For Key West, this is that time of the year. Hot! Heavy humidity…..like you would not believe! Close to a ghost town….. too hot for visitors!

September the worst. Every year without fail. The humidity heavier.

Things start cooling down in October. By Fantasy Fest, all is back to normal. Hot without humidity by day, cool by night.

I often think how the weather was this time of the year up north. My home town Utica, N.Y. In the heart of New York State, in the center of the State.

Without fail, the leaves start changing color by August 15. By Labor Day, a significant number of leaves had fallen. So much so that I closed my pool every year religiously the day after Labor Day. Leaves the problem. They screwed up the filter system.

Those up north are already into a bit heavier clothes. The men, for example, long pants. Perhaps a jacket. In Key West, long pants rare. If required, generally in January for 2 weeks. Gets cold enough at that time that even winter jackets are worn.

I prefer the hot. Never enjoyed the cold and snow of winter. I am happy wearing shorts and a sports shirt most of the year.

Hurricanes coming! Hurricane time of the year!

Two moving in as I write.

Dorian. Began hearing of Dorian last week. Mid week. It is presently a tropical storm. By tomorrow may be a category 1 hurricane.

The cone tells us Dorian should miss the keys. It has been edging northward every day. Close of enough for a lot of rain, however.

Later today or early tomorrow, Dorian will pass over Puerto Rico. A state of emergency has already been declared for Puerto Rico.

Elaine. Still no name. Elaine what it will be once it gets stronger as anticipated. Expected to pick up wind and rain later today. Cone reveals Elaine will be no problem for the keys. Elaine is making a dramatic right hand turn up the Atlantic. She is not expected to hit U.S. shores till she reaches New Jersey.

Saturday morning, disaster befell a Key West resident. Fifty two year old Bryhan Thompson.

He was diving the Vandenberg with a partner. Both experienced divers. Both had enjoyed the Vandenberg before.

Bryhan’s partner signaled they needed to surface. Bryhan ignored his partner’s signal. Instead, he entered a lower room in the Vandeberg.

His body was found in the wreck. One Hundred ten feet down. Twenty five feet into the vessel and away from any exit.

His body when found had no diving gear on it, except for a face mask.

A horrible ending.

The U.S./China tariff war is being felt throughout the U.S. lobster industry this year. I wrote recently how bad it was affecting Keys spiny lobsters. Obviously, the situation is far worse nationwide.

U.S. lobster exports can best be described as having “fallen off a cliff.” China is now purchasing lobsters from Canada.

The drop in the U.S. lobster industry itself is dramatic. Killing. Through June last year, 12 million lobsters were exported by the U.S. to China. This year, a mere 2.2 million. An 80 percent drop.

U.S. farmers are totally frustrated with Trump’s China tariff war. Their patience becoming short. It will not take much more for Republicans to lose the farmer vote in 2020.

Farmers are specially upset with Trump’s lies that the farmers are starting to do great again. Far from it. Brian Thalman is President of the Minnesota Farm Growers Association. He said yesterday that he could no longer support Trump as he did in 2016.

The numbers tell the story. In 2014, Minnesota exported $24 billion of farm product. Last year, $9.1 billion.

College football season is upon us. Syracuse opens saturday against Liberty at Liberty. Syracuse an 18 point favorite.

Last year Syracuse was 10-3. Its best season in many many years. An even better season anticipated this year.

I hope it is true!

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Enjoy your day!


  1. I love the lower lobster prices. I can eat more of a HOME grown food, my food, at a lower price. Now let us look for lower pink prices and I will eat more and through the chop sticks away.

    • Frustration! I am responding to JustSaying and hoping everyone reads this. I also intend to add a paragaph t tomorrow’s blog.

      Sloan, WordPress and Go Daddy are supposedly done. The problem appears t have been at Go Daddy’s end. Whatever, I don’t care. As long as everything is working correctly.

      Go Daddy updated me onto another server. I, and now you, have to clean the browsing history. The old address must be gone (though I think it is the same). Simply, clean the browsing history and type in keywestlou.com. Everything should then be fine.

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