For some reason, the tune has been running through my head since I woke this morning.

This is the day. Heart catheterization.

The blog will be limited because I have to be off to the hospital soon. There will be no blog talk radio show tonight.

Yesterday morning was terrific. Elizabeth Warren! Trump is no competition for her. She cut his testicles off. I would enjoy watching the two debate face to face. Unfortunately, it will not be.

Decided to get out a bit.

Enjoyed a pedicure with Tammy. Ran into Kate Miano. She was getting a manicure, also. She will soon leave for France for a month. Kate is renovating an apartment in France she recently purchased.

Then home to rest for a couple of hours. manicure was tough!

I was at Aqua around six for Dueling Bartenders. Rick Dery and Tom Luna are terrific!

The flavor/atmosphere is comparable to Bobby Nesbitt. He used to do a sing in on wednesday nights at cocktail time. It was the best event in town.

That’s it folks.

Enjoy your day!