I finally got to watch a Syracuse game this season with another Syracuse fan. A die hard, also. Dan Reardon from Skaneateles, NY. Skaneateles is a Syracuse suburb. Dan and his wife Lisa own and operate a restaurant in Skaneateles. They now visit Key West this time each year for two months.

It is always more fun to watch a game with someone who feels as you do.

We watched Syracuse play Georgia Tech yesterday at noon. Syracuse squeaked a win. 60-57. A good game to watch. Tight. Syracuse did not play well.

We watched at Jack Flats. First time I have watched a game there. A good place to do so! Tons of TVs, a courteous staff, great food. Not the usual sport bar stuff. I enjoyed a delicious Reuben.

We whooped it up! Made noise. No one seemed to care. As we were leaving, several persons said they were glad our team won.

Syracuse plays Virginia Tech Tuesday. At the same time as my blog talk radio show. I will miss the game.

The balance of my Saturday afternoon and evening were spent doing two things. Napping and working on this week’s KONK Life column. The column is researched. I  will write it today.

The column is Things That Concern Me. I vet.

Topics include the Trump danger if elected, Flint water, immigration, Zika and GM mosquitoes, Key West tourist problem, citizens on the path to destroying  America, government military waste, destruction of the middle class, and the cost of a college education.

Each topic short and to the point. Revealing and hard hitting.

One of Key West’s best weekends yesterday and today. The annual Key West Craft Show. On Whitehead. One white tent after another with magnificent works for viewing and buying. Always a fun time, a good time.

This year I will miss the Craft Show. Too much on my plate this weekend. Those of you who have the time will be pleased you attended.

Weather improving today. Going to 75 degrees. Will stay warm the rest of the week.

Back to shorts and a tee shirt.

Harry Truman. Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman. I know. I am redundant in that I mention the relationship each time I write about Truman.

This date is significant in history as it involves Truman.

On this date in 1950, Truman announced his support for the development of the H-bomb. The hydrogen bomb. Also known as the hell bomb. A bomb hundreds of time more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The hydrogen bomb was Truman’s second with nuclear weapons. His first was authorizing the dropping of atomic bombs on the two Japanese cities.

Truman has to be recognized for having the will power and mental acumen to move ahead with the two bombs.

Many criticize his having dropped the atomic bombs. People forget that the fear of nuclear weapons is what has deterred World War III. Especially during the Cold War. It kept the U.S. and Russia in line.

The Middle East bothers me, however. These people are crazy. Without control.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. “The Middle East bothers me, however. These people are crazy. Without control.

    Nothing a few well-placed “Truman” nukes could not cure. We’d never had the guts anymore due to the collateral damage. The world would be much better off minus the entire so-called “Middle East.”

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