A short blog today!

My computer was screwed up this morning. This change over on Facebook is a pain! Had to get Sloan here early. She says the problem is with the Internet Explorer browser.

I don’t know. I don’t understand.

Sloan has bandaided me till tonight.

I hope you are all getting me, one way or another.

I have to hurry because I have to be at the hospital for a chest x-ray. Part of my annual physical.

Then a hair cut. Tonight bocce.

Yesterday was a manicure with Tammy. A lovely girl. Really a lady. She is so petite and quiet. She does not reflect her age.

Last night was the Yacht Club. Boys’ night out as I call it. Don, Kurt, David and Tino joined me for dinner. Never a dull moment when this group is together.

As the host, I arrived at the Yacht Club first. There was a new woman bartending. I had never seen her before. She did not know me either. She had to ask my name for billing purposes. She had to ask twice as she did not understand me the first time.

Then my guests arrived. The new female bartender says hello Don. Turns out she is Don’s outside bartender. I never drink at the outside bar. She never works at the inside bar. We had never met.

As Porky Pig was wont to say…..That’s all folks!

I am off to the hospital.

Enjoy your day! 

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