Tonight Syracuse basketball! The final game of the Sweet Sixteen. The result determines whether Syracuse proceeds to the Final Four.

Syracuse is a 3 point underdog via the Vegas line. Ohio State the projected winner.

An insult! The first time all season that Syracuse has been the underdog. So be it. We shall overcome.

I initially thought we would get blown out of the tournament early when we lost center Fab Melo. It did not occur. Came close. But Syracuse prevailed. The team has too much resiliency. I have gone from a doubter to a believer. Syracuse does know how to win. We are going to beat Ohio State tonight!

The game is at 7:05. I shall be watching the game at the Sports Page Bar. David is joining me. He is an Ohio State fan. A serious one. The comments between us during the game should be interesting.

The Internet show continues to be a success. Many post show comments yesterday from all over. The Key West Lou Legal hour has developed a significant following world wide.

Two topics appear to have touched people’s sensitivities.

The first was my opinion that either the next Pope, and if not, definitely his successor, would be latino or black. The reasoning behind my observation is simple.

 In the first eighteen hundred years of the Church, Europe was the bastion of Catholicism. Most members  of the Catholic Church resided in Europe and were white. Then the United States was born. Added to the white population of the Church.

The past fifty years have evidenced a decline in white parishioners in Europe and the United States. At the same time, there has been a burgeoning growth of Catholicism in Africa, Central America and South America.

The membership of the Catholic Church is now 85 per cent latino and black.

A Pope from the latter group is inevitable. I doubt we shall ever see an Italian Pope again. Nor a Polish or German one.

The other topic generating interest involved my comments on gasoline and food prices. A long dissertation. Too long to be recited even shortly here. But it can simply be stated that corporate America is screwing us. The gas companies and food conglomerates are manipulating everything to their advantage and the detriment of the American consumer. My observation was not based on hysterical ranting, but rather interesting and generally unknown facts. I am considering a KONK Life column on the issue.

After the show, it was to Lisa’s. Needed a grandkid ingestion.

Robert and Ally kept insisting they wanted their golf clubs back. They were in my trunk. I asked why. I figured we could go to the golf course next week again. They explained they needed to practice and would be doing so in the back yard. A bad swing, an errant shot, and a broken window can be anticipated.

Spent the rest of the day lying by the pool. Doing nothing.

Stayed home last night. So did the girls. Donna cooked. linguine covered with a bolognese sauce. Delicious!

I can’t wait till 7 this evening. I  am anxious to watch the game!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church will determine the next pope and look at their ranks.

    It will not be for a long time before a pope from the ranks you describe will become selected. The headquarters are still in Rome, not the southern hemisphere. And the leaders tend to stick with their own.

    I think religion in general will become less and less prevalent (except for the Muslim faith) in the century to come.

  2. Good luck with today's game! OSU has a strong inside presence so the Orangemen zone will be sternly tested.

    Agree with you on the prices. Amazing how it's those big companies get the governmental aid and the consumers/taxpayers bear the brunt. Grocery prices continue to climb as well as gas but evidently it's just not a big enough deal to draw action.

  3. Watch out Lou, now that you are a Syracuse believer they are bound to lose, it always seems to happen that way. Good luck tonight anyway!

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