Herman Cain!

Barack Obama was easier!

It rained yesterday. All day. Stopped around 6 in the evening.Three to five inches. A deluge. Knee deep in some spots.

This morning’s Citizen reports a group of tourists swam across Front Street. I believe it. I recall a couple of years ago the intersection of White and Eaton. Another low spot. It was college break time. Four college students were swimming in the intersection.

I suspect the problem has something to do with the fact that Key West basically sits at sea level. There ain’t much ground under the roads, buildings and everything else. A storm water drain problem. Ironically, the Citizen also reports that some comminssion that has been studying the problem is scheduled to meet toninght.

I had to be in 10 different places in the rain yesterday. Not really 10, but quite a few. It was me and my yellow slicker.

I drove my Volkswagen through many a deeply immersed street. Several times, I thought the water might be too high and I would stall. I even tried avoiding certain streets. Whatever, there was always a fifty foot long puddle around the corner.

All part of Key West!

Since I was out and around, I stopped at Lee Nails. Needed a manicure. Tammy. We chatted. She told me business had been bad all day, no one goes out in the rain. I did!

Robert still home confined. However, he is walking around ok. He is home more as a preventive measure. So he will not run and fall on his leg or accidently get kicked by a friend. He sees an orthopedist this morning to make sure there is no bone damage. I suspect he will be back at school tomorrow.

I babysat Robert at 3:30 when Lisa went to pick up Ally from school. The more correct version would read Robert babysat me. In that short period of time, I fell asleep in the easy chair.

My evening began at the Marriott’s Tavern ‘n Town.

Last Monday evening I had stopped at the bar and met two charming ladies. We chatted briefly. They told me they were there every Monday at cocktail time. I stopped to visit with them

Glad I did! Nice people. Interesting people.

They are Roberta and Jody. Both Key Westers.

Roberta has her own buiness. Live theater is big in Key West. Roberta does the playbill advertising for the live theaters. That little book that is handed to you as you enter a theater. Her business is called Coco Gran something Enterprises. I apologize for not recalling Gran what.

We were talking about book writing. I told them I was writing a book. Actually, three at one time. Turns out Roberta’s husband is writing one also. He is far ahead of me, however. He is done or close to being done. He may have written before. His professional name is Reef Perkins.

Roberta showed me several proposed covers for his new book Sex, Salvage and Secrets and asked my opinion as to which I liked best.

Jody sparkled my interest, also. She is the CEO of the Visiting Nurses Association and Hospice. A tough job. She has a husband. They all have husbands! He is a tennis pro.

Jody has a Masters Degree in nursing. I asked from where. She embarassingly said Yale. Nothing to be embarassed about.

An interesting thought crossed my mind as I sat with Roberta and Jody.There was a saying which still may be prevalent among single girls. All the good men are married! In my single state, I am finding all the good women are married!

Left the ladies and headed over to Don’s Place. No one there. I immediately left.

Then to the Chart Room.

Mary bartending. Three tourists at the bar. From Chicago. Had been to Key West before. Chatted a while with one of them, Eric. He is a bartender in Chicago. The other two had married here in Key West over the weekend.

These three were not missing anything. They have broken down their exploration of Key West. Eric told me that last night they were going to do “…the other side of Duval.”

I walked over to the Wine Galley. Both the Chart Room and Wine Galley are located within the Pier House complex. Larry Smith was playing.

I am glad I stopped in! I met two of the most charming women! I could have talked with them all night!

Actually there were three. You will understand momentarily why two of them were exceptional. I assure you the third will not be insulted by my preference for the other two.

They were Jodi, Maggie and Rogene. All down from Stuart for a few days.

Jodi and Maggie, two extremely beautiful women. Short coiffed white hair. Pleasantly attired. Physically short. The short had to do with the aging process and calcium loss.

Jodi was celebrating her 80th birthday! God bless! She is a mathematician.

Maggie was the elderly of the two. I think. Whatever. I may have their names mixed up. One was 80 and the other 89. I could not tell the difference age wise. Neither looked her age.

Maggie was a pilot in her other life with US Airways. I asked the big jets or regional planes. She said with pride “…the big ones.”

One of the ladies was also a trained psychologist.

No grass growing under their feet. The conversation was quick back and forth.

Let’s not forget the third lady. Rogene. Rogene was a spring chicken compared to the other two. Somewhere in her 50s, she was daughter to one of the ladies. She was probably with them to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

I am glad I went out last night. It was a great evening.

Today is an I don’t know day. The rain is behind us. Sun is shining. I am not sure what I will do.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Reef Perkins is one of the best known Investigators of marine accidents including boats. I sunk two boats and he was the investigator on both of my claims, as he is hired by the insurance companies to be an investigator as to the reason and draw up the findings for the claimsman. Also, known as the Conch Republic's Chief of the Navy, or whatever title he holds.

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