There will be another woman on a national ticket this year. Biden has promised a black woman as his Vice-Presidential running mate. We soon shall know who. By the end of the week perhaps.

There are three other ladies who have run on a national ticket in the past. Geraldine Ferraro as the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate in 1984,  Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate in 2008, and Hillary Clinton for President as a Democrat in 2016.

There have been other female candidates who have run. On minority party lines, however.

One was Victoria Woodhull. She ran for President on the Equal Rights Party ticket in 1872. A time when women did not even have the right to vote. She was a 33 year old social reformer who was also an outspoken advocate of free love. She told reporters it was a sure cure for immorality.

Woohull was flamboyant. Constantly defied convention. Always seeking to break down barriers.

She was a self-proclaimed clairvoyant who performed in carnivals in her youth.

Later in life, she and her sister achieved fame as America’s first and only female stockbrokers. The two also published their own crusading newspaper.

Woodhull was accused of promiscuity when she was a candidate. There were those who said she was little better than a prostitute.

She turned the tables. Her paper accused one of the most famous ministers of the day, Henry Ward Beecher, of practicing sexual infidelity while preaching against it. She knew what she was talking about. She and Beecher had been lovers.

A national scandal erupted. Woodhull was arrested and jailed for pornography. A cartoonist Thomas Nast labeled her “Mrs. Satan.”

Woodhull had only scorn for those that preached against free love openly and practiced it secretly. Throughout the ensuing scandal, Beecher never denied her accusations.

The New York Times in March 1870 referred to Woodhull thusly: “Mrs. Woodhull with an ambition worthy of a female Napoleon, goes for the Presidency.”

An extraordinary woman. She eventually married not the devil, but an English banker.

The scandal during the campaign stirred up much hatred. She fled the U.S. Leaving the tumult behind her, she created a new persona and lived out the second half of her life as a respected member of the British upper class.

Key West has a reputation for being a sexually down and dirty place. Not so! Reputation and fact do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Key West has the reputation because it is home to so many gays. Those who have not lived closely with homosexuals and lesbians are unaware that gays are generally like straights, except for the gay factor. They live together for years, marry, adopt children, go to church, contribute of themselves to the community, etc. Some are not married. Those not, stick to their own local friends when it comes to sex.

They are not sex freaks running around seeking their next conquest.

It is the tourists who come to Key West seeking the crazy sexual behavior that does not exist. Does not exist among locals. Does  exist among tourists. The men have the gentlemen’s clubs and tourist ladies, the tourist ladies the vacationing men. Visitors intimate with each other, not with locals.

The message is perversity is transient.

A perfect example is what occurred last week.

Robert Privette is 49. Visiting from South Carolina. Staying at the Double Tree Hotel.

His room was next to a room occupied by 2 young ladies, 24 and 27. There was an internal door separating the two rooms. Locked on both sides.

Privette heard noise from the adjoining room indicating the ladies had returned from the beach. He slid a camera under the adjoining doors which was hooked up to his cell phone.

One of the ladies had just finished showering and was leaving the bathroom. The other was standing in front of a mirror naked admiring her body.

The one coming out of the bathroom saw the camera and yelled, “What’s that? That’s a fucking camera!”

The police were called. The camera was found in Privette’s room hidden between pillows. Privette confessed. He has been charged with 2 felonies.

A major movie star and his family are opening a restaurant in Key West. The star Mark Wahlburger.

The restaurant will open in late summer. It will be located on the boardwalk of the Historic Key West Seaport. The actual address 700 Front Street.

Casual dining.

The Wahlburger the featured item.

Restaurants are not new to the Wahlburger family. They already have 44 locations in North America and Europe.

Sounds exciting! Hope the food is good!

I have never been in favor of chains opening in Key West. I would rather see Key West remain old, historic, and traditional. It is not a McDonald’s type town. At least not downtown Key West. The chains are ok on the Boulevard period!

However, I am not the one who makes these decisions.

May Johnson’s exciting 1896 Key West life continues.

Her diary for this day reflects she wrote to Ernest. Important! Ernest her “love.” He works in Miami.

May does not let grass grow under her feet. Joe came by. They went to La Brisa.

Joe had a new “codac” with him. He took 5 pictures of May.

I assume the “codac” was the relatively new Kodak camera. Kodak began manufacturing them in 1888.

After some time at La Brisa, Joe took May home. May’s house full of company. Joe stayed a while. Everyone enjoyed tea.

A pleasant friday evening. It was Cocktails at 7. Enjoyed cocktails via Skype with Cathy in Seattle.

Cathy has a pug dog. Lucy. Fifteen years old.

Lucy is blind, deaf and has diabetes. Can still smell, though. Cathy is to be complimented. The dog is her life. She takes exceptionally good care of Lucy.

Enjoy your day!

8 comments on “MRS. SATAN

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about chain or corporate restaurants in Key West, but the Wahlburger family probably should be. Key West has a long history of out of towners (particularly restaurants) falling in love with Key West, thinking it would be perfect for them and their ideas, coming here, opening their joint, then failing and leaving not to long thereafter. There are some exceptions to this, but not that many. Failed chain restaurants could easily fill an entire Key West Lou blog.

  2. You and all the other idiots that want a bitch on the ticket just because they’re black can go suck yourselves as the racist scum you are.

    • Let this one post above, be just one example why people are protesting on our streets across what was once a proud and powerful nation.

  3. The Portland protesters are playing right into Trump’s hands. They are all that his fired up base is talking about these days. They should fold their tents and fade away, having made their point, and quit giving fresh ammo to the President.

    • I think the protesters in Portland should decide for themselves what is best for themselves and not be driven by what the wacko right and their crazy ideas dictate.

      Those on the right believe Fauci invented the Carona Virus and gave it to the Chinese to disperse around the world. I don’t think we should agree with them on that just to make them happy either.

      Perhaps the rest of the country should agree with and stand behind the protesters in Portland until there is justice there. Learn more about why they are protesting (long time abusive police).

    • Real Americans should never stop doing what is right, just because the political and cultural right wing is upset about it. They have no qualms or honesty when it comes to attacks on other Americans they disagree with, regardless of the real truth and when there is no basis in truth they’ll just make things up and rattle on about it, no matter how ridiculous or wacko their story really is. Backing off on the truth, is just what they want, do that and we’ll loose everything, Trump is the proof of that.

  4. Wahlburgers opened two restaurants in Orlando a few years ago, one was downtown in a very busy area and the other in a popular shopping area east of downtown. Both just closed permanently. Couldn’t cut it, maybe due to Covid, but if so why are they opening a new restaurant in Key West during the worst part of the virus in Florida? Kind of baffling.

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