Busy day yesterday!

Tired me out!

My morning started with a visit to the eye doctor. I have not see him nor had an eye check up in several years. It was time.

Other than a slight upgrade in prescription, everything fine. Hopefully later today, I will find the time to get the prescription filled and order new frames.

I was to babysit afterwards for about 4 hours. Went to Lisa’s. Could not sit immediately. My pupils were still dilated.

About an hour later, Robert, Ally and I hit the road. First to I HOP for lunch. It has become a favorite place for us.

Then to the golf course. The grandkids’ clubs were in the trunk of my car.

We went to the putting green. Not only was the golf course itself  busy, the putting green was packed. I was going to leave. Then I thought screw it. Robert and Ally are for real members of the golf club. Card carrying. They take lessons. They belonged as much as the adults.

I admonished them both to play quietly. We took over one putting hole.

Robert and Ally practice putted for about an hour. I stood nearby, observed and commented. A half hour into it, Robert started sinking his putts consistently. From about 5 feet out. I was amazed. So were some of the adults who were practice putting. I could see the surprise and envy register in their eyes. They were missing their putts with the same consistency as Robert was making his.

My wednesday group had been out playing. As we finished putting, Don, Larry, Tino and Tom came in. Hellos exchanged, including Robert and ally.

At a golf course, kids are really only interested in one thing. Riding on the carts. They were stoning me. Especially, Ally. She began to pout thinking she was not going to ride one.

I spoke with one of the pros and got permission to take Robert and Ally around the course. I had intended to only drive them around in a small circle and be done with it. I was told by the pro, no, take them where ever you want.

We did 4 holes. It was as exciting as a visit from Santa Claus for them.

I drove the grandkids to my home afterwards. Lisa met us. They went swimming.. I went to bed for a nap. I was tired.

I intended to go out last night. I was still tired. My friday show research was not yet complete. Today busy. Syracuse basketball and bocce. Ergo, I opted to stay home, work on the show, and get to bed early.

Tomorrow is my Internet show. Friday. Ten in the morning my time. World wide. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/.

Additional topics to be touched upon include the establishment of legal begging zones in Key West, an Occupy Wall street protester carrying a sign on St. Patrick’s Day asking the good Saint to drive all the snakes out of Wall Street, and Chevron execs court banned from leaving Brazil after an oil spill.

Plus,  Femen protesters in the Ukraine upset over police handling of an 18 year old girl’s case who was raped, burned and left for dead who lost 2 arms, 1 leg with the burning over 50 per cent of her body, a proposed law in Kansas protecting/absolving doctors who are opposed to abortion and lie to the mother after testing where there is a major problem with the unborn fetus, sex and mosquito control, and more.

Please join me. The topics are riveting.

Syracuse plays Wisconsin at 4 today. The Vegas line favors Syracuse by 4 points. Going to be one terrific game!

John Lucas is a Wisconsin grad. I plan on watching the game with him at his Big Ten Sports Bar. Then I have to hustle over to the bocce courts. We play at 6:30.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Lou,
    Have only been reading for a few weeks and have noticed that you are frequently tired AND your diet consists of quite a substantial amount of WHEAT based foods. Have you been checked for Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance? Did your Doc have you practice a gluten free diet for any period of time to see if it made you feel better?

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