I continue to baby myself. It’s my nature.

Ergo, spent yesterday home again. Reading, writing, napping and watching TV. Not bad. Relaxing.

I did some extra reading to fill in the time. Came across an article whose contents may rile some of you. Concerns microaggressions. Microaggressions are everyday words that radical leftists have decided to be angry or frustrated about.

First however two other items.

I spent several hours writing this week’s KONK Life column: Captain Bligh A Good Guy. He was not the person as represented by Charles Laughton in one of the Mutiny On The Bounty movies. His entire life he was recognized as a competent naval officer. Rising over the years to become an Admiral.

I am hooked on William Hackley’s diary as most Key Westers are. This morning’s excerpt talks about the weather being a bit off. It appears to have changed the way Hackley bathe that day.

Hackley describes the sea being full and walking bad as he took his early morning walk. My sense, sand blowing and the air humid.

He found the bath water pleasant and decided to use the bath tub to bathe. Which suggests his normal bathing was a sponge bath.

I have gotten old. No question. Next week, I will be 81. Makes it difficult for me to understand some things.

The University of North Carolina is a public institution. The University published a tax funded guide for its students: Career Corner Understanding Microaggressions.

The guide was written by two University administrators. Required reading for students.

Certain words/phrases can no longer be used in correct and proper society.

Some examples.

Christmas vacation. A vacation term organized around a religious holiday which diminishes non-Christian spiritual rituals and observances.

I love your shoes! The shoe admirer values appearances more than intellectual contributions.

A male may never interrupt a woman speaking.

Golf outings. Infers country club or round of golf. Assumes many school employees have the financial resources to participate in a fairly expensive and inaccessible sport.

Boy friend and girl friend. Correct terms to be used are partner and spouse. The distinction has to do with sexual identification. Transgenders not taken into consideration.

Male and female blocks on bureaucratic forms. Not proper. Transgender thing again.

Men who dress as women. Cannot be referred to as he or him.

The article recognized another problem that required correction. Band aids. The article claims band aids are made for white people. The hue of the band aid matches a white person’s skin.

As the world turns.

It does.


Enjoy your day!


  1. Apparently the great liberal bastions of Ithaca Collage or/and Cornell has jumped on this Microaggression bandwagon. Its causing quite the local ruckus. Can’t wait to see what they think up next.

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