The people we meet!

Her name is Susan Lenz. I had the fortune/misfortune to make her acquaintance at the Syracuse/Ohio State game at the Sports Page Bar. She was seated at the table next to mine.

I had an instantaneous dislike for her. She was an Ohio state grad and fan. Happy Ohio State was winning. Confident through out the game.

An interesting woman. Were in not for her Ohio State connection, I would definitely have liked her.

Originally a midwesterner, Susan now lives in Columbia, South Carolina. She is in Key West completing a residency at the Studios of Key West. A big deal!

She is an artist. My time in Key West has taught me the term artist covers many talents. Creation seems to be the key. Susan is a fiber artist. She does her art work with needle and thread. Better stated, she expresses herself with needle and thread.

Susan joins old materials and meticulous handwork. The finished product, a work of art to be shared with the world.

I hope Susan and I meet up at a Syracuse/Ohio State game in the future and Syracuse whips Ohio State’s ass! Fair is fair.

Sunday dinner at Lisa’s yesterday. Vegetarian lasagna. The grandkids all excited. Corey’s parents were in from Tampa. We had a good time.

Tiger Woods won! After 2 1/2 years. He looked good in winning. Like the Tiger of old. His drives generally found the fairways. His putts were dropping. Even some long ones.

May Tiger return to the top for a long time to come.

I have an early doctor appointment thus morning. The start of my annual physical exam. Why I need one, I do not know. I see my doctors so frequently, this morning’s visit seems redundant.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. My month long residency here at The Studios of Key West is quickly coming to an unfortunate end. It has been an amazing experience. The tropical colors seem to match the interesting people … like you! Thanks for sharing my work on your blog. I might even cheer for the Orangemen in the future … except for when engaged against a Big-Ten team!
    Go Buckeyes!

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