Things are not getting better. Problems everywhere. Most Trump inspired.

Trump announced yesterday while at the G7 meeting China wanted to “make a deal.” He claimed China initiated a call twice to the U.S. trade team saying in effect…..Let’s talk.

President though he may be, I would not believe Trump if he swore on a stack of Bibles. Even if he did so while on his knees on an altar in a church.

Trump was asked if he spoke to Xi personally. He would not say.

A Chinese official denied any knowledge of the phone calls over the weekend.

Tariffs and embargoes are dangerous weapons in a supposedly peaceful world. Countries literally choke each other economically. War a probable result.

A perfect example is the time immediately before Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt was pressuring Japan ferociously. Squeezing the hell out of Japan economically.

Roosevelt wanted Japan to cease its wars of conquest. Japan was not agreeable. Roosevelt thought he had the upper hand. He went to embargoes. Tough ones.

Japan is a series of tiny islands. They have nothing of their own. Everything has to be imported.

Japan imported scrap metal big time. Seventy one percent came from the U.S. Scrap metal exports to Japan ceased like a snap of the fingers. The Panama Canal was closed to Japanese shipping. Ninety three percent of Japan’s copper came from the U.S. Stopped also.

The U.S. froze all Japanese assets within the U.S in July 1941.

On August 1, 1941, the U.S. established an embargo on oil and gasoline exports to Japan. Eighty percent of Japan’s imports came from the U.S.

The last 2 items of extreme importance to Japan if it were to survive.

The U.S. forced Japan into a war. Just as the U.S. may be with China. Roosevelt was wrong in most respects in the way he handled Japan. As Trump is today with China.

Japan gave us Pearl Harbor. What will China give us?

The storm Dorian is growing fast and moving fast. I do not blame Trump for Dorian. God like powers as concerns the weather not one of his attributes. More appropriately stated, not one claimed by him yet.

Dorian is now a tropical storm. Expected to be a hurricane by tuesday. A category 1. Expected to be over Puerto Rico wednesday night.

Or, its intensity could diminish. Meteorologists not certain yet.

The cone indicates Key West could be hit.

My concern is how Trump will treat Puerto Rico if Dorian crushes the island as Michael did. Puerto Ricans are people of color and we know Trump does not care for persons of color. His track record proves the point.

Jean Thornton, where are you? Sounds like a Bum Farto inquiry.

If Dorian is going to hit Key West and some of us decide to escape to your home in Birmingham again, how do we get in? While you and Joe are traveling Europe, we would be left out in the storm. We need to know where you hide the key to your home. Under the mat? A flower pot? Where?

The preceding of course said with tongue in cheek.

Don’t think Trump cannot be elected again! His followers adamant. They believe in him as if he were the second coming of Christ. Don’t budge.

They are blind. They cannot see what is.

I ran into 2 friends who are also adamant Trump supporters last night. Both proved my point.

What concerns me is that both are intelligent successful persons. How they made it, I don’t know. On the other hand, I may be wrong in this whole thing. I give it thought. However come up with the same thing all the time. Trump is a bad guy and is killing the U.S. and rest of the world.

Trump’s desire to help other countries in unusual situations is amazing. He is not consistent.

I refer to his opinions re wildfires.

Brazil is having a problem of inconceivable magnitude. The Amazon forest is burning. Big time. May be totally eradicated.

Note that Brazil’s new President is Trump type in every respect. Autocratic, a nationalist, etc. He and Trump birds of a feather.

Trump wants to help Brazil and has extended whatever the U.S. can do.

On January 9, 2019, California was suffering from what at the time was an uncontrollable wilderness fire. FEMA was providing emergency funding to California to assist in dealing with the fire.

Know it all Trump said he would stop the FEMA funding if California did not begin doing things properly as regards its forest lands. He claimed California’s fire handling was disgraceful. Lacked proper forest management.

What is “proper forest management?”

Finland is a “forest nation.” Trump claimed Finland spent a lot of time preventing wildfires by devoting “a lot of time raking and cleaning and doing things, and they don’t have any problems.”

Rake and clean the Amazon? Tell me how. Even the California forest lands.

I sometimes wonder where Trump comes up with these crazy ideas.

