Good Sunday!

Good Sunday!

The weather perfect, I felt good, and a day of no ants!

I start my Sundays with Meet the Press followed by the Chris Matthew Show. I learned something yesterday.

For years, I thought these shows were genuine Sunday morning talk shows. They apparently are not. The big news Sunday morning was Herbert Cain’s straw poll victory in Florida. Neither show mentioned it. Which means…..these shows are taped earlier. Probably on Saturday.

It bothers me somewhat. Perhaps because it took me a life time to figure out this deception out.

Or maybe because as with millions of Americans, watching Meet the Press on Sunday morning is almost a religious event. Akin to going to church. For many, it has replaced actual church going. It sticks in my craw that the show is a bit of a fraud.

Early afternoon found me at Don’s Place. Pro football time. I have no particular pro favorite. I attend for the ambiance of Don’s Place.

I sat outside in the back with Don, David, Keith, Larry and Aaron. Plus, several others. Don is a die hard Buffalo fan. He was a newspaperman in Buffalo in his other life.

Buffalo was getting the hell beat out of them. They were down 21-0. I left when it was 21-3 or 21-10. The next time I turned on the game, it was 31-31 with three seconds to go. Buffalo made a field goal and won 34-31.

Don had to have gone crazy!

I spent the balance of Sunday afternoon at Lisa’s. Read the Sunday papers and took a nap on the couch. Robert is healing well and rapidly. I am amazed! People tell me children heal fast. They are correct. There was one problem. After dinner, Lisa caught Robert outside riding his scooter. I can still hear her! Robert is doing ood, but not that good.

Sunday dinner was outstanding. A turkey meal! Almost like Thanksgiving. Absolutely delicious! I was entertained at the table with the family chatter. Robert and Ally leading whatever the discourse. Both are articulate. It is amazing what their young minds can come up with.

I mentioned Diane Nyad yesterday. She is the 62 year old woman who is trying to swim from Cuba to Key West without a shark cage. She tried it in August and failed. She failed again yesterday.

Not because of sharks.

This is the season for Portugese man o’ wars. Jelly fish to me. They are all over the place. Diane was bitten badly. She only did 49 of the 103 miles. She was forced to quit. Her face and body were loaded with bites. The toxins had caused her face and body to swell. She was advised by her handlers that one more bite might be life threatening.

Diane is a determined woman. Passionate, also. She claims to live a life of passion. I suspect she will give it another try in the future. I would recommend she pick her time more wisely. When it is not man o’ war season.

I misspoke in yesterday’s blog. I referred to Herbert Cain as Howard Cain. A lapus lingua. A slip of the tongue. Thank you who brought it to my attention. I correct it here. Florida’s straw poll winner was Herbert Cain!

Terro, Terro, Terro! I continue to be impressed with their ant trap. As I wrote yesterday, I spent three weeks trying to get rid of them. My sink and kitchen cupboards were covered. I tried two other ant trap brands, 409 and scrubbing. Nothing worked. I was beginning to suspect these little things could survive a nuclear attack.

Then several of you recommended Terro. Wow! Worked over night. This is my second morning searching for them. Not even one!

My blood pressure is good! Thank God! I was starting to worry. It took time for the medication to kick in. Occasionally I am coming up with a too low reading.

I am not complaining.

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “Good Sunday!

  1. Lou, hope your feeling better, it sounds like you have some serious medical problems and I think seeing another Dr. is what you need. Be Thankful you have your daughter out here with you so your not really alone.. Not to worry about your kids back home they are doing fine and so is your wife everyone here is very happy so you should be also.. I'm very happy to hear your wife has moved on and doing very well she is a strong lady … God Bless all of you sometimes things happen for a good reason and everyone ends up to be better off..

  2. Ditto the dude comment!!! Herman, H-E-R-M-A-N, Herman.

    Also glad the Terro ant killer worked for you. I was going to recommend that product as well, but saw that numerous others already had in the comment section.

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