federal court to limit the actions of federal agents and to get them out of Portland. The Judge decided against the State (in effect the people) on a technicality.

Brought to mind another basic rule of law taught early in law school: For every wrong, there is a right.

Wrongs perpetrated on the protesters multitudinous. Protester rights should be multitudinous. Basic Constitutional rights are being violated by the minute.

Somewhere, somehow, there has to be justice.

Our government is trending aristocratic. Judges should recall the Nuremberg trials where judges were on trial.  Their excuse was they were enforcing the law. Most were found guilty.

Our judges have yet to step over the line. However they seem to be pushing it.

Trump’s says he is considering sending in 60,000 more federal whatevers to cities he believes need assistance in quelling criminal activity. He mentioned Milwaukee in 3 weeks. In between, Chicago, Albuquerque, Detroit, and Cleveland.

All part of Trump’s new law and order program. To curb violence. A violence not the federal government’s responsibility to cure.

I do not believe the law and order kick will help get Trump reelected. If anything, it will contribute to his defeat.

A coronavirus update next.

Florida is in deep shit trouble as far as the virus is concerned. Governor DeSantis the blame. He has sucked up to Trump at every turn.

Florida numbers recently passed those of New York State. Florida entirely covered with the virus. The numbers swiftly moving up every day.

Florida consistently makes stupid moves. Those which contribute to the virus continuing in an upward trend. The most recent involves Florida’s top business regulator. It was announced this past week he is looking for ways to open bars safely. He has been scheduling meetings with bar owners.

There is no safe way at the moment. The pandemic has overwhelmed Florida.

Florida’s problem is its Governor who wants to reopen the economy. Similar to Trump’s way of thinking.

Coronavirus is never going to go away unless we go back to a hard line. As I continue saying, life is more important than money.

Note that DeSantis is also big on reopening the schools. Another birds of a feather thing between Trump and DeSantis.

As of Friday, Florida has 402, 312 confirmed coronavirus cases. Deaths, 5,653.

The Keys have begun to take a beating. Eighty four new cases reported Friday alone.

The check points were a savior for the Keys. Prevented non-residents from traveling down U.S. 1 to anywhere in the Keys. Kept Key West safe. The checkpoint went up 3/19. Came down 6/1.

In roughly 10 weeks, only 109 new cases.

Since then, the numbers have spiraled. Especially for Key West. Everyone wants to drive down from the mainland to party.

The checkpoints/barricades must be brought back. DeSantis and business owners say no. The rest of the population says yes!

The mini-lobster season Wednesday and Thursday this week. A virus disaster in the making. Mini-lobster season normally attracts to the Keys 50,000 vessels and 80,000 harvesters.

Some ramps in the Key Largo area have been closed by the County Commission. Islamorada closed their tamps on their own.

The Commission failed to close all the ramps. The Governor got involved. None further expected.

By mid-August, the number of new cases will rise dramatically. Especially in Key West.

Most of Key West business people are my friends. I disagree with them on this issue, however.

Coronavirus is never going away if we do not put a STOP to everything that permits it to grow. Most know what to do. Our people are not all in accord, however. The situation is only going to get worse, not better.

Local governments have to play “hard ass” if we are going to defeat the virus. Washington, D.C. played “hard ball” this past week. Mayor Muriel Bowser issued an executive order. Masks must be worn outside the home. Failure to do so will result in an automatic $1,000 fine.

Washington, D.C.’s total cases as of last Wednesday were 11,529.

It has been reported that Fauci and his family have been receiving threats. Considered “serious threats.” They began in March and continue. It is believed the threats are the result of anger by those suffering economic hardship.

The Department of Justice is providing Fauci, his wife and daughters with security.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Certain things we hold to be self evident.

    Trump’s Stormtrooper secret Police have now been in Portland for about two weeks. Things have not been fixed, or even made to be under control. In fact, things ave gotten steadily worse from what had been mostly wound down and under control. That’s the facts and that’s the truth. After these two weeks Trump’s actions have to be considered a failure, there can be no different conclusion.

    Trump should do what George Bush did in Iraq – declare victory and withdraw.

    • I actually agree. The federal officers should be withdrawn. Then what? The “protesters” will almost certainly complete the task they set out to accomplish eight weeks ago, which is to destroy the Hatfield Courthouse and the other three federal buildings in downtown Portland. Mayor Wheeler will be unable or unwilling to save them. Once those buildings are gone the demonstrations are over. The more hard-core and violent “protesters” can head up to Seattle to bring a renewed round of violence there. Residents of Portland can return to “normal” and hope that they can someday restore the good name of their city.

      Both sides can declare victory. Hopefully before people die.

    • Thank you protesters for exposing Trump and his Brown Shirts for what they really are, incompenant, and handing the election to Joe Biden.

  2. Looks to me these protest demonstrations are morphing into anti Trump and anti Government demonstrations rather than BLM demonstrations. Perhaps that’s only to be expected, given Trump’s attitude and overt actions against them. Could be trouble for Trump, if this goes nationwide, in an anti dictator kind of way. He would have been smart to have let the states handle this, like he demanded with the pandemic crisis. The states at least, know what they’re doing and how to actually get things done.

  3. Protesters, please wait until after the election before you do anymore. There will still be injustice when it is over.

    • When Trump’s goons kill some innocent protesters, only Trump supporters will think it was justified. The murders at Kent State changed America’s opinion of Nixon and his government forever. American soldiers killing American college students on their campus, didn’t go down to well and Nixon was doomed. Trump will be blamed for killing any Americans too. Trump supporters know this and want to stop these protesters before they too are blamed for killing Americans in America for the sin of protesting corrupt American leaders. One more example of what dictators do in their own country.

    • Actually it’s really Trump that’s dragging us all down with him. It it wasn’t for Trump, there wouldn’t be any protesting, or any of the other problems facing us today, like the extreme problems of Covid. Blaming protesters is just plain ignorant.

      • Trump has made Portland worse, not better. The protests there had pretty much petered out before he sent in his goons. Since then things have gotten worse. The American people know that, even if the wacko’s insist otherwise, just like insisting that Pizza place in DC was really an underage sex ring, run by Hillary. Real American people aren’t stupid, it’s you wacko’s who’ll believe anything you are told, who are causing all the problems.

      • “……if it wasn’t for Trump, there wouldn’t be any protesting, or any of the other problems facing us today…….”

        OMG. Do you really believe that? We would be a nation without problems? Please pour me some of whatever you’re drinking.

        • That’s not what was said, now was it? Always twisting things aren’t you? Always looking for the worst, always twisting even the most minor thing to obfuscate someone else’s words.

    • Thinking that protesters are dragging down the “rest of us” is the natural consequence of someone who eats too often at Popeyes Chicken restaurants, when you can get a better dinner with a grilled cheese sandwich across the street at the VFW, if you were were only still welcome there.

  4. I thought John Oliver’s take down of Sean Hanity’s dishonest and over the top portrayal of the protests in Portland was brilliant and about time!

  5. I see where right wing infiltrators posing as demonstrators, set the courthouse on fire in Oakland last night, attempting to make it look like BLM protesters were responsible. This is getting to be a ‘thing’ with them, they are NOT nice people.

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