Difference between mail in ballot and absentee ballot? NONE!

Trump during his 5 o’clock follies show yesterday spent considerable time decrying mail in ballots. Their use bad. Lends themselves to all kinds of fraud, time delays, and lawsuits.

Trump added absentee ballots were ok. He himself voted by absentee ballot in 2018.

The man is dumb.

Another item of interest came up in the 5 o’clock follies show. Trump was expounding how terrific the U.S. was doing in attacking coronavirus. Makes me wonder what planet he lives on.

He said Australia’s record was far worse than America’s.

The numbers speak for themselves. Australia has had a total of 16,905 cases. Deaths 196.

U.S. numbers exceed 4.58 million with deaths in excess of 154,000.

Some things I do not understand. The GDP for Q2 came out yesterday. Horrible! Collapsed in 3 months by 39.9 percent.

So believeth Trump and the White House. So believeth the media. Or all the them do not want to share the correct percentage. Why, I cannot figure out.

The true percentage not 39.9 percent. Rather, 9.5 percent. A big difference!

The 39.9 percent figure is an “annualized” one. The 39.9 percent figure is arrived at by multiplying the 9.5  over the period of a year. It multiplies the 9.5 percent by 4. Shows what the percentage would be if the GDP kept plunging.

The 9.5 percent decline bad enough. It represents the largest decline in 70 years.

Portland continues to have its Wall of Moms. Another group has identified themselves: Wall of Veterans.

Another Trump misrepresentation popped up on yesterday’s 5 o’clock follies show. Trump continues to brag the U.S. has all the testing kits needed. In fact, he says we share them with other countries.

Pure bullshit!

I was in the hospital for a kidney test 10 days ago. My doctor told me that I would also be coronavirus tested. The hospital does it to all entering patients.

I never got the test. Did not ask. I was reluctant to have them poking something up my nose. I was experiencing none of the coronavirus symptoms so remained silent.

I asked my doctor when next I saw him why I did not receive the test. His response was the hospital probably did not have any test kits at the moment.

I shake my head in disbelief. Why does Trump keep telling the lie? Except for his die hard followers, we all know the U.S. was and continues to be in short supply of many PPE items because of Trump’s mishandling of the virus. The only person that does not know Trump has screwed up is Trump himself.

Herman Cain died. Age 74. Candidate for the Republican nomination in 2016. A member of Trump’s Cabinet.

He died from coronavirus.

He was a true Trump follower. Refused to wear a mask.

The news reports are knocking Cain for failing to wear the mask. Sort of a see what can happen thing.

Most media have failed to report Cain had an underlying condition which contributed to or accelerated his death. Stage 4 colon cancer.

I did not buy “hurricane food.” Isaias turned. Not a danger to the Keys.

Isaias turned east. Will hit central or northern Florida.

Isaias has graduated. It went from nothing to a tropical storm to a Category 1 in a very short period of time.

Today’s May Johnson diary date for 1896 makes mention of her love live. Her “darling” works in Miami. She went to the Post Office to see if he had written. She had received no letter for 10days.

No letter!

She was irritated.

She questioned whether he was still her darling: “My darling (?)…..” The question mark of significance.

I don’t understand why she is upset. Sounded to me that they had some sort of “arrangement.” May is always partying and dancing at La Brisa with other boys. In fact, she found no letter waiting for her so went to La Brisa to dance with Charlie.

Relationships are strange.

Tonight, Cocktails at 7. My “big evening” once a week. Cathy in Seattle and I Skype and chat for a couple of hours. She enjoys an alcoholic drink or 2. I enjoy her. I continue to be off booze.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Hey Lou, enjoy your time with Cathy, forget about the booze. It would probably only cause you to wonder “who was that on skype.”

  2. Lou, there is a difference between absentee ballots and mail-in ballots. In Florida an absentee ballot must be requested by the voter. You request it and then you get one that is yours, and nobody else can use it.

    A mail-in ballot, like that used in California, Is a ballot mailed out to every registered voter, period. Anyone can fill it out and mail it in. Also, there is nothing to prevent a person or a country from printing and distributing many thousands of ballots In an effort to disrupt an election.

    The difference is important because, unfortunately, there are voting precincts all over the country where there are more registered voters than people living there. I support absentee ballots, but not mail-in.

    • You don’t know what your even talking about. In Florida and California (and everywhere else), you have to formally request a mail-in ballot. That formal request requires several vetting steps, not the least of which is proving you are already registered to vote. Further identification (SS# and or valid drivers license number, etc.) This triggers application sent to you by mail that has to be filled out (with ID again and signed) which is then returned. If all of this clears, you are then sent a ballot, but NOT until October, which will then again require several bits of ID and need be signed. You then have to mail it in time to be received. Everything HAS to match. It’s an involved and secure system at least (probably more so) than your drivers license, vehicle registration, Property taxes, Federal and State Income and many other time again proven on line or mail in processes.

      Don’t be going around with your Right Wing scare tactics and conspiracy theories. The biggest threat to this way of voting is Trump’s personal overt attempts of trying to scare people and also his overt tactic of slowing up the post office mail system to suppress everything. If everybody votes Trump knows he’s in trouble.

