No question history repeats itself.

Man constantly seeks ways to end war for all time. The most recent example being atomic weapons following World War II.

Never seems to work, however. Man prefers war over peace. Must be. Look at the number of wars through the centuries. Look at the number of wars ongoing at the present time.

I found it amusing when I came across this piece of history involving the crossbow. The primary tool of war in 1146. European leaders got together. They wanted to outlaw war for all time. They banned the use of crossbows.

It is not the type of weapon that controls. It is man’s nature. For some reason, man enjoys killing. As time progresses, in the most diabolical of ways.

Dorian, Dorian, Dorian. We are in trouble!

Projected a category 4. Landfall somewhere between Miami and Melbourne. Landfall was supposed to be monday night. Then tuesday. Now, wednesday.

Big time lightening this morning while still dark. Heavy rain, also. The lightning came through the blinds into the bedroom. Seems Dorian too far away to have been the cause. Beyond my level of knowledge, however.

The rain and lightening were coming off the Atlantic. I live 1 mile from the Atlantic.

Did my thing yesterday at Publix, etc. getting ready. Publix at 9 in the morning was next to deserted. Perhaps I was the only one concerned.

No lines at the gas stations, either.

No one even talking about Dorian.

Better safe than sorry. Dorian can make a sudden southward turn and all of a sudden Key West is in trouble. The meteorologists have the southern part of the cone at Miami. One hundred fifty miles from Key West. Minimal distance when it comes to a storm like Dorian. A twist in direction, and Dorian could be here.

All of Florida is in an official state of emergency. A big area. Which means the experts are not yet sure precisely where landfall will occur. When they are, those in the path of danger will be jumping in their cars to get away. May it not be too late.

A couple of news articles indicated Dorian was heading straight for Mar-a-Lago. Maybe that is why Trump cancelled his trip to Poland. He wants to stay and protect his property.

Dorian as a category 4 is obviously a big time danger. Heavy winds, lots of rain.

Another reason comes into play with Dorian. Called a King Tide. Today or tomorrow we are into King Tide. Lasts 4 days. Occurs once or twice a year. Not because of climate change or anything like that. It just happens. A product of nature. Has been occurring for hundreds of years.

A King Tide is one with a 4 foot difference between high and low. The high the highest of the year. Not healthy. Key West sewers cannot handle it. Some will be swimming in the intersections, others rowing kayaks down Duval.

For real.

After doing the grocery preparedness, I hurried home to unload the car. Then back to White Street to get a haircut. My appointment was for noon. I was a week early. In fact, Lori did not even come into work yesterday.

I get mixed up on occasion these days.

Drove over to Hogfish last night for dinner. At the bar.

Hogfish only a third of its usual crowd. Empty seats at the bar. Off season.

The bar is a drinking and smoking place. I had forgotten. This no drinking and smoking not easy to handle. Two months already. It bothers me. I assume at some time I will acclimate.

Key West businesses will hurt this weekend. It is Labor Day weekend. The town usually crowded. Doubt it will be this year because of Dorian.

Next week, Key West will be the center of the universe for lesbians and their friends. Thousands will be visiting our island. To celebrate Womenfest.

Every bar, club and hotel will be involved. Alexander’s Guest House is official host.

The ladies will take over Key West and have a good time. Boats, sunbathing, dozing in the shade of a palm tree at a pool, playing ball, etc. Busy all day and then all night till the wee hours of the morning.

Interesting how some stories cross paths. I wrote a few days ago about Judy Garland. It was the anniversary of the 1939 debut of the Wizard of Oz.

My research indicated Judy was drugged while making the Wizard and other movies. The Hollywood custom in those days. Keep the young ones working. Mickey Rooney was like wise subjected.

An article appeared this morning announcing that a movie of Judy’s early years and her last year of life had been made. Titled Judy. Scheduled for release September 27.

Renee Zellweger plays Judy.

The movie dwells on Judy’s use of drugs. Began when she was a child star. Caused an addiction which was with her the rest of her life.

Zellweger commented, “They fed her pills! She was addicted her whole professional life.” Further, “Judy was struggling…..toward the end of her life.”

The Devil must be given his due. Unemployment rates are down. Very much so. An all time low.

Workers are needed. Iowa, New Hampshire and Florida 3 states where because of an insufficient number of employees, companies are unable to keep up with business demand. It is hampering growth. Will continue to do so until more workers are found.

To help relieve the problem, Florida companies are bringing back retirees, increasing the use of interns and apprenticeships.

Florida has a constantly aging population. Needs to refuel those employees who become to old to work, retire, etc. Florida relies on immigrants.

Problem is the devil who may be or is responsible for the low unemployment rate does recognize the need for immigrants.

Enjoy your day!

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