Ohio State 77, Syracuse 70.

I am in mourning.

Not really. Ohio State was the better team last night and deserved to win. Ohio State won because of its defense. Ironic. Syracuse is known for its defense. The Orange men had too much pressure put on them by the Ohio State defense. Syracuse could not get off 3s and could not make those driving lay ups they had made all season.

When Syracuse lost Fab Melo before the beginning of the tournament, I thought we would not get beyond the first game. Syracuse almost did not. Barely beat the # 16 seed. I thought we would lose the second game. Won it decisively.

I finally got religion before last night’s game. I figured Syracuse was now good enough with out Melo to win. My confidence must have been a hex.

I watched the game with Don and David at the Sports Page Bar. David an avid Ohio State fan. Don was supportive of Ohio State at the start of the game.

Only in Key West would I have the experience I suffered through last night.

Patrick owns the Sports Page Bar. He is an Ohio State graduate. I did not know. There were at least a 100 Ohio State fans watching the game at his sports bar. No exaggeration. One Syracuse fan. Me. No bullshit.

To make it even worse, at every time out and break, Patrick played loudly on the audio system the Ohio State marching song and other Ohio State songs. The Ohio State fans sang along.

I took a beating. It was a bad night all the way around.

Towards the end of the game, Don started swinging to Syracuse. Out of sympathy I suspect. He felt sorry for me.

I never bet. Do not believe in gambling. Last night I bet. David and I had a $20 wager. There too I lost.

My eulogy for Syracuse would be to the effect it was a good season. Who can argue with 32-3. The season was especially remarkable in view of the several extraneous problems with which the team was faced. Congratulations to Coach Boeheim and the team!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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