So many things happening. Makes me wonder if harbingers of what is to come.

Trump off his rocker. He was bad enough till this month. Then got worse. The month thus farf bad. Last week the worse. The last few days not capable of being described.

At the moment, Trump is in France awaiting the beginning to the G-7 Conference which begins with a working dinner tonight.

Will the 7 nations make it through dinner? Trump has totally aggravated 6 of them. I wonder if all will still be together at the end of the conference. Physically together. Trump may walk out at some time, Or, one or more of the others.

All is not sweetness and light. Not kumbaya.

This week has been especially interesting as regards Biblical/religious titles claimed by Trump or applied to him. “I am the chosen one!” My Maker? “King of Israel.” Maybe that is why he loves Israel so much. “The second coming of God.” Could be if the phrase is applicable to the end of the world. Problem is I was not aware Trump was God in disguise.

King of Israel has met with significant disapproval by American Jews. Justin Jonathan is Director of the Anti-Defamation  League. His words prove the point: “…’s hard to think of something less kosher than telling the Jewish people you’re the King of Israel, and therefore we should have some fidelity to you for that reason.”

Wars being fought all over the world. Where not yet fought, a good chance such soon could be. China for example will not put up with Trump’s bullshit forever.

The Bible is a good reference for what occurred yesterday, is happening today, and will tomorrow. Tomorrow could very well be the end of the world. The Apocalypse/Armageddon. Best represented by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.

A time when one quarter of the population will be killed by a combination of the Four.

Each of the Four Horsemen riding a different colored horse: White, red, black, and pale.

Conquest riding the white horse. A conqueror bent on conquest, ergo the name. The Conqueror had power. His loyal followers engaged in constant war at his bidding.

The second horse the red one. The rider War. War had the power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other.

The black horse ridden by Famine. High food prices leading to famine. “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine.”

The last rider Disease. On a pale horse. The horse named Death, with Hades following close behind.

Apply the Four Horsemen to what is going on in the world today. The prediction they represent is found in the Book of Revelation. Also known as the Revelations of Jesus Christ or The Apocalypse. One step away from the actual end of the world as described in the Bible.

So much for life and death under Donald trump and those following him.

You have not read anything by me for a few days. Two reasons.

The first involves my platform. I use WordPress. Absolutely terrific. Been with them ten years plus. WordPress wrote and said they were making major changes to the platform and it had to be done by September 1.

I was charged. of course. Contacted Sloan and asked her to follow the transfer or whatever it was called.

WordPress said the whole thing would take 24-48 hours. Took 72.

The end result not perfect. What follows is not an adverse reflection on Word Press. I love them! They have done much to improve my blog and get it great exposure.

When I went to do a blog on the updated WordPress, I could not. Could not even get past page 2 of WordPress. Sloan, help! Turned out there were a multitude of problems. A few still out there. sloan coming over this afternoon to work them out.

Someone complained I had a blog or page of old blogs in the blog’s current listing. Yes, I did and still do. Sloan will hopefully resolve the problem. Problem was not there till WordPress did work on the platform.

It amuses me how some are quick to jump on my back if something is out of kilter. God help me when I misspell a word! I read the criticism. I am pleased when someone else comments that Louis will be aware and will fix it.

I am impressed this blog is getting out this morning. Took me an hour before I could get past page 2. I hope it publishes at the appropriate time.

Let me add I did 2 blogs that never even made it to the listing because of the WordPress problem.

Second reason. I fell again. I would describe it as my second worst fall. Did not even try to write the blog the past few days while healing.

When you’re old stupid things happen. I was going to the Post Office at Winn-Dixie. Stubbed my toe on the curb as I lifted my foot. My right knee a mess. Pain and lots of blood. Hurts only a little today. My left elbow to my shoulder big time pain.

Two doctors yesterday. No fractures. You should be better in a week.

Again, why don’t you use a cane? The thought bothers me. It is a concession to old age. No cane the only thing I have left.

However, I understand. I worry about breaking something, especially a hip.

Got a cane yesterday. A used one. Lisa had her father in law’s old one. I am using it. Amazingly, it does help. Not only walking, even getting up out of a chair.

I am internet shopping to get a new one. My good friends Tim and Cindy from Des Moines have been helping with advice. Cindy a cane warrior for years.

There is humor involved in the fall.

I could not get up. Always the problem. Don’t laugh. Two old ladies and two old men got me up. Took a while. None of us were kids!

Good people.

Enjoy your day!







    • Trump is always trolling, his efforts are to constantly keep himself relevant regardless of how insane his antics. If he were just any other bubbling fool we could ignore it or attribute it to bad manners or dementia but he is in OUR service and we can’t. Do we allow a child to tantrum without correcting the poor conduct? Trump is that child.

  1. Sometimes a mention about something you got wrong is appropriate. But you seem to have this guy who delights in correcting you for even the slightest clerical or grammatical error. He has even devoted entire posts to dancing on your grave. You should ignore him, he’s been doing this for a long long time on your blog and not just with you, Lou, but the rest of us too. You know who he is and we know who he is and he ain’t never going to stop. Such a looser.

    • Steve, you obviously have me mixed up with someone else. I am Tom and I was kidding Lou about his WordPress issues, not anything else. Lou and I are good friends and I have never “danced on his grave” or anything else that Lou would consider disrespectful.

  2. Sorry Tom, aszumed Lou was talking more generally about how he (Lou) is regularly spell or grammar checked, or for some other trivial mistake, by what is the same person who does the same thing to those of us who reply to Lou’s posts. Rather than your, or anyone elses comment about the missing blog. Never thought that Lou was upset about your comments, I certainly wasn’t.

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