Dorian is not going to hit Key West. We may have some wind and flooding. That will be it, however.

I have been in Key West for a number of years. Experienced how Key West reacts. The reaction for Dorian not normal.

Dorian will landfall between Miami and Melbourne. Around Palm Beach. Perhaps right over Mar-a-Lago. It would be terrible if Trump suffered damage to Mar-a-Lago.

People are reacting differently. I am reacting differently. Even though we all know at this point no way will Dorian hit Key West. It is the remnants of Irma. Irma had an affect on all of us. Even those that left town.

I went out yesterday and got ready for Dorian. Bought a few necessities in the event Key West is without power, water or food. Filled the gas tank also.

Went out at 7 this morning to top the gas tank. I went to 4 stations. Yellow plastic bags on the pump handles. The 2 stations that had gas also had lines from both ends of the station like 15 deep in the street. I have 3/4 of a tank so I was not going to sit and wait.

Why could Key West be out of gas? Key West’s gas is trucked in from the mainland. At least 145 miles north. If Miami damage or insufficient gas to fill the trucks that would head to Key West, Key West will be without gas for several days.

Key West is not under mandatory evacuation. Hotels and bars will remain open.

Flooding a good possibility. King Tide time. The tide will be an extra 4 feet high with out Dorian. Heavy rains expected. Key West basically sea level. Streets flood easily. I anticipate some flooding.

Authorities have warned there will be flooding. Also tropical force winds and squalls.

Where ever Dorian hits, it will be a 4 or 5. Either bad! Disasterville! Irma was a 4 at landfall in Cudjoe Key. A mere 16 miles north of Key West. A category 1 at Key West.

Dorian is expected to hit monday night or tuesday.

This morning’s Key West Citizen had a large photo of 2 persons buying water at Winn Dixie. The shelves were 80-90 percent empty. Glad I watered up early yesterday.

There was a second photo. Of a gas station on Northern Boulevard. Cars lined up in the street. A police car sitting in the middle of the station. Tempers can flare when gassing up. I experienced them during Irma.

A good problem we seem to be experiencing in the U.S. is that people are listening to Trump less. Recall his solution for a hurricane that he expressed a couple of days ago. Drop a nuclear bomb in the middle of the hurricane and blow it up. Brilliant!

Further evidence that Key West will be ok is that the lower keys the past few days have become a safe haven and harbor. For visitors, boaters, and even the Coast Guard. There are presently in Key West harbor 12 Coast Guard boats from Miami and St. Petersburg.

Here we are facing a major hurricane. One of the biggest to hit the U.S. Recall the damage the past 2 years with Irma and Michael. Damage not yet corrected. The federal government keeps coming up short. Trump is not spending millions already allocated by Congress.

The reason…..Trump has held on to the funds. Till now.

With knowledge that Dorian is coming, Trump’s administration announced that $271 million of FEMA funds were being transferred to ICE and other accounts responsible for problems at the southern border. Including building Trump’s wall.

Hard to believe. Puerto Rico still has not received sufficient funds for Irma and Michael damage. Florida’s Panhandle and Georgia literally forgotten.

Trump fails again. Never seems to know what he is doing. If he does, he is then the worst of people.

Perhaps the worst news this past week has to do with a special program the U.S. has had for years. Trump has come up with a new way to punish migrant children.

No longer will severely ill undocumented children and their families be permitted to remain in the U.S. for medical care. The sick kids and parents have 33 days to get out of the U.S. or ICE will be knocking on their door.

Note that all of these children will die if the medical attention presently provided ceases.

One case hit me exceptionally hard yesterday. Involved a young boy who requires that 12 hours each day a tube goes into his heart to provide him medication and food. No other way to care for the child. Death the alternative. The Grim Reaper is not McConnell. It is Trump!

The treatment provided is life saving in each instance. Not available in whatever country they came from. Illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, and muscular dystrophy.

Approximately 1,000 requests are made a year by foreign families who want to bring a child to a U.S. hospital that can provide the necessary service to keep their child alive.

Another Trump winner as far as children are concerned. Mumps. Epidemic levels. Children crowded in the detention centers. Mumps easily transferable. Within 3 feet can be passed by coughing or sneezing.

So far 971 mump cases in 57 detention centers in 19 states.

Immunization the key to avoiding mumps. In detention centers, mumps is one of the common vaccinations not offered. Only available by request.

Tell me how a child in a detention center with other kids and no parents knows he should have a mumps vaccination and that he must request it.

Another Trump failure. Effective gun control. Many children killed and will be killed.

Last night in Mobile, Alabama, following a high school football game, 6-10 students were shot. Fifteen to 18 years old. No further details available as to their condition and who the responsible person might be.

A new year, a new day, a new season! Syracuse football. Opens tonight at 6 at Liberty University. Syracuse an 18 point favorite.

I will be home enjoying the game from an easy chair in the living room.

Enjoy your day!.

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