It was August 28, 1963. The place the Lincoln Memorial. Two hundred fifty thousand people standing waiting for Martin Luther King Jr. to speak. Most African-Americans. King’s speech the culmination of March on Washington Day.

King’s words to go down in history. Etched forever in the fabric of the United States. As familiar today almost 50 years later as when first spoken.

“I have a dream…..we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children…..join hands and sing…..Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

Are America’s blacks free today? Have they achieved King’s goal?

Only to an extent. In voting booths and places of employment free at last not yet a total reality. Perhaps in another 20-30 years. At a time when the number of coloreds living in the U.S. will exceed whites.

No question hurricane season has arrived. Two imminent. Dorian and Elaine.

We have been hearing about Dorian for a week. Uncertainty as to its ultimate strength. Landfall somewhere along the Florida coast.

The picture clearer today. At the moment, Dorian is heading towards Puerto Rico. It will hit later today as a category 3. It will run over basically the same area which Michael did.

A state of emergency has been declared. Puerto Rico in trouble again.

After Puerto Rico, the cone becomes wide. Yesterday, Key West was just inside the left edge of the cone. Last night, on the edge. Today, outside the edge. Dorian is moving slightly northwest.

It is anticipated Dorian will it Florida in 1 or 2 days. Could be a 3 when it hits. The warm waters between Puerto Rico and Florida the reason.

The cone this morning had Dorian passing anywhere from Miami to Jacksonville. Such kept Dorian a good 140 miles away from Key West.

Meteorologists are not certain where between Miami and Jacksonville. It could be all or a small spot. Dorian has failed to provide sufficient data at the moment t0 make a certain determination.

Key West and the Kerys dropped out of the cone officially this afternoon. Good news! Bad news is it could drop back in! Dorian is fickle.

Puerto Rico will be clobbered tonight.

What is government/Trump going to do this time? He forgets they are our people, our family, American citizens.

Trump lies about the money Puerto Rico received because of Irma and Michael. From day 1, he has been doing this.

A twitter came out this morning. Trump claims Puerto Rico received $92 billion. Not true! No way close to actual dollars received!

Congress allocated $42 billion. Trump only let go with $14 billion. The rest (roughly $30 billion) remains unaccountable. Probably never will be found. Lost in the Pentagon ‘s monies. Many suggest Trump has used the $32 billion for border wall, detention centers, and other security measures at the border. Whatever.

Some say the $92 billion figure represents the government’s estimate as to how much money would have to be paid Puerto Rico over 20 years for recovery purposes.

I don’t know! All confusing to me. Mumbo-jumbo. Extravagant. No one can give a clear answer. Huge amounts of monies unaccountable and those in charge get away with it. Trump included.

Elaine got left behind. Has made the Atlantic northern twist. Yesterday, Elaine was expected to make landfall in New Jersey. Today, Canada.

Staying with hurricanes for the moment, it is ironic how things happen, cross paths, etc. Sunday is September 1. The beginning of September. Also the beginning of National Preparedness Month. Red Cross sponsored.

Be ready for emergencies like hurricanes.

Last night, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Love doing the show! I was here, there and everywhere. Tried to avoid Trump talk and bring other matters to everyone’s attention. Things we no longer hear about because Trump dominates the news. More than Trump is going on in the outside world.

Jair Bolsonaro is the relatively new elected President of Brazil. He is Donald Trump reincarnated. They are birds of a feather. As Trump wishes to be like all the other bad leaders in the world, Bolsonaro wants to be like Trump. Trump is his hero!

Bolsonaro ran on a platform that he was going to get rid of the Amazon. Would you believe? And the people elected him!

He started chopping trees down immediately. Brazil was to make money selling lumber. The U.S./ China tariff war was going on big time. Bolsonaro started growing soybeans and selling them to China.

Bolsonaro had also said there were minerals under the ground and he wanted them mined.

He cared not for any environmental problems. Did not accept that 20 percent of the world’s oxygen comes from the Amazon forest.

G7 voted $22.2 million a few days ago to go to Brazil to help with the fires. Bolsonaro has refused to accept it. He says he will do what Trump tells him. So far he has been told nothing, or so seems to be the case.

Bolsonaro claims French President Macron insulted him. He claimed at G7 that Bolsonaro was not committed to the environment. Bolsonaro says as soon as Marcon apologizes to him, “we can talk.”

Another nut in a position of power.

Now for the best. What Bolsonaro and whoever is supporting him world wide really want is the gold and oil beneath the Amazon forest.

World affairs are becoming tiring. Used to be fun to follow. Now takes work to do so.

Enjoy your day!



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      • Agreed and Trump’s administration has a loathing for brown people and citizens he feels are not really “us” or worthy to be “us”. That is on display quite often. Is it just his administration with a twisted sense of obligation? Nope, look at NOLA in the wake of one of the worst disasters to strike. Trump just takes it to a higher level.

    • The most significant FEMA fraud, we actually need to be worried about, is when our President (Donald Trump) diverts this (FEMA) disaster recovery funds from what they are intended and allocated to do, to something purely political, like building a wall along the US/Mexican border.+

    • The most significant FEMA fraud, we actually need to be worried about, is when our President (Donald Trump) diverts this (FEMA) disaster recovery funds from what they are intended and allocated to do, to something purely political, like building a wall along the US/Mexican border.

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