What a glorious morning! Bright sun. No clouds. Blue sky. A breeze. The palm trees bending a bit. The water moving at a faster than normal clip.

A poem I learned in college comes to mind. A line went “…come down to Kew in lilac time, in lilac time, in lilac time, it isn’t very far from London.” Well friends, come down to Key West anytime…it isn’t far from anywhere. You will never know what you are missing unless you have been here.

Started yesterday with an 8:30 visit to Dr. Lefferts, my internet. Time for my annual physical. Yesterday was the preliminary stuff. Drawing blood (a gallon at least), urine sample, machines testing my blood flow everywhere but where I thought important, an EKG, tons of questions, etc. Two nurses. Took a whole hour.

Next week I get the physical physical by the doctor herself. The pushing and probing one.

I should not complain. In the last four years, Dr. Lefferts has diagnosed two heart problems. I said no. She said yes. I argued a bit. Finally succumbed to additional testing. She was right. I was wrong. The problems have been corrected. If she had not diagnosed them, I probably would be dead today.

It was fasting blood work. So nothing to eat before the test. Afterwards, I was hungry. Went over to I HOP for breakfast. Packed. Got a booth. Enjoyed an omelet. Read the Key West Citizen.

Then I walked. Home Depot. Twice around. I am mentally into a good health scenario again.

Ran into Mike at Home Depot. He used to be on our bocce team. He and I partnered up on many occasions. Then he stopped playing. He initially worked at Home Depot. Left to become assistant manager at K-Mart. Now he is back at Home Depot. And happy to be back!

I saw the eye doctor last week. No major problems. Needed an increase in my prescription. He asked if I had any special problems, Yes, watching TV while in bed. With or without glasses.

The doctor told me that was because my problem was with up close. Distance was basically good. Buy a pair of $10 reading glasses at a store. That will do the trick for TV watching. He stressed not to spend more than $10.

Good luck! You can’t find such glasses for $10 anymore. I went to Walgreen’s, K-Mart, Office Max, Publix, and the Dollar Store. There are a few at $15.95. Many at $19.95. A few even higher.

I still do not have the glasses. I am committed to finding them for $10.

Terri taped a show with Jenna yesterday. For viewing during the week. Channel 87. Three mornings this week. Jenna’s talk show. At 8:30. I am not sure which mornings.

Terri will be my guest on my Friday internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Listen in. I am confident our exchange will be revealing and occasionally humorous.

Dined alone last night at the Berlin Bar. The Berlin is the bar part of the A&B Lobster House. Sat at the bar. Marty and I used to visit Berlin’s often. Now no Marty, so I go infrequently. Marty introduced me to the Maine lobster appetizer. A meal in intelf. Filling and good!

Marty should come home to Kew.

New hurricane projection out. Predicts fewer hurricanes. It has to do with the warming tropical Pacific and the cooling tropical Atlantic. All Greek to me.

 I worry. These predictions are not reliable. Key West has been lucky the past  few years. No hurricanes. Generally the projection is for hurricanes. I am concerned now with the prediction for fewer hurricanes. It probably will be the worst hurricane season ever!

I hope not.

I have not said anything here, in my my newspaper column or on my internet show regarding Trayvon Martin.
I sense perhaps a lynch mob in the making. Including the President. Lets withhold judgment till all the facts are known.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou,

    There are 2 Dollar Tree stores in Key West. Everything there is $1.00. Including reading glasses. This is not "Dollar Store"…it is "Dollar Tree". There is a difference.

    Are you understanding the eye doctor correctly? If he says you need reading glasses, he means you need them for close up reading, like within arms length.

    Did he mean to you do not need your glasses for long distance (TV watching) but you can just get by with reading glasses for actual reading up close?

    You might have him clarify that one.

  2. I agree with you. Let's wait until all the information is in on the case. The media has him marked as guilty already. No arrest made yet. It will be interesting to hear all the facts.

  3. "Well friends, come down to Key West anytime…it isn't far from anywhere. You will never know what you are missing unless you have been here."

    You need a part time job with the KW Visitor's Bureau! Great travel line.

  4. No matter what happened during my day, I feel better after reading your post…..my KW connection brings me back even if it is only for a split second…..thanks. KRS

  5. Key West Lou,

    Go to Ross Dress for Less for Reading Glasses. I bought some tonight, a box that had TWO pair in them cost me $7.99. They have glasses for both women and men; the glasses are on a rack directly across from the ladies socks and purses—near the jewelry counter. Make sure to go soon though because the merchandise is always changing. Hope you find this helpful.

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