Yesterday’s blog was titled “I Am The Face Of Anarchy.” Referred to Allison the Portland grandmother of who was standing with other moms and grandmoms between Trump’s gestapo and protesters. Attempting to protect the mostly young protesters from baton beatings, tear gas, abduction, and whatever from Trump’s secret warriors.

Twenty four hours later and I am still with the Portland moms and grandmoms. Because of what the past 24 hours have wrought.

Portland’s moms have been labeled as a Wall of Moms. Properly so. They stand arms locked, yellow T-shirted, wearing bike helmets, improvised goggles, chanting “Don’t shoot your mother!” Hundreds have shown up each night this past week. They are concerned for the young protesters who are getting the hell knocked out of them.

The mothers and grandmothers were afforded no special treatment. Trump’s special military attacked them viciously. The women absorbed baton blows and tear gas while standing with their arms up and chanting as the thugs approached “Hands up, please don’t shoot me.” Their voices not heard.

One witness said, “Jesus feds just came directly for the Portland moms using batons and tear gas while carrying assault rifles.”

Rolling Stone magazine ran an article appropriately titled: “From the Administration That brought You Kids-In Cages, It’s Tear-Gassed-Moms.”

Makes me wonder if Trump had any respect for his mother.

Portland’s Mayor is Ted Wheeler.He has been on TV several times this week. Appears quiet, soft spoken and concerned.

He was addressing the moms/grandmas group on the street. Peaceful. Merely talking to them about the constitutionality of what was happening and their courage to stand their ground and take the abuse being heaped upon them.

The gestapo group tear gassed him as he was talking.

Confrontation leads to acceleration leads to violence. Violence a nice way of saying “war.” Opposite sides actually fighting. The way things have been moving in Portland and the way way I believe they will move in Chicago this weekend, actual shooting could occur.

On one side local police and national guard. It is said politics makes for strange bedfellows. War, also. Think back over the years and various wars the U.S. has been involved in. Many times with those initially considered enemies.

The opposition Trump’s goons. Trump will throw everything into the fight. I believe he will come up short if he attempts to use the U.S. military. Definitely not their headache. I believe they will not respond.

Did you ever think you would see Americans shooting Americans? Unbelievable! Only a Donald Trump could have brought us to this point.

Chicago will not be Seattle or Portland. A much larger community. Most tough as nails. Demonstrations will quickly result in violence.

The weekend ahead brings to mind Frank Sinatra singing My Kind of Town: “This is my kind of town, Chicago is / My kind of town, Chicago is / My kind of people too / People who will smile at you / …..Chicago is / One town that won’t let you down / It’s my kind of town.”

How did we get here?

Protesters in the streets of major cities, Trump’s gestapo challenging them, Trump closing the Chinese consulate in Houston, the Chinese burning papers inside and in the yard of the consulate, the coronavirus pandemic so much out of control within our borders, Trump more concerned with Confederate statues and Confederate named military bases than the virus itself, our friends of yesterday not today, our enemies of yesterday today’s non-dependable friends.

Trump sticks out as the reason why.

There is another to be considered, however. The American people themselves. Several generations of Americans seem to have been raised as spoiled kid or developed into spoiled persons. They have forgotten or unaware of their earlier generations who understood people had to work for what they wanted. Nothing was for nothing. They also forgot not to listen to crackpots. Listen and then make “your” judgment. Don’t be side tracked by a rabble rouser.

My point, we as a people are screwed up to an extent and bear some of the responsibility. For example, we elected Trump! We believed in him! He was going to change things for the better! Is what we have now better?

Lets stay with China for a moment.

China is a proud country. A tough foe. Trump has not handled them properly. He is bringing us to the brink of war with China.

China today is as Japan was in 1941. The Japanese were fed up with FDR pushing them around. You know what happened. It could happen again, except this time China the foe.

Trump leaves me totally confused when it comes to testing. He is in the stratosphere with the numbers of people he claims have been tested.

Testing alone not enough. Test results must be obtained.

The U.S. is testing more. Proof are the laboratories that are so overloaded they cannot test that sent to them on a timely basis. A test result is useless unless delivered quickly. A week or more seems to be the length of time these days. Scientist say result no good by that time.

Willie Geist is a regular on Morning Joe. He mentioned this morning that he and his family were tested. All at the same time. It took 10 days for him to get his result. His wife and children 12 days for theirs.

A waste!

A few days ago on 7/20/20, my blog was titled Holocaust Revisited. The story of the Chinese persecution of Uyghur Muslims. Especially in the area of body organs.

Today, I learned more.

China uses the Uyghur Muslims to produce more than body organs for sale. A significant portion of the fashion industry depends on China’s forced labor of Uyghur Muslims for cotton.

The cotton is produced in the same detention camps where the organ harvests are done. From the detention centers the cotton finds its way into one of five different cotton products worldwide.

Many of the world’s biggest fashion brands and retailers use the cotton. The cotton being used in home furnishings as well as textiles.

Included in the companies are Gap, C & A, Adidas, Muji, Tommy Helfinger, and Calvin Klein.

This week the New York Times reported that the cotton is also being used at this time to make face masks and other PPE items which are sold worldwide.

Those Uyghur Muslims involved with the cotton are still subject to torture for the pleasure of it, forced separations, and for women compulsory sterilization.

China is the largest cotton producer in the world. Eighty four percent of all cotton comes from the Xinjiang region detention camps.

The Chinese forced labor system represents the largest internment of an ethnic and religious minority since World War II. China’s Uyghur Muslims comparable to Germany’s concentration camps where Jews were interned.

Enjoy your day!



22 comments on “DON’T SHOOT YOUR MOTHER

  1. What about the sneakers and clothing the rich, king like, NBA stars were, were are they made and by who. And who stays in that rich chain of hotels the PRC owns and the other chain of hotels some of which are right here in KW.
    Why are they not attacked each night by those who do not like the big corporations?

    • Just more hateful, racist and incomprehensible garbage from this relentless Troll who is challenged to form an understandable sentence every time he tries. But then, his goal isn’t to make any sense, only to irritate and provoke chaos.

  2. Chicago is entirely different than Portland. The protests here are almost completely separate from the crime and violence, neither of which are on Federal Property. The protesters have taken down a Columbus statute (not federal or on federal property) and the crime and violence in certain communities known for drug and turf wars. None of the crime we have here in Chicago is legally helped with National Police.

    If Trump really wants to help with our violence he should do something about the cheap and greatly accessible guns that feed the problem here in Chicago. That he has legal control over, but won’t do anything about. His resources would also be better spent by doing a better job of controlling the drugs feeding the problem, rather than grandstanding with his goons on the ground.

    His efforts here are very likely to create more violence and bloodshed than already exists.

  3. Isn’t tear gas outlawed in war by the Geneva Convention? Why are Federal Police allowed to use it against civilian protesters even on Federal Property?

  4. Lou seems to believe that the protesters in Portland are mostly peaceful, non-violent young people who need to be protected from the police by their mothers and grannies. Here’s an idea. Let’s have Trump’s secret gestapo round up every one of the little brats, issue them a rifle and a helmet, and send them to Afghanistan. Let’s see how well they do without their mommies against the Taliban. They can spray paint the entire country with graffiti, and no one will even notice.

    • Serge Feet describes the perfect police state, based on his biases and prejudices. Typical it seems, of the mind of wackos on the political right. All the while they scream “Constitution” and “Freedom” and anything else that sounds good, even if it doesn’t jive with what they really want. Serge the Troll has FEET for brains and never seems to see his logic for the hate it really is.

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