      • Official notice to the public from Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State:

        “On May 8, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-64-20, which, among other things, orders that a vote-by-mail ballot be mailed to each voter prior to the November 3, 2020 election, in addition to offering in-person voting locations.“

        My comment:

        The ma$$ mailing to California voters is obviously not the same as Florida’s individual ballot request process. The California ballots will be mailed to the voter’s last known address without any determination as to whether the voter still lives there, is incapacitated, in a nursing home, or dead.

        At least in Florida the ballot request has to come from a known voter, currently living, with a current and valid address.

        • So, You’ve changed your tune on the lie about Florida, without any apology for overtly attempting to be wrong for a reason.

          We’ll wait for your California reversal when you discover that too. OK?

          You don’t you just STFU about things you don’t know about or just want to start a fight and then weasel out of responsibility when caught lying?

      • Actually “phony Jefferson” was mouthing Stev*n Miller’s, the White House adviser, totally discredited diarrhea from this morning.

        Quite remarkable that ANYONE would repeat that garbage, especially on Lou’s blog. But then again why would ANYONE believe anything this “Thomas J.” posts anyhow, considering the stuff he’s been posting in the past.

  3. I think you might be wrong about that Thomas (who ever that is), like just about everything you’ve posted about. Get your fact’s straight.

    • Fearmongering, misleading and wrong. Straight up FOX Bull Sh*t. Do you get paid for this crap Thomas J. or are you just willfully ignorant?

    • From CBS News, not FOX News:
      “California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill Thursday to require county officials to mail a ballot to every registered voter for the November election, cementing into law the Democratic governor’s earlier order to mail out ballots statewide in response to the coronavirus outbreak.”

      • Your devil in the details, the least of which has to do with the words “registered voter” considerably different than the implications of your scare tactic “hair on fire” predictions.

        Stick to sh*t you know, not the nonsense you want other’s to believe.

        and while you are at it, peddle it some place else, we’re wise to your chosen behaviora cancer

    • This isn’t very complicated, folks. And you can easily check it out for yourselves.

      If you are a registered California voter, a ballot for the general election in November will be mailed to you. You don’t have to request it.

      If you are a registered Florida voter, a ballot for the general election in November will be mailed to you. But only if you request it in advance.

      • Yes, true, NOTHING suggesting that either of these open the door to ANY bad guys able to flood the system with illegal votes, as you originally wanted people to believe.

        YOU are a domestic terrorist attempting to scare Lou’s readers with false and misleading information.

      • A ma$$ mailing of ballots to the last known addresses of every registered voter in California does in fact open the door to ballots being returned by persons who should not have possession of those ballots. Is this not true? Is it your belief that no one in California would return a ballot not meant for them? Really?

        I am surprised that so many on this blog find this upsetting. California voters are heavily democratic. Ballots returned by non-eligible voters would likely be votes for democrat candidates, not republican. So why the hand-wringing and name-calling over a voter issue that favors liberals? Is it because Californians suddenly want conservatives to be better represented? Nah. I don’t think so.

        • Tomas, you are trying to force your political fantasies based on azzumptions not based on facts or reality, only in wild theories and without consideration for safeguards and cross checks. Wild guesses with the intention of seeding fear.

          You need to get a grip and stop pushing wacko right wing conspiracy theories widely debunked. You also need to stop changing your story with each post.

          You need to get a grip

  4. The biggest difference between Russia, China and other dictatorships and America seems to be that in those communist and other dictatorships the government spreads the lies about elections. In America it’s the people who spread the lies.

  5. It is now being reported, that in a closed-door House briefing, U.S. intelligence community top official Bill Evanina and other senior intelligence officials “dismissed the possibility of foreign powers being able to interfere on a mazz scale to produce and send fake ballots to voters and election authorities.”

    Apparently the only people that can truly interfere in vote by mail all have ties to Trump and something to do with the Post Office itself. Trump recently, 6 May, appointed a top political donor as the new Postmaster General. Now the post office stinks of Trump swamp.

  6. Hey, I’m actually excited about this vote by mail. It will save me a whole lot of time on election day because I won’t have to spend all day driving from polling place to polling place duplicate voting in various places in my state, which is how I make my living. With this voting by mail i can print up a bunch of ballots at Kinos and just mail them in beforehand and have that day not count against my work release allotment from the county detention center where I do my time. As a young black, muslim female, with a rap sheet, this multiple voting in different polling places is getting to be a chore and being able to cheat by just printing and mailing a bunch of ballots is going to improve my free time for scoring drugs so much better.

  7. Saw this on the “Patriots for American Elections” website – “Attention Republicans: If you are at all concerned about ‘mail-in voting’ being a fraud, please don’t support it or use it. If you live in California or anywhere else and receive a ballot by mail, destroy it immediately so that it not fall into the hands of those who wish to nullify your vote and subvert the election. We urge all true Republicans to vote this November IN PERSON at their most convent or preferred location. We need to show solidarity on this issue. Face masks will NOT be required at any poling place in America, so that is also your choice. Do not let anyone intimidate you in any way, this is important.”

    • Republicans or Democrats, doesn’t matter. If you prefer to vote in person, go do it. And if you are not going to use your California mail-in ballot, tear it up. No big deal.

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