Ah, my internet problems. Last night, Sloan e mailed and said everything ok. Working properly. I wrote and told her not at my end. I could not publish yesterday’s blog. She said it had to be me. No! Definitely. I was doing everything step by step as she instructed. She may have it. John and Kevin getting it. I was not!

This morning, my first e mail was from Sloan. System screwed up again. Not working properly. Go Daddy alone’s fault. She was working with them.

I was not going to do today’s blog. I hate writing if it does not get published. Sloan says do it and lets see. Soon I will know if working from my end.

One of the reasons also that I get upset is the problem means not everything I write is getting to you. A few days ago, I wrote what I thought one of my bettr pieces. SOON…..THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE. Even the title sounds good.

I do not think any of you got it. Let me know. I will republish it when we straighten everything out.

Tonight. Dueling Bartenders at Aqua.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Lou – The Trump phenonium shows how a cult can work even with otherwise healthy people and in the open. It is “an us versus them” phobia.

    Watch the Nexflix series (all of it) called “The Family” it is a fairly well balanced take on how people can be willing to accept ANYTHING if they feel it is somehow going to benefit some greater good.

  2. It appears that some think embargoes are the same as tariffs.

    Proper forest management reduces chances of wild fires.

    • Why do we allow the media to decide for us what is, or is not, a global crisis? I’m referring to the media’s current hysteria over the fires burning in portions of the Amazon (primarily Brazil). Any destruction of rainforest is potentially damaging to the global climate, but it’s hardly at a crisis level this year. In reality the number and intensity of Amazon fires this year is a bit less than the 15 year average for the region. Meanwhile, in sub-Sahara Africa fires are burning across Angola and the Congo that are much more numerous, more intense and more destructive than in the Amazon. Why are fires in South America of such strong media focus, while worse fires in Africa are not? Ask yourself why, and who benefits?

  3. For the same reasons that Donald Trump (president of the United States of America) has the media (as he himself stated) vet his various top level government appointees. That is because the media has the resources to do so, whereas no one else seems to be interested.

    BTW, where did you get your Africa fire information, the same media you are complaining about re: South America?

    • Sources:
      NASA – Earth Observatory website

      NASA- FIRM (Fire Information for Resource Management)

      BLoomberg News (August 23)

      BBC World News (today)

      I could find no U.S. network news sources

  4. I would call Bloomberg News and BBC World News, media. Wouldn’t you? And my guess is that’s what led you to NASA reports. So your personal hand wringing about allowing the media decide for us what is or is not a crisis seems a little hollow if the African fires are actually also being reported. Maybe the African fires are not so important to Americans because we think that Africa is, like Trump says, a sh*t hole place and don’t much care to hear about their problems.

  5. I do have one other source. One that you will certainly find fault with. That would be me. I have been to the Ecuadorian Amazon, visited with Quechua tribal families and travelled on the Amazon River. I know what goes on there. I’ve also been to Africa.

    Do you know what the Amazon basin has, that sub-Saharan Africa does not?
    Lots and lots of oil.
    Follow the media interest
    Follow the money

    • I’m not objecting to your characterization of these fires, but to your mischaracterization (spin?) of the press. If it wasn’t for the media, we wouldn’t know what’s going on anywhere.

      You even say that is your latest reply post “Follow the media interest” undermining what you say in your initial post.

      BTW, you may have the Oil part wrong, although not the gist of your argument “Follow the Money.” It is being reported today in the “MEDIA” that it looks like the Brazil Forest fires are being intentionally set to deforest so that farmers can grow more soybeans so they can sell to China, now that China will no longer buy soybeans from America. Just one more unintended consequence from Trump’s VERY poor stewardship. Not only are we losing the benefits of the Amazon, but the bulk of our soybean production. A twofer from this dunce.

  6. I live in a cave where the media cannot reach me. Okay, not really.

    My objection to most media coverage of the Amazon fires is that the fires are portrayed as something like a raging firestorm sweeping across the continent. It is nothing like that. Much of the burning is clearing of previously burned farmland ahead of the rainy season. Other areas are due to natural causes. And some is deforestation to make room for additional farmland. You are correct that, in addition to oil, farming is of major importance to the region. Brazil is the second largest producer of soybeans, and has been for years (Trump economic policies notwithstanding).

  7. Need to dredge the Amazon so they can get the cruise ships up there. Then they can fight about affordable housing, native trees and too much traffic.

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