Syracuse won!

The most important yesterday occurrence!

Beat Wisconsin by a big one point. 64-63. The finest played basketball game I have ever seen. Both teams played exceptionally well. Syracuse once again knew how to win!

Next Ohio State. Saturday. David is a huge Ohio state fan. We agreed last night to watch the game together..

This is Friday. Friday means show time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. World wide. Join me. Always interestinjg. Always exciting.

I have added one more item to this morning’s show. My prediction that the next Pope will be latino or black.

I started yesterday with a visit to Eye Eye Eye. Needed new glasses. Prescription and frames.Spent an hour. Picked out new frames and am having some old ones reused.

Then to Plantation Coffee for lunch. A cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. Read the newspapers.

Refrigerator really empty. To Publix. Bought a lot.

It was close to the end of the afternoon. A short nap was in order.

Game time. 7:15. I was at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Bar. Packed. More Wisconsin than Syracuse fans. Made no difference. We made more noise!

Scott watched the game with me. John was too busy running around.

Wisconsin made 14 threes. It is impossible to beat a team that makes 14 threes. Syracuse did last night! We just had to make more twos.

A key to the victory was the Syracuse defense. In the last seven minutes of the game, Wisconsin did not make one three. Boeheim extended the zone defense further out. It screwed up Wisconsin’s three point  game.

Met a lovely at the Sports Bar. Never got her name. A gorgeous young lady. Moving about in a long colorful dress. She was from Scotland. Delightful accent.

She is in Key West for two weeks working at Bare Assets. The stripper/gentlemen’s club. Then she is off to Jamaica for two weeks. To strip, I asked. No, to vacation. Then back to Scotland. I told her I was considering doing France, Italy and Greece soon. She said visit me. I never did get her particulars, however.

After the game, I headed over to Don’s Place. My bocce team was there. They won 2 out of 3 games. Good! I had excused myself from the bocce match to watch the basketball game.

Stayed a while. Chatted with Don, David, Erica, Herschel and Lori.

Watch my show.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Watch out for those strippers, Lou!! 🙂

    Interesting about panhandlers on Mallory Square. I think I'll do some begging when I come down in June. Will it be open for everyone?

    Enjoying the show, thanks for the bocce update.

  2. Really enjoyed the show today from here in Lakeway, Texas! I've been a faithful reader/listener for many moons and I hope to get a chance to meet you in person on our next trip to Key West in July. My new bride and I dropped by a couple of your favorite spots the night after we got married last July on Smathers Beach, but no luck in having the honor of buying you a refreshment.

    Trying to find your Facebook page, but can only find "Key West Lounge" so far 😉

    Take care and best of luck to Syracuse!

    Billy and Cindy

  3. Addendum to the aforementioned Facebook search: found you there & liked the page; looks great!

    Have a great weekend, sir!

  4. "Met a lovely at the Sports Bar"!

    One never knows, Scottish lasses are quite something indeed.

    Too bad you did not get the particulars, I would head to Bare Assets to indeed get the….if I were you there.

    LIFE…is short and ends….GO for it! Why not eh?

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