Hurricane time!

Dorian scares/bothers me even though Key West is not directly in its path. A holdover from Irma.

Key West is on the left/south edge or just outside of the cone. The cone this morning suggests Dorian is on line for Tampa. Projected to be a category 3 when it hits the Florida Atlantic coast line.

Nothing to screw around with. Must be taken seriously.

I have concern because Dorian is still a few days away. It is not expected to hit till late sunday or monday.

Hurricanes are fickle. A big body of wind. Whether small or huge, wind changes its mind easily and adjusts its direction. Those of you who sail understand.

Since Dorian is still a few days away, anything can happen. I doubt it would come as far south as Key West. Who knows, however.

Puerto Rico was not hit as bad as expected. Fortunately.

Though not anticipated to be a problem for Key West, better prepared than sorry. Which means I have to get ready. Ergo today’s blog will be short. I want to get where I have to go this morning early before the mob arrives. By later today or tomorrow morning, the shelves at Publix will be empty.

I start at the gas station. Fill up. Hope the lines will be short. Should be for Dorian. I will also top the gas tank every day up to and including sunday.

Publix. Food to be purchased might be strange from your perspective. However it is like dressing for a ball. You do as expected.

Water. Will buy lots. Also, peanut butter, jam, crackers, cookies, packaged tuna, bread, soda, desserts not requiring refrigeration, etc.

The purchases required because there will be no electrical power or water.

If sunday it appears Dorian will be visiting Key West, the bathtub will be filed with water. The water required to flush the toilets.

Need some things from Home Depot. Fortunately, I have some lights, etc which I purchased for Irma and never used. Can’t find a few of the Irma purchases however. So a battery for the cell phone and a short wave radio are on the list.

History repeats itself. It was on this day in 2005 that Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. In reviewing Katrina this morning, I was surprised that one article referred to Katrina and New Orleans as an “engineering disaster.” It was.

Blog still screwed up. Grand Daddy assured Sloan yesterday everything ok. Not. I am having problems getting the blogs to publish. I know some of you are still having problems.

My apologies. Nothing I can do however. Hang in there and hopefully soon all will be remedied.

If you are still having problems, write me at Let me know specifically what the problem(s) are.

Enjoy your day!


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