Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou 2 7

Tonight; Trump’s conversations with world leaders. The Frank Dodd Act dismantled…despicable. Also the Yemeni debacle and Iran. Bannon; his desire to destroy the current establishment and create his vision of government. The national violence over Trump’s election and more! ALways an interesting perspective on everyday issues.

Tesday Talk with Key West Lou 7 22

Tonight I discuss Detroit’s water problem along with Nestle Corporation thinking that private corporations should control water supply! Also, JP Morgan taking out life insurance policies on employees? And as usual or pathetic Congress not doing it’s job. Again. I also discuss the increasing sense of power the police have and much more!

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou March 25, 2014

Once again a big corporation skates. Toyota pays big fine for car problems but isn’t facing any criminal charges! More personal freedoms stripped by Obama. Big case in front of Supreme court this week. Hearing arguments about birth control mandate in Obamacare. What are the ramifications on either side? Our government and the ever growing problems and much more! Interesting perspective on everyday issues.

3 11 14 Tueasday Talk

Tonight I talk about an array of things. First, Jacob an autistic child thought to ave no abiity to learn turns out to be a genius, Higher IQ than Albert Einstien. aagetting his PHD at 15. All because his mother never gave up. Polygamy laws struck down in Utah (with caveats). A really sticky situation in Italy. The NSA and the game of chicken between Putin and Obama and more! Interesting perspective on everyday issues.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou March 5th

I spend quite a bit of time on Ukraine. Not what is already known. Not what is in the papers. Rather some of the things not known by many. Like we have to be careful that whatever happens, it is not another Munich. The seeds are all in place for one. Most are unaware of the neo-Nazi party’s influence in the good guy group. The group the United States has already given in excess of $5 billion to. The stupidity of downsizing the military when we have hot spots all over the world, including Ukraine and Afghanistan. My displeasure with Kerry always talking on television about what he is going to do, who is good and bad, etc. Diplomacy is quiet and behind doors. How Europe will not stand tall. They depend on Russia for gas. Finally, how Ukraine banks have clamped down on depositor accounts this week. Some are limiting withdrawals to $100 a day.

Good stuff! Interesting! Revealing!

Interesting prospective on everyday